urw-base35-fonts package missing from f30 and rawhide composes

Hi everybody,

I've noticed today that several of my packages are starting to fail to
build in koschei due to missing dependencies - on urw-base35-fonts.
Attempting fedpkg scratch builds in koji confirmed the issue.

For example:

Problem: package doxygen-1:1.8.15-9.fc31.x86_64 requires graphviz, but
none of the providers can be installed
- conflicting requests
- nothing provides urw-base35-fonts needed by graphviz-2.40.1-44.fc31.x86_64

The same issue makes inkscape and some other packages uninstallable on
fedora 30 and rawhide.

I've looked at koji,, and the compose report e-mails, but
didn't see anything obvious happen to the urw-base35-fonts package,
but it seems to be missing from the latest rawhide and f30 composes
for some reason.



Re: urw-base35-fonts package missing from f30 and rawhide compos

By Fabio Valentini at 04/14/2019 - 10:42

On Sun, Apr 14, 2019 at 4:03 PM Fabio Valentini < ... at gmail dot com> wrote:
Looking at the koschei status, ~2000 of all ~13000 tracked source
packages are now reported as un-buildable due to this - and this
doesn't include the number of un-installable packages.

Just saying.