snakeyaml 1.25 update

Hi everybody,

Right now, the snakeyaml package in fedora is out of date by more than
three years (1.17, released in February 2016). We plan to merge the PR
rebasing it to the latest version (1.25, released this month) into
master / rawhide and f31. The new versions include *a lot of bug
fixes*, and some minor backwards-incompatible changes.

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I ran test rebuilds of dependent packages in a COPR repository, and
every package that isn't already broken built successfully, except

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I checked JRuby upstream vs. the jruby package in fedora, and the
version we ship was released in August 2015 (!). I think compatibility
with the latest snakeyaml versions should be fixed with and
newer, according to the upstream changelog (the versioning jumped from
1.7.x series to "jruby 9000", with 9.x.y.z).

If I ran the repoqueries correctly, JRuby is also only required by two
packages in fedora, both related to JRuby itself (joni and