Self Introduction: Andrey Ponomarenko

Hi all,

I'm upstream author of the abi-compliance-checker, abi-dumper, api-sanity-checker and pkgdiff Fedora packages, maintainer of the <a href="" title=""></a> and developer (in the past) of the LSB Infrastructure project and LSB Core tests.

Since 2014 I am passionate about the Linux hardware compatibility. The result of my work in this area is the hw-probe tool that checks operability of devices on computer board by collecting and analysis of hardware related system logs and outputs of other tools like lspci, lsusb, hwinfo, smartctl, etc. Most interesting hardware logs and statistics are dumped to the Github repository so that anyone can perform any kind of analysis: <a href="" title=""></a>

Most interesting stats are:

* Reliability of hard drives: <a href="" title=""></a>
* Devices with poor Linux-compatibility: <a href="" title=""></a>

Adding this package to Fedora will improve stats and may simplify sharing of multiple logs between developers and users of the Fedora platform. Private info is removed from logs at client-side (username, machine's hostname, IP addresses, MAC addresses, serial numbers, etc.), so sharing a probe link is more safe than attaching original system logs.

Review Request: <a href="" title=""></a>

Can someone take this package or sponsor me to maintain it?

It's a simple noarch package with a simple spec file.

Thank you!