Self Introduction

Hi Folks. My name is Samuel and I have been a user of Fedora for about 7 years now. I am a systems engineer co-maintaining my company's patching infrastructure, working closely with carlwgeorge. I use Fedora as my main workstation with special interest in both exotic display and audio configurations. I've had a lot of enjoyment tinkering with Fedora over the past few years using it as my workstation at the office along with the trials that come along with maintaining it as new releases become available. I currently run Fedora 28 on a few devices and plan on upgrading them to 29 over the next few months.

Recently I've been working to get a piece of software known as "fpart" integrated into Fedora and eventually EPEL that I'd be looking to use to solve some automation tasks I deal with on a semi-regular basis. I can pull down the source and build it on my own but I'd prefer to take a cleaner approach of creating proper rpms and go through the process of getting them approved and released within the distribution itself along with maintaining the package as newer releases become available.

At this point I'm looking for sponsorship to move to the next step of getting the package integrated; working with carlwgeorge I was able to clean up the package to approval status in the following bugzilla:

<a href="" title=""></a>

I would be appreciative of any sponsors willing to assist with these endeavors. Thanks.