Summary/Minutes from today's FESCo Meeting (2019-12-02)

#fedora-meeting-1: FESCO (2019-12-02)

Meeting started by jforbes at 15:00:40 UTC. The full logs are available
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Meeting summary
* #2285 Make Eclipse Installable (jforbes, 15:03:43)
* AGREED: Eclipse can be set as the default stream for F31 and F32
(+6,2,-0) (jforbes, 15:12:11)

* Next week's chair (jforbes, 15:12:27)
* ACTION: ignatenkobrain_ will chair next meeting (jforbes, 15:13:50)

* Open Floor (jforbes, 15:13:54)
* AGREED: Python 2 exception: sugar desktop environment close the
request, and ask the submitters to reopen with a concrete list of
packages. (+7,0,0) (jforbes, 15:22:31)

Meeting ended at 15:25:06 UTC.

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