Trying to contact package maintainer: Filip Szymański


Would anyone know how to contact Filip? There are a few pending bugs
that they've not replied to yet[1]. The one I care about is updating
urlscan[2] where I've also opened a PR that has gone

- I have been unable to check Filip's activity using fedora-active-user,
so I've done it manually (will use the tool too once I've figured out

- Nothing shows when searching their FAS on fedocal.
- Their last activity on bodhi was a year ago[4].
- Their last activity on koji was also a year ago[5].
- Their last activity on the -devel list was more than a year ago[6]
- Datagrepper also does not indicate any recent activity:
http get <a href="" title=""></a> user==fszymanski

- I've already requested Filip to respond on the urlscan bug multiple
times since 2018-08-07[7].
- I also e-mailed Filip requesting co-maintainership of the package a
few days go and have, unfortunately, not heard back.

If we are unable to contact Filip, I will go ahead an open a FESCO
ticket following the non-responsive maintainer process[8]. My primary
interest lies in helping maintain urlscan, but there are one or two
other packages that also require a look into.

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