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How do I read the posts? Thanks, Paul

Lenovo_Ideapad120S-11IAP, insufficient screen brightness

Lenovo_Ideapad120S-11IAP, insufficient screen brightness

I am running Fedora28LXDE on a Lenovo Ideapad 120S-11IAP with its Intel
HD-500 Graphics. Every is fine, but only the screen brightness is
insufficient, too weak. Does anyone have an idea (driver or something
like that)?

Thanks and greetings

Change language operating system, Fedora-27-Mate-64bit

Change language operating system

Under Fedora 27 Mate I try to change the language of the operating
system, e.g. from German to French.

Thunderbird, opening by double-click mails which are saved outside Thunderbird-GUI (Fedora-LXDE)

Thunderbird, opening by double-click mails which are saved outside
Thunderbird-GUI (Fedora-LXDE)

Preliminary note:

Since a couple of years I am running Fedora-LXDE with Thunderbird as my
only mail-client. Each time I receive mails, I save all important mails
outside the Thunderbird-GUI, in the folders they factually belong to
(tax, banking etc.), and then delete them in the Thunderbird-GUI.

Calendar Thunderbird-Lightning

Transfer of Calendar-Dates from Thunderbird-Lightning (Windows) to
Thunderbird-Lightning (Fedora)

Does any know how to copy / transfer calender-dates from
Thunderbird-Lightning-Windows to Thunderbird-Lightning-Fedora? I tried
to do it by importing *.ical-files in Lightning-Fedora, but I only got
the following incomprehensible error-message:

307 items failed to import. The last error was: [Exception...

External HDMI monitor detected but says "No signal" on Fedora 26 Macbook Pro


I've got trouble with my Macbook Pro running Fedora 26. I can't get an
external monitor to work via a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI converter. The
issue is full described on the link below:

<a href="" title=""></a>

Any help would be really appreciated.


Setup Fedora on UEFI-Laptop

On a new Laptop (UEFI / Secure Boot / GPT-specific partitions
"EFI_System_Partition" and "Microsoft_Reserved_Partition") I intend to
replace the pre-installed Windows-10 with Fedora-LXDE which will then be
the only system on the hard disk .

When installing Fedora, have I to preserve both of the two partitions
"EFI_System_Partition" and "Microsoft_Reserved_Partition", or can I wipe
both of them or one of them?

Thanks in advance.

compression tool p7zip.x86_64

compression tool p7zip.x86_64


under Fedora 25 LXDE 64bit I installed from the Fedora Repository

1) p7zip.x86_64

2) p7zip-plugins.x86_64, and

3) p7zip-gui x86_64, with its dependencies
SDL 1.2.15-21.fc24
kde-filesystem 4-54.fc25
wxBase 2.8.12-26.fc25

But in the end there was no GUI to see nor was it possible to open the

Does anyone know what I have to do in order to get the program work and
make the GUI appear?

Thanks in advance


Opening email messages in Thunderbird under Fedora 25 (and older versions)

older versions)

Case 1:

I receive an email message in Thunderbird, this message remains INSIDE
the Thunderbird-GUI and I do NOT delete it there:

In this case I can open the email message without any problem, as often
as I want to do it.

Case 2:

I receive an email message in Thunderbird and open it inside the
Thunderbird-GUI. But as I see the message is important, I decide to
- save it OUTSIDE the Thunderbird-GUI for further use, e.g.

Re: happy to hear from an old friend

Hello friend,

I've received a letter from our old friend, he wanted me to share it with you, just take a look <a href="" title=""></a>

Best regards, pat

Fedora 25 LXDE, Start Menu, Developer > Elementary Tests

After upgrading to Fedora 25 (LXDE) I found a new line

"Developer > Elementary Tests"

in the start menu. Does anyone know the name of the package which
corresponds to this application? Thanks.



Fedora 24 LXDE; how to remove duplicates

In my Fedora 24 there are a lot of duplicates, i.e. multiple versions of
the same file (one or even two old versions and one new version). Which
made correct upgrading to Fedora 25 impossible.

