Release rpkg-1.59

Hi all,

a new version rpkg-1.59 is released.

Currently, just Fedora 31 packages are eligible to be moved into the stable
repository, feel free to
try other waiting distributions in Bodhi.

The release contains new features and bug fixes as well. Among considerable
new features are new commands to operate Koji side-tags and porting
libmodulemd library to version 2.

Features and improvements (as well as bugfixes) include:

- Add argument to skip build option for container-build
- Ignore error when adding exclude patterns
- Path to lookaside repo fix
- Add commands for interacting with Koji side-tag plugin
- Do not delete files related to gating on import
- Support integer values in the optional module-build arguments
- container-build: add --build-release argument
- Allow some arguments for container-build together
- git-changelog: Fix running on Python 3
- Port to libmodulemd 2 API
- Module-overview allows filtering by owner
- Different import --offline command behaviour
- Show nvr in container-build
- Custom handler for koji watch_tasks
- Unittests for clone command
- Fix clone --branches
- Make gitbuildhash work for windows builds

More specific changelog (web documentation):
<a href="" title=""></a>

Bodhi Updates:

<a href=";builds=rpkg-1.59-1.el7&amp;builds=rpkg-1.59-1.fc29&amp;builds=rpkg-1.59-1.fc30&amp;builds=rpkg-1.59-1.fc31" title=";builds=rpkg-1.59-1.el7&amp;builds=rpkg-1.59-1.fc29&amp;builds=rpkg-1.59-1.fc30&amp;builds=rpkg-1.59-1.fc31">;builds=r...</a>

Alternative link:
<a href=";page=1" title=";page=1">;page=1</a>

rpkg is available from PyPI.

Thanks to all contributors.

Ondrej Nosek