Working Group IRC meeting minutes (2018-12-04)

#fedora-meeting-3: Weekly Meeting of the Modularity Working Group

Meeting started by nils at 15:02:25 UTC.

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Meeting summary
* Agenda (nils, 15:03:27)
* #108 How do we keep rawhide sane? (nils, 15:03:44)
* #112 Discussion: Module lifecycles (nils, 15:03:50)
* #114 Stream default changes & Fedora Changes (nils, 15:03:57)
* #115 Discussion: Stream branch ownership for packages & modules
(nils, 15:04:05)
* review of the naming guidelines (nils, 15:04:28)

* #108 How do we keep rawhide sane? (nils, 15:05:28)
* LINK: <a href="" title=""></a> (nils, 15:05:28)
* ACTION: asamalik documents how updates work, including standalone
RPMs, modular RPMs, and hotfixes (asamalik, 15:33:25)
* AGREED: "dnf update" should inform users about streams being
switched and perform distro-sync on the affected modular package
set, taking hotfixes into consideration (contyk, 15:43:34)

* #114 Stream default changes & Fedora Changes (nils, 15:44:49)
* LINK: <a href="" title=""></a> (nils, 15:44:49)
* AGREED: 1) Module stream defaults should be only changed in an
upcoming Fedora release 2) Changes of stream defaults should be
communicated by a Fedora Change based on the change's significance
and its maintainer's best judgement. 3) No default stream changes
mid-release are permitted. 4) Introducing a new default stream not
replacing any existing default stream or a traditional package is
not considered a change. (asamalik, 16:06:07)
* AGREED: ^ That means it can be done. (contyk, 16:06:27)
* ACTION: asamalik documents the new policy (asamalik, 16:07:02)

Meeting ended at 16:09:08 UTC.

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