Does there exist an easy and simple way (e.g. in DNF) to remove ALL old
versions in ONE step? Or have I to remove them all one by one?

Thank your for your help




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Intalling windows 10 from Fedora Linux - Don't want Fedora anymore

Hello I'm Brandon,
I'm sure there is posts online about how to do this. I can't find straight forward links or step by steps on how to get rid of Fedora 21 and install Windows OS instead. I don't want to dual boot or anything like that. I'm not familiar with Terminal inputs or anything like that. I've called microsoft, Geek Squad, even Staples lol. Do I have to delete linux first then try installing windows via usb or Disc? How do I go about deleting Fedora 21? Remember I'm not familiar with the functionality of this OS at all.

FedoraLiveWorkstation on external hard disk

FedoraLiveWorkstation on external hard disk

Additionally to my laptop (Win7 and Win10 in dual boot mode; UEFI and
GPT-partitions) I should like to setup Fedora on an external hard disk.

But whatever I try, the setup routine always recognizes only the
internal hard disk with Windows 7/10 and it never recognizes the
external hard disk.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for your help

A bit of multitouch confusion

Hi, I recently purchased a Dell XPS 13 (9350, broadcom chip). After installing Fedora 23 (wiped out Windows), it mostly works, except for the touchscreen. Among its problems, it stops working after suspend & resume. After some searching in forums, etc. I issued "modprobe -r hid_multitouch && modprobe hid_multitouch". This enabled the touchscreen, but the computer had a surprise in store for me: both my touchpad and my touchscreen are controlled by hid_multitouch!

Opening Mails in Thunderbird (under Fedora 23)

Opening Mails in Thunderbird (under Fedora 23 and older versions)

Each time I receive mails in Thunderbird, I can open them without any
problem, but ONLY as long as these mails remain INSIDE the Thunderbird-GUI.

But as soon as I store a mail OUTSIDE that graphical user interface,
e.g. on a usb-stick or elsewhere on a hard disk, it is impossible to
open again that same mail with Thunderbird.

My Laptop with a Huge Problem

My laptop doesn't respond after shutting the lid. It's unresponsive yet it
would work perfect in Fc 21. What can be the problem?

Adding Broadcom BCM 43142 WiFi driver to F22 on laptop

List, good morning,

Recently purchased a new laptop which uses the Broadcom BCM 43142
chipset and, though I can run the live F22 XFCE spin, Fedora doesn't
see the WiFi device. The laptop does not have a wired Ethernet port
and so, without the WiFi, there's no connectivity.

Resume from hibernate doesn't work

Hi there,
I've a few Laptop and PCs with Fedora 21 and CentOS 7. On all system
resume from hibernate is still working, only on on Laptop (HP Revolve

Acer C720 Chromebook

Sorry if I am posting to the wrong list.

I am trying to install Fedora on my Acer C720 Chromebook. Rawhide, F22,
and F21 .iso's written to a usb drive via dd will not get past the grub
splash screen. I've tried changing the boot parameters, to no avail.

The C720 currently has a working Xubuntu install on it, so I know I have
set the machine's bios up properly.

Fax-Client for Fedora LXDE 32 bit

Fax-Client efax-gtk in Linux Fedora LXDE 32 bit


I installed efax-gtk in Fedora 22 LXDE on my laptop, in order to send a
fax from time to time; when I open efax-gtk in Terminal as a root, I
receive this error-message:


[root@localhost andreas.assmann]# efax-gtk

** (efax-gtk:2355): CRITICAL **: Failed to open connection to bus: The
connection is closed

** (efax-gtk:2355): WARNING **: Error in present_instance(): either
register_prog() has not been called, there was an error in obtaining a
connection or service name in register_prog(),present_instance() has
been called in

efax-gtk in Fedora 22


I installed efax-gtk in Fedora 22 LXDE on my laptop, in order to send a
fax from time to time; but I always receive this error-message:


efax-0.9a: 17:12:45 Error: can't open pre-lock file
/var/lock/TMP..02390: Permission denied
efax-0.9a: 17:12:45 failed page /home/username/example.pdf.001
efax-0.9a: 17:12:45 finished - unrecoverable error


I don't understand this, because there is absolutely no tmp-file in
/var/lock/, only five folders (iscsi, lockdev, lvm, ppp, subsys) and a
file "asound.state.lock".

