Schedule for Wednesday's FESCo Meeting (2015-12-09)

Following is the list of topics that will be discussed in the FESCo
meeting Wednesday at 18:00UTC in #fedora-meeting on

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= Followups =

#topic #1444 updates deliverables
.fesco 1444
<a href="" title=""></a>

#topic #1478 F24 Self Contained Changes
.fesco 1478
<a href="" title=""></a>

= New business =

#topic #1511 F24 System Wide Change: Default Local DNS Resolver
.fesco 1511
<a href="" title=""></a>

#topic #1512 F24 System Wide Change: Node.js 4.2
.fesco 1512
<a href="" title=""></a>

= Open Floor =

For more complete details, please visit each individual ticket. The
report of the agenda items can be found at
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If you would like to add something to this agenda, you can reply to
this e-mail, file a new ticket at <a href="" title=""></a>,
e-mail me directly, or bring it up at the end of the meeting, during
the open floor topic. Note that added topics may be deferred until
the following meeting.


Summary/Minutes from today's FESCo Meeting (2015-12-09)

By Stephen Gallagher at 12/09/2015 - 14:40

#fedora-meeting: FESCO (2015-12-09)

Meeting started by sgallagh at 18:00:29 UTC. The full logs are available
<a href="" title=""></a>

Meeting summary
* init process (sgallagh, 18:00:29)

* #1478 F24 Self Contained Changes (sgallagh, 18:04:43)
* AGREED: Self-Contained Change "Koji Signed Repos" is approved (+7,
0, -0) (sgallagh, 18:10:01)

* #1511 F24 System Wide Change: Default Local DNS Resolver (sgallagh,
* FESCo would like to assert that DNSSEC is important for the future
of the Fedora Project and as such we urge anyone who can do so to
assist in working out the remaining issues with implementation.
(sgallagh, 18:29:50)
* The DNSSEC Change Proposal is deferred from F24 due to lack of
resources during the available timeframe (sgallagh, 18:31:06)

* #1512 F24 System Wide Change: Node.js 4.2 (sgallagh, 18:31:22)
* AGREED: System-Wide Change Node.js 4.2 is approved for Fedora 24
(+8, 0, -0) (sgallagh, 18:34:40)

* #1444 updates deliverables (sgallagh, 18:36:37)
* AGREED: The PDC will retain a list of the artifacts that will get
post-release updates. This list will initially contain: updated RPM
repos, atomic repos, atomic installer, cloud base image, cloud base
vagrant image, cloud atomic image, cloud atomic vagrant image,
docker base image. There will be a deadline set after which this
list becomes immutable for that Fedora release. (+5, 0, -0)
(sgallagh, 19:14:16)

* Next week's chair (sgallagh, 19:14:25)
* nirik will chair next week's meeting, assuming he's re-elected. If
not, sgallagh will pick it up. (sgallagh, 19:18:48)

* Open Floor (sgallagh, 19:20:23)
* ACTION: tibbs|w to file a ticket around auto-generated code
(sgallagh, 19:35:50)

Meeting ended at 19:39:17 UTC.

Action Items
* tibbs|w to file a ticket around auto-generated code

Action Items, by person
* tibbs|w
* tibbs|w to file a ticket around auto-generated code
* (none)

People Present (lines said)
* sgallagh (96)
* dgilmore (65)
* jwb (53)
* thozza (39)
* nirik (35)
* rishi (25)
* tibbs|w (18)
* zodbot (15)
* ajax (9)
* number80 (5)
* jkurik (5)
* paragan (4)

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