RFE: automatically enable rpmlint gating test for packages with a foo.rpmlintrc

Hi All,

So what I've been reading from the rawhide gating mailthread,
creating the gating rules unfortunately is somewhat convoluted /

As such I was wondering if maybe it is an idea to automatically
enabled the rpmlint gating test for packages which have a
<packagename>.rpmlint rc. ?

Alternatively a wiki page with gating confif snippets, mirroring
how have a wiki page for specfile scriptlet snippets, might be a
good idea. I would like to opt in to test-gating where possible,
esp. with the rpmlint tests, but I do not have a lot of time to
spend on this. More in general I believe that the easier this
is made to use, the better chances are that people will actually
use this.




Re: RFE: automatically enable rpmlint gating test for packages w

By 'Dominik Perpeet' at 08/11/2019 - 01:28

Excellent suggestion!

In fact, as part of the CI Objective we want to enable more such
distribution-wide tests, such as rpminspect [0], installability and reverse
dependency testing. The tests that have been run by Fedora QA are also
being evaluated and those will be used directly or migrated.

At flock yesterday we had some good discussions on how to make opt-in more
accessible, and I'm sure the Fedora CI SIG will take your suggestions into
consideration. We all agree the current way of doing it isn't quite
optimal. :)

Stay tuned in the coming weeks to hear more about how to opt into gating!


[0] <a href="" title=""></a>