Trouble logging into


My FAS account is "submachine". I just tried logging into, and
while the login succeeded, immediately after, I got a 404 error page with
the error 'No user "submachine" found'. All URLs lead to the same
404, so I can't file a pagure issue for this either (which is why I'm
writing to this list after a failed attempt at asking for help on

How can this be fixed?

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Re: Trouble logging into

By Kevin Fenzi at 06/17/2019 - 15:51

On 5/27/19 6:55 AM, Arjun Shankar wrote:
Odd. Can you try again now and see if it persists?

If so, can you mail me directly the exact time/date you logged in?
I can then check logs for any issues...

Sorry for the delay answering you...