Has anyone an idea of what is going wrong?

Fax-Client for Fedora LXDE 32 bit

Fax-Client for Fedora LXDE 32 bit


I set up Fedora LXDE on a 32 bit machine and I am now looking for a
simple fax-client, if possible with a graphic user interface. I am still
a beginner.

I found "efax" in the repository, but there is unfortunately no graphic
user interface, and I was unable to handle and configure efax in the
Terminal. On the other hand there exists a gui "efax-gtk", but not in
the Fedora-repository.

Mobile Broadband device (USB-modem) on Fedora 22

Mobile Broadband device (USB-Stick) on Fedora 22

Hallo everybody,

I installed a new Fedora 22 LXDE (32 bit) on a laptop; unfortunately
Fedora 22 doesn't recognize the USB-Stick.

When I do "dmesg" as superuser, I get the result copied below. The
device is "detected", but it doen't appear on the desktop nor is it
possible to get it work.

Has anyone an idea about what I got to do in order to get it work?

Thanks, best regardsin


Andreas Aßmann
Lewitstraße 29
40547 Düsseldorf
Tel. 0049-(0)211-5590519 (f)



Does anyone know a simple, lightweight program-file for Fedora (LXDE)
19/20/21 which shows me the CPU-temperature?

Thanks, regards

Dell Inspiron 1525: Many Intel Graphics Problems, Resume from Suspend Broken


I am in deep trouble now that I have upgraded to Fedora 21. My main
production computer — a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop — fails most of the
time to resume from RAM suspend and thus I cannot use it at school

At the same time, this issue is accompanied by many graphical issues.
I do not know if they are linked together.

When I say "suspend from RAM", I mean closing the lid of my laptop.
When I say "resume from suspend", I mean opening that lid.
When I say "fail to resume", I mean getting a black screen with a
working cursor and responsive keyboard.

Re: Yahoo Groups Updates 0

<a href="" title=""></a>

<a href="mailto: ... at yahoo dot com"> ... at yahoo dot com</a>

Multi-Boot-Laptop (Windows7 / Linux Fedora 20 LXDE); Error message "Could not configure common clock"

I have been running Windows7 and Fedora20LXDE on the same laptop for
more than one year, but the other day, for the first time, there was an
error message "Could not configure common clock" and a complete boot
hang. By no means I could restart the computer, neither in Windows nor
in Linux.

Does anyone know,
- why this occurs and
- how I can prevent it?

Thanks. Best regards


Hi I am masoom,
I am using Fedora 20 scientific spin.
I am unable to install any application in the system.
Even installing with the terminal command using YUM, I am getting error.
Pls help me out.

Fail on install Fedora 20

I have a laptop Acer aspire E1-470G Installing fedora It Live Fedora boot
and Begining but this is loading and not start

KeePass in Fedora; Change Language


I use password-manager "KeePass2" in Linux Fedora.

Does anyone know how I can change language from "English" into "German"?
I found the downloads under <a href="" title=""></a> , but:
- do these files fit in Linux and, if yes,
- where do I have to install or paste them?

Thanks for your help.

Andreas Assmann

connect to xp printer


Please help me, I try to connect fedora 20 printer to xp pinter , xp printer is laserjet m1132 “hp” , I find the help use “localhost:631/” and try to along but still unsuccess


Seems like there is a keepass 2.27 rpm package that installs mono as prerequisites

Fedora 20:

Type: sudo yu

Password-Manageer KeePass2 (Windows) / KeePassX (Linux)


I use the password-manager "KeePass2" in Windows since a couple of
years, and should also like to use "KeePassX" in Fedora. But up to now I
could not transfer my passwords from "KeePass2" to "KeePassX".

Does anyone know a simple way to do that?

Thanks for your help.

Andreas Assmann

Re: Changing disk partitions

Try using gparted.

Changing disk partitions


I have been googling for an answer for some days now and I still didn't
find a solution to my problem. So I decided to ask for help using Fedora's
mailing lists.

