Schedule for Monday's FESCo Meeting (2018-12-17)

Following is the list of topics that will be discussed in the
FESCo meeting Monday at 15:00UTC in #fedora-meeting-1 on

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= Discussed and Voted in the Ticket =

Enable "Prevent creating new branches by git push" in dist-git
<a href="" title=""></a>
ACCEPTED (+4, 0, -0)

= Followups =

#topic #2020 Firefox is switching from gcc to clang/llvm
.fesco 2020
<a href="" title=""></a>

= New business =

#topic #2021 F30 Change: Migrate Python-based Nautilus extensions to Python 3
.fesco 2021
<a href="" title=""></a>

= Open Floor =

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Summary for Monday's FESCo Meeting (2018-12-17)

By Petr Sabata at 12/18/2018 - 11:47

#fedora-meeting-1: FESCO (2018-12-17)

Meeting started by maxamillion at 15:05:25 UTC. The full logs are
available at
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Meeting summary
* Follow Up Business (maxamillion, 15:09:49)

* #2020 Firefox is switching from gcc to clang/llvm (maxamillion,
* LINK: <a href="" title=""></a> (maxamillion, 15:09:52)
* AGREED: : Revisit "Firefox is switching from gcc to clang/llvm"
after the new year (+1: 6 -1:0, +0:0) (maxamillion, 15:19:21)

* New Business (maxamillion, 15:19:26)

* #2021 F30 Change: Migrate Python-based Nautilus extensions to Python 3
(maxamillion, 15:20:14)
* LINK: <a href="" title=""></a> (maxamillion, 15:20:14)
* AGREED: Wait until more information is provided as per
<a href="" title=""></a> (+1:6, -1:0, +0:0)
(maxamillion, 15:25:58)

* Next week's chair (maxamillion, 15:26:18)
* ACTION: bowlofeggs to chair next meeting (maxamillion, 15:30:05)

* Open Floor (maxamillion, 15:30:18)

Meeting ended at 15:38:12 UTC.

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