Rotation logs - use or not to use

Cheers all,

I'm trying to do something with a patch in MariaDB, but I need to know
current situation about rotation logs.

*What's the problem:*
Upstream ship rotation log, we drop it out.
This started sometimes between F15 and F16. Mostly because (for what I
read) Fedora didn't like rotation logs, there were issues in them, they
were often broken and so on.
What's more, nearly nobody used them in MariaDB and MySQL, so it was easier
to drop it (comment it out) but lets those who wants to use them on their
own risk.

*Current situation:*
Now I'm here, with a patch that comment's upstream's log rotation settings
I can tell upstream, rotation is broken in Fedora and they should not use
it here, or I can find out, it works fine nowadays and I should start
shipping it.

1) How's the current situation, around rotation logs - do they work?
2) What about other packages - do you use rotation logs in them?


Re: Rotation logs - use or not to use

By =?utf-8?q?Samue... at 03/16/2017 - 14:04

I though logrotate is mandatory?
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Re: Rotation logs - use or not to use

By Fernando Nasser at 03/16/2017 - 14:51

On 2017-03-16 2:04 PM, Samuel Rakitničan wrote:
Otherwise inevitably the dist will fill and your server will fail or at
least you'll lose log entries.
Depending on how the disk is partitioned even prevent using the system.

In addition to rotating the logs it is necessary to set up the log
cleaning as well.

We used to do this for all servers.