Kubuntu 18.04 LTS & Canon Pixma G3501: wireless printing possible?

Dear Everybody.

At present I am working with:

Kubuntu 18.04 LTS along with Lenovo X220, 1 TB SSD, 8 GB RAM, amd 64 bits,
Canon Pixma G3501.

The driver I am using is the "Canon G-3000 Series", which is available in
the *Ubuntu repos. When plugging in a usb cable in laptop & printer, the
printer seemingly works fine - also in colour. When doing so for the first
time, the G-3000 Series driver popped up automatically. So far so good.

One question remains for now. So far, I did not yet discover any
possibility for wireless printing, via WIFI connected to both laptop and

Kmail headers from Kubuntu 19.04?

After a short revisit to 19.04 I noticed that what is there called Standard
Headers is missing in 19.10. Both report them self as v. 5.10.3.

Otherwise, where are the local themes saved? I couldn't find any to my liking
in and any docs are..?

Qt broken in 19.10 update?

I updated my pc yesterday evening; it was only a couple of files; and this morning, when I woke it up, I couldn't log in, but got the big error message shown in the linked photo.

<a href="" title=""></a>

Starting any Qt-based programs fails. Some with the error below:

$ kmail
kmail: relocation error: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ symbol _ZNK11QTextCursor12hasSelectionEv version Qt_5 not defined in file with link time reference

Others with this:

$ kate
KCrash: crashing...

Focal Fossa is now open for development

Focal Fossa is now open for development, with the syncs from unstable
done and built, and autopkg testers trying to catch up.

zfsutils-linux breaks upgrade to 19.10?

Hi all,

I have a slightly unusual setup which might have broken the upgrade process.

Fwd: Proposal: Kubuntu Branded Developer Laptop

Hello everybody,

Michael contacted me yesterday, since my contact details are on the Kubuntu website. He wants to start a company selling Kubuntu branded laptops, and part of the income to come to Kubuntu.

He tried several times to send this email to the Kubuntu devel list and has been bounced. I'm giving him a hand to reach you guys.


Kppp and pppd for K18.04.3 for dialup

Can anyone out there help me please-

I am testing out a new K18.04.3 that I have installed on a 160gb sata drive.
I have included most of my files from my K14.04, which I use for dialup
to the internet.
I have downloaded to current 223 updates for the K18.04.3 LTS and also installed
Kppp and pppd(red telephone icon) but having problems with Kppp as cant update
anything thru Kate or Nano as not write permissions.
With pppd I have problems with below-
--> Don't know what to do!

Kppp fig files for K18.04.3 for dialup

Hi can anyone help with the below-

have recently Installed K18.04.3 on a new 160gb sata drive and
cloned all my info from my K14.04, as a test I want to make sure that
I can use dialup with the new system, but having
problems with Kppp.


Is anyone here using Krecipes on Kubuntu?    It doesn't show up on the
19.10 Beta and I wonder if it has been dropped.

I don't mind switching to something better but there has to be a
migration path to save all of the information in the Krecipes database
and move it to a new platform.

Anyone have any info on this package?   Thanks

update to Beta blocked by unmet dependencies

Normal everyday update to the 19.10 Beta after updating (sudo apt update &&
sudo apt upgrade -y). I was running the Beta Plasma but I'm sure that
disappeared in the upgrade.

sudo do-release-upgrade -d finished with errors.

Kubuntu CI/CD planning meeting

I would like to invite you to the Doodle poll “Kubuntu CI/CD.”

Please follow the link to participate in the poll:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Created with Doodle for Android

Best Wishes

Kubuntu Newsletter Survey


We're thinking of introducing a HTML Kubuntu newsletter, and we need your
help in deciding how best to develop this.

Could you take a minute to help us by answering 4 questions on our survey

<a href="" title=""></a>


Kubuntu Council Election 2019 results

Hi everyone.

The Kubuntu Council 2019 polls closed a short while ago.

Aaron Honeycutt
Rik Mills
Rick Timmis

were all confirmed as Council members for a further 2 years.

Thanks to all :)

Kubuntu Council Election 2019 voting

Hi everyone.

The call for nominations in the election has now closed, and the
following 3 candidates have been nominated:

Aaron Honeycutt
Rik Mills
Rick Timmis

for the 3 positions in the Council they currently hold.

