scalapack 2.1 in rawhide

Hi Fedorans,

With the new upstream release of 2.1, the Fedora scalapack package in
rawhide is switching over to use the upstream provided cmake infrastructure
(instead of the Makefiles I built many years ago). As a result, there is no
longer a separate libmpiblacs library, but all of the symbols that used to
live in libmpiblacs are inside libscalapack.

The following packages no longer exist in rawhide (and are
Provided/Obsoleted by the corresponding scalapack packages):

* blacs-common
* blacs-mpich
* blacs-mpich-devel
* blacs-mpich-static
* blacs-openmpi
* blacs-openmpi-devel
* blacs-openmpi-static

The impact of this change is minimal, but not zero.

I kicked off rebuilds of cp2k, gpaw and MUMPS that reflect this change.

Please open bugs against scalapack if you have any problems as a result of
this change.