Unannounced soname bumps: proj and geos


The recent bump of proj in Rawhide from 4.9.3 to 5.2.0 also bumped the
soname from to
The bump of geos in Rawhide from 3.6.1 to 3.7.1 also bumped the soname
from to

These bumps should be announced *before* the build has been made.

Fortunately, as I was already investigating the possibility of
updating proj, I have the list of proj-dependent packages already. I
was not looking at geos, but hopefully the list below includes
everyone. I have CC'd maintainers on the list to notify them that they
will need to rebuild their packages (or I can do it myself at some
point if they're busy.)

Maintainers by package:
R-rgdal qulogic
R-rgeos qulogic
dans-gdal-scripts volter
fawkes rmattes thofmann timn
gazebo rmattes
gdal alexlan devrim jmlich mmahut oliver orion pali
praiskup volter
grass daveisfera devrim neteler oliver volter
libgeotiff devrim orion volter
libosmium tomh
librasterlite2 volter
libspatialite volter
mapnik alexlan tomh
mapserver devrim jujens oliver pali
merkaartor slankes till
ncl orion
nodejs-mapnik jamielinux tomh
ogdi sharkcz
osgearth smani
osm2pgsql fab
perl-PDL alexl caillon caolanm johnp jplesnik lkundrak
mbarnes mmaslano ppisar rhughes rnorwood rstrode ssp
pgRouting pkubat volter
player kwizart rmattes timn ttorling
postgis devrim jmlich maxamillion pkajaba pkubat praiskup
pyproj jdekloe
python-basemap jspaleta limb
python-cartopy qulogic
python-mapnik tomh
qgis bruno daveisfera volter
qlandkartegt sharkcz
qmapshack sharkcz
qt-mobility company heliocastro rdieter than
saga volter
shapelib lucilanga smani
spatialite-gui volter
spatialite-tools jdornak jstanek pkubat volter
vfrnav sailer
xastir lucilanga

Packages by maintainer:
alexl perl-PDL
alexlan gdal mapnik
bruno qgis
caillon perl-PDL
caolanm perl-PDL
company qt-mobility
daveisfera grass qgis
devrim gdal grass libgeotiff mapserver postgis
fab osm2pgsql
heliocastro qt-mobility
jamielinux nodejs-mapnik
jdekloe pyproj
jdornak spatialite-tools
jmlich gdal postgis
johnp perl-PDL
jplesnik perl-PDL
jspaleta python-basemap
jstanek spatialite-tools
jujens mapserver
kwizart player
limb python-basemap
lkundrak perl-PDL
lucilanga shapelib xastir
maxamillion postgis
mbarnes perl-PDL
mmahut gdal
mmaslano perl-PDL
neteler grass
oliver gdal grass mapserver
orion gdal libgeotiff ncl
pali gdal mapserver
pkajaba postgis
pkubat pgRouting postgis spatialite-tools
ppisar perl-PDL
praiskup gdal postgis
qulogic R-rgdal R-rgeos python-cartopy
rdieter qt-mobility
rhughes perl-PDL
rmattes fawkes gazebo player
rnorwood perl-PDL
rstrode perl-PDL
sailer vfrnav
sharkcz ogdi qlandkartegt qmapshack
slankes merkaartor
smani osgearth shapelib
ssp perl-PDL
than qt-mobility
thofmann fawkes
till merkaartor
timn fawkes player
tomh libosmium mapnik nodejs-mapnik python-mapnik
ttorling player
volter dans-gdal-scripts gdal grass libgeotiff librasterlite2
libspatialite pgRouting qgis saga spatialite-gui spatialite-tools