Two months ago I installed Fedora 19 on my Asus laptop.

Wifi is not working

installed ferdora 20 but my wifi is not working please help.


My Fedora20 is "SLOW"!
The "Slow" means that in the same net environment ,My Fedora20 OS needs
a long time to open a web ,but the Win7 and MAC OS can easily do that.
And FC20's net speed is always a half of Win7 and MAC OS.Usually
Win7&MAC OS get easily get more 200kb/s but Fedora20 is less than
My Computer is Lenovo G470,when I buy it,it was installed Windows OS(I
hate it,so I installed Fedora20 with USB by my self ),and problem is
every time I re-install FC20,it is always slow.And I re-installed it
last night and FC20 showed me the same problem.May be My hardware i

SOS!!! HELP!!!!

hello.i got some problems,U konw when i install fedora20 in my 64 bit
Lenovo G470
$ lspci | grep Ethernet
07:00.0 Ethernet controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR8152
i found that the network speed was slower than normal ,it was prtty
slow,and i don not konw what to do ,could u please help me?
I love linux!!!

Re: fdisk problem

Typically, /boot does not need to be anything more than 100 to 150 mb.

If it needs to be bigger than that, you have something very unusual happening.

Try fdisk without the -b option and see if it helps

GRUB recovery in fedora 20


I had fedora 20 and windows vista in my laptop. after installing windows 7
in C drive,by replacing vista, iam unable to have dual boot and unable to
boot from fedora 20. I have fedora 20 live media usb. how can i recover
fedora 20 with dual boot. i tried "linux rescue" in boot prompt, but it is
not working.Also, i could not find any recovery or rescue option while
booting from live desk top USB.

pls help.


BroadbandModem (USB-Stick)

I tried to connect with Internet by means of a broadband modem (USB-Stick).

It works fine on my laptop with Fedora 19 (LXDE).

But it does NOT work on my laptop with Fedora 20 (LXDE).

Has anyone an idea, where the reason might be? Thanks for you help


dell precision M3800

Dear All,

I am new to this email list. I just bought Precision M3800, a nice laptop. I wonder if somebody has successfully installed Fedora 19 or 20 on it. If yes, can you help me out there?

Our IT people has tried RHEL 7 and failed during boot. Now he turned back to RHEL 6. Since RHEL 7 is based on Fedora 19, I wonder if Fedora 19 or 20 will make me lucky.


<a href="" title=""></a>

Package manager "synaptic", two kernel-versions

After upgrading from Fedora_19 to Fedora_20, the package-manager
"synaptic" informs me that I have now not only

kernel#3.14.2-100.fc20 and

but also the old versions

kernel#3.13.11-100.fc19 and

I tried to delete the old versions by using the package-manager
"synaptic" but it simply doesn't work, "synaptic" cannot delete
"kernel#3.13.11-100.fc19" and "kernel-modules-extra#3.13.11-100.fc19".

Does anyone know another solution?

Problem wifi-Disabled Hardware

Good morning,
I have a
problem with my wireless, I have a Toshiba U840-10u.
When I
install Fedora directly activate the indicator light that the
connection is enabled.
After installing it is impossible to turn
the wifi says "Hardware disabled", my network card is Intel
Centrino Wireless N 2230.
enable and disable wifi use the FN + F12 key, but does not work (all
other function keys work properly).

Sign my petition on


I created the petition "Aircel Group: Transfer recharge amount to original number if wrong transaction happens." and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

Our goal is to reach 100 signatures and we need more support.

Hotkey troubleshooting


I am searching high and low to troubleshoot incorrectly mapped

It seems evdev is involved, but I am not sure.

My issues concern more than one single model, not related to any single
distro (Fedora, openSuse, Ubuntu.) or version (18,19,20, Rawhide) and I
would happily provide proper maps if I knew where to start.


Some "branch" of laptops use one set of hotkeys, another branch has another

Fedora (and other distros) maps the keys "randomly" (ok that's not right, I
know) so branch 1 get the layout from branch 2 and so on.

