Re: Something wrong with kernel-headers on fedora 30?

Well I was able to find kernel-headers for 5.1.20 and 5.3.7 and the
build log (hptdrv.log) a successful build. But fedora is still not
happy with this driver.

[ 11.043838] rsnvme: loading out-of-tree module taints kernel.
[ 11.043843] rsnvme: module license 'Proprietary' taints kernel.
[ 11.043844] Disabling lock debugging due to kernel taint
[ 11.043981] rsnvme: module verification failed: signature and/or
required key missing - tainting kernel
[ 11.045248] rsnvme:RocketNVMe RAID controller driver v1.2.16 block major fc
[ 11.048774] rsnvme:Found PLX upstream port (bus 4) (cmd 100507).
[ 11.048970] rsnvme:Mapped Va 00000000784f3ab3 size 690 874710b5

The 5.1.20 kernel will load desipte it pedantic unhappyness. But
something was install at some time that stops the 5.3.7 kernel is
early boot.

I can't get a screen snap of this error message because this is a
workstation install and does not have a root password (at least I
don't remember after all these years). All I can do is power off and
reboot into the 5.1.20 kernel.

Basically in 5.3.7 dracut-pre-udev is extremely unhappy as modprobe
fails for rsnvme.ko in /lib/modules/5.3.7... Put the machine in
emergency mode and demands a root password (Control D to continue does
not help). Again this does not happen with 5.1.20. Something has

So rsnvme.ko is the scsi driver for the HighPoint RAID adapter. OK I
can uninstall the rsnvme driver and then use the fedora nvme block
drivers and soft-RAID (at 1/2 the performance).

But that does not help with dracut modprobe of rsnvme. The 5.1.20
kernel complains but boots to a logon. The 5.3.7 kernel just dies
every time.

What I can seefind is a /lib/dracut/modules.d/40hptdrv/ directory with
two script files and one does do a modprobe rsnvme. So I can guess
that removing this might help with 5.3.7 problem.

But editing these files directly does not help. So I suspect extreme
cleverness where these files are are not used at boot.

So is there dracut (or something) command that will remove the hptdrv
driver component from dracut and the kernal, so that I can actually
this system.