Reminder meeting : Modularity Team (weekly)

Dear all,

You are kindly invited to the meeting:
Modularity Team (weekly) on 2019-06-25 from 15:00:00 to 16:00:00 UTC
At <a href="mailto:fedora-meeting- ... at irc dot">fedora-meeting- ... at irc dot</a>

The meeting will be about:
Meeting of the Modularity Team.

More information available at: [Modularity Team Docs](<a href="" title=""></a>)

The agenda for the meeting is available as flagged tickets [in the Modularity repository](<a href=";tags=Meeting" title=";tags=Meeting">;tags=Meeting</a>).

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Re: Reminder meeting : Modularity Team (weekly)

By Petr Sabata at 06/25/2019 - 11:01

#fedora-meeting-3: Weekly Meeting of the Modularity Team

Meeting started by contyk at 15:00:00 UTC. The full logs are available
<a href="" title=""></a>

Meeting summary
* Redefine default for branch ref: (contyk, 15:03:02)
* We would propose solving the use case with special modulemd
variables; we will discuss this more in the ticket (contyk,

* What is the process to change default profile name with zero down
time? (contyk, 15:16:49)
* AGREED: Profiles cannot be removed during the lifetime of the stream
in order to avoid breaking scripts. Options may exist for
exceptional cases on an individual basis. (contyk, 15:41:06)

* Next week's chair (contyk, 15:41:19)
* ACTION: langdon will chair next week (contyk, 15:43:13)

* Open floor (contyk, 15:43:19)

Meeting ended at 15:55:50 UTC.

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