Therefore, in accordance with community council election guidelines [1],
a full election via CVIS or launchpad is not required.

Instead, an individual confirmation poll for each candidate has been set
up on the Kubuntu Members launchpad team page.

This is a Yes/No poll, with no other options, open only to Kubuntu Members.

Aaron Honeycutt:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Menu Editor

Is it possible to add a new menu item to the Application launcher?

I can easily see how to add a submenu. For example, the first menu is
"Development" and I could add a submenu under that but that's not what I
want. What I'm looking for is "add menu" rather than "add submenu".

Installing kopete-data removes all kde-l10n packages

I Kubuntu 19.04 if I install kopete and kopete-data I am no longer able
to install any kde-l10n packages.

aptitude why-not kde-l10n-engb
i kopete Depends kopete-data (= 4:18.12.3-0ubuntu2)
iBA kopete-data Breaks kde-l10n-engb (< 4:18.04.0~)

If this is a bug, where do I report it?

KDE Partition Manager - do we need to add this to our packaging? or is this a KDE bug

Yesterday (or so) in #kubuntu:

[01:15] <ubottu> pkexec is a PolicyKit tool that allows an authorized user
to run (graphical) applications as another user. To run a graphical
application (e.g.

Question on

I reported this to KDE some time ago, and am following up, because I still
experience the bug, which is that size no longer shows in the info panel
about images. File size is reported, but not the actual size of the image.

One developer said that Dolphin was not responsible, because "the metadata
is provided by kfilemetadata, which needs to be built against exiv2. Make
sure this is the case and report back, please."

Do we build our kfilemetadata against exiv2?


Kubuntu Council Elections 2019 - Call for Nominations

Hello Kubuntu community!

The terms for the following Council members are due to expire on the 1st
September 2019:

Aaron Honeycutt
Rick Timmis
Rik Mills

I hereby call for nominations for the Kubuntu Council to elect three (3)
members and hope that Aaron Honeycutt, Rick Timmis, Rik Mills will
continue to serve until we have the names of the new Council members.

I will update the Kubuntu Calendar to reflect these new dates.

The term is for two years, spanning 1st September 2019 to 1st September

As in the past, the election will be conducted using CIVS (Condorcet
Internet Voting Servi

Time for KC elections!

Hello folks, my caledar tells me that soon it will be time for elections.
We need someone to step up and *run* the election, which means asking for
nominations, setting up the poll, sending ballots to all Kubuntu Members,
remind people to vote, close the poll and announce the results.

Thanks in advance for stepping up,


Config.dat locked and can't update on 18.04

Searching I tried the following fixes.

fuser -v /car/cache/debconf/config.dat

in order to find user process to kill it but that command hangs and returns

Latest 19.04 apt dist-upgrade caused my system to boot to a blank screen

I saw a systemd update go by which made my eyebrows go up.

Tried booting previous kernels, no dice.

What would folks suggest as first stage debugging steps? Should I figure out how to track down and revert that systemd upgrade?

This is Kubuntu 19.04 on an Alienware 17 R5 / NVidia binary drivers.

Would booting into recovery mode (which works fine) and running ubuntu-bug help anything?


RE: i386 architecture will be dropped starting with eoan


I'm just wondering that, instead of totally dropping i386, why not just
drop the ones that are unnecessary from the repos, like VLC, Vim, Nano,
Plasma, etc.  Since Ubuntu doesn't even have an i386 based distros
officially, those aren't needed to be there anymore.  That way, you only
had to trim it down to the ones that are necessary for us who need the
legacy stuff without the workarounds, like Wine?

Best of both worlds, right?


A happy 19.10 non bug report and a question

So I noticed that after upgrading my laptop to 19.10 my system was crashing when it went to sleep.

I started trying to figure out where to file a bug report, and then realized that I should probably try an update first.

I did that, and noticed a bunch of systemd updates flowing by.

The problem was fixed!

Which leads me to wonder - what's the best way to stay on top of new changes flowing into a given release?

Thank in advance for such a wonderful distribution!


hd audio unable to bind the codec

Kubuntu 19.05 new install on hp pavilion gaming laptop boots from USB drive
and installs fine but first boot after install stops with "hd audio unable
to bind the codec".
Kubuntu 18