Reminder: Daylight Saving/Summer Time changes soon

Hi everyone,

As the Earth continues to orbit the sun with an axial tilt of
approximately 23.5 degrees, various political bodies are preparing to
change the clock. Daylight Saving Time (or Summer Time in some places)
will soon be beginning or ending. This means that some of your regular
meetings may soon shift relative to your local time. Be sure to check
Fedocal[1] for the correct times. Some meetings are scheduled in the
UTC timezone, others are in another time zone (e.g. America/New York).
A full list of time changes by country is available online[2], but a
few highlights are listed below.

Australia — ends 7 April (with exceptions[2])
Canada — begins 10 March (with exceptions[2])
Czech Republic — begins 31 March
France — begins 31 March
Germany — begins 31 March
United Kingdom — begins 31 March
United States — begins 10 March (with exceptions[2])

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[2] <a href="" title=""></a>