So as far as I understand,

Fax in Fedora


in order to send a fax, I installed hylafax+, hylafax+client and uucp.
But without any result, there is not even a link in the start-menu.

Can anybody tell me what there is wrong and how I can get it work?


Connecting to Internet in a Hotspot

Can anybody tell me if connecting to internet in a public hotspot is
safer with Linux (Fedora) than with Windows? Or is it all the same?

Fedora on lenovo?


I brought a Lenovo Essential G510 laptop:
Intel core i5, RAM 4 G, VGA AMD RADEON 8570
I have tried some versions of Ubuntu (13.10, 12.04.3 & 12.04.1) but my drivers like VGA, wireless, Bluetooth and resolution keys do not work.
Also I tried to install these drivers from the internet but I could not.
Today I got a recommendation to install Fedora 15.6.
Know I want to know, can Fedora 15.6 solve my problem or you have another way to solve it?
Please answer me through my e-mail:
<a href="mailto: ... at yahoo dot com"> ... at yahoo dot com</a>

Thanks to all
P Please consider the environment - do you really need to print this email?


i have few doubts

thank & regards

Toshiba C55-A-1J8 touchpad and keybaord not working

Hi guys,

Few days ago I bought brand new Toshiba laptop. I've installed Fedora 20 x64. The keyboard and touchpad are not working. I was forced to install Windows 7 x64 in order to check whether the hardware is working. Both work just fine. The keyboard also works in BIOS and GRUB menu. There is discussion about that issue here:

<a href=";page=1" title=";page=1">;page=1</a>

The guy there is going out of ideas so he pointed me Fredora Ask. So here I am.

If you need more logs or anything else please tell me.

Opening E-Mails

Opening E-Mails

On my 64bit-laptop I have two operating systems in dual-boot-mode
(Windows7 and Fedora19LXDE), and a separate partition („Own Files“)
where I store my private files, e.g. important e-mails (*.eml). My
e-mail-client in both operating systems is Thunderbird.

When starting my laptop from out Windows7, I can open and read without
any problem all e-mails stored in the partition “Own Files”.

Fedora 17 upgrade using Yum

 Hello friends I have a toshiba satellite P755-S5391. I installed Fedora 17 on it and everything went well. I upgraded it to fedora 18 using " yum upgrade". It downloaded the files and everything seems to be ok. Then I got a recommended reboot and I rebooted my computer. The system rebooted and Grub works well (I have win 7 on the same labtop with fedora). THe computer give the line that it loads fedora 18 and then initiallising Ramdisk. After that the screen turned to the normal fedora screen. I.e. a black circle that goes gradually to white and then the f letter is drawen in it.

Kernel Update 3.11.6-200.fc19.x86_64 WIFI Issue

I have successfully compiled the kernel source and the Realtek driver
for r8187se, which I need to get my Toshiba laptop WIFI working.

After compiling, I did the following as root:
# mkdir /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/staging/rtl8187se
# cp r8187se.ko /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/staging/rtl8187se/
# /sbin/depmod -a
# /sbin/modprobe r8187se

When I run /sbin/modprobe r8187se as root, I get a wifi connection.
If I reboot I have to become root and re-run the command.

What is the correct way to automate this process?
I would expect the driver to be linked in with the kern

Fedora on a surface tablet?

Anyone running Fedora on a surface tablet? is it possible? Is Gnome the
only way to go on a surface tablet or is KDE a reasonable option as well?


I use fedora on my laptop for research purposes. How can i use my Sierra
Wireless Gobi 3000 in combination with Fedora 19. Can you please help me?



Fedora 19, Music in Youtube

I installed Fedora 19 on two laptops (one 32 bit and the other 64 bit).
In the beginning, after the initial installation of Fedora 19, I could
listen to music videos on Youtube on both of the two laptops without any
problem. But at a certain moment, I could not hear anything any more (in
the video, there is now a little "Andrew cross" on the right side of the
loudspeaker symbol).

Does anyone of you have an explanation or even a solution for this
problem? Is there an incompatibility with updates installed AFTER the
initial installation?

Thanks so lot. Greetings


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