Some Java packages in need of new permanent maintainer(s)

Hello packagers,

The Stewardship SIG is currently providing only bare-minimum
maintenance for some Java packages, and none of our packages depend on
them anymore.
So, we're looking for someone to take better care of them, preferably
someone who actively uses these packages or maintains a package that
depends on them.

The packages are:

- java-base64
- jboss-jstl-1.2-api
- jetty-version-maven-plugin
- stringtemplate4
- tagsoup

Directly dependent packages of java-base64:
- Java-WebSocket
- elasticsearch
- gherkin2-java
- java-vash
- java-xmlbuilder
- jets3t
- rescu
- smack
- sshj

Directly dependent packages of jboss-jstl-1.2-api:
- jboss-jsf-2.1-api
- jboss-jsf-2.2-api

Directly dependent packages of jetty-version-maven-plugin:
- jetty8

Directly dependent packages of stringtemplate4:
- antlr3
- antlr4
- eclipselink
- gs-collections

Directly dependent packages of tagsoup:
- icedtea-web
- javadocofflinesearch
- tika
- xom

If you received this email directly, you're a (co-)maintainer of one
of these packages, and would probably be best qualified to take care
of the package in question.

If you want to take one, some, or all of them off our hands, just fill
out the "package_adoption_request" template here, and we will transfer
the package to you. <a href="" title=""></a>

If nobody claims the packages within the next two weeks, we will
orphan them again, setting them on their course towards retirement in
about two months.

Fabio (decathorpe), for the Stewardship SIG