Trailing zeros are stripped from Python provides/requires


pip and Python packages generally deem 5.4.0 == 5.4.

In order to allow processing != dependencies in Python generators, we now strip
the trailing zero(s) for automatic Python provides and requires.

E.g. python3-josepy-1.1.0-9.fc31 provides python3.7dist(josepy) = 1.1

What I wrongfully have not anticipated at first is that now some dependent
packages can break if they are no both rebuilt. Packages rebuilt prior to this
change might require stuff like "python3.7dist(josepy) >= 1.1.0".

I'm sorry for that breakage, it should not be very common.
Rebuilding the package with such broken dependencies should fix it and evrything
should be fine after the mass rebuild.

There is a very little change when a package cannot be rebuilt to be fixed,
because some other package (needed to build this one) suffers from the same
problem. Let me know if you need my help to untagle any possible mess in this.

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Sorry about the breakage.