RFC: Multiple parallel side tags


Imagine situation that somebody is working on KDE rebase and me on
libgit2 rebase. Both involve rebuilding/updating some package, let's
say kf5-ktexteditor.

We both work in different side tags, in KDE rebase kf5-ktexteditor
gets updated to a new version. In libgit2 rebase, old version gets

Once any of us finished with side tag, we merge it. Let's say that was
KDE rebase. That means, new kf5-ktexteditor is merged into the rawhide
which is built against old libgit2. Then I finish with libgit2 things
and we merge it into the rawhide.. That means it just downgrades
kf5-ktexteditor version because koji looks at the build time and not
the NVR. And even if it did, that would mean I have to manually go and
rebuild all packages which are handled in multiple side tags.

Do you think that scales?


Re: RFC: Multiple parallel side tags

By Vitaly Zaitsev ... at 06/08/2019 - 06:00

Le samedi 08 juin 2019 à 11:23 +0200, Igor Gnatenko a écrit :

But, what is different here from the Fedora circles / Fedora modules /
etc endeavours? Isn’t the root problem synchronizing common code paths,
because free software means pervasive code reuse, apps ends up being
deployed together, and un-sharing generates collisions / API
incompatibilities / behaviour incompatibilities / config file
incompatibilities / un-adressed security issues?

What makes it possible in modules but not in side tags?


Re: RFC: Multiple parallel side tags

By Igor Gnatenko at 06/08/2019 - 07:21

On Sat, Jun 8, 2019 at 12:54 PM Nicolas Mailhot via devel
< ... at lists dot> wrote:
I never said that it is better / possible in modules. I just wanted to
point out that expecting that people will do double, triple, … work in
side tags is not something what I would like to see (see thread about
libgit 0.28.x update). Also rawhide gating just makes this problem
even worse.