Review Swap - Netatalk an AFP server

One of the nice things about Netatalk is that it fully emulates an Apple Time Machine Volume. Mac clients don't know the difference. This is in contrast to emulating a time machine volume through NFS. Using NFS for time machine backups does not have quite the same user experience. That might not matter for the technical savy, but it does matter for my wife. Using Netatalk was the only solution I found that was truly maintenance free. My wife can take her Mac Air and her MacBook Pro to foreign wifi networks, and when she comes back, time machine will pick right back up where it left off. I never reliably got that same experience when trying to backup over NFS.

Netatalk has the highest Wife Acceptance Factor (WAF) I could find for my particular needs, and I'd like to manage the package in Fedora repos. I know there are others out there that live or work in an environment where this could be of benefit to them too.

I'd appreciate it if someone would take the time to review this:
<a href="" title=""></a>

I will gladly review another request in return. I have not done many reviews, but I am looking forward to getting more experience under my belt.

Thank you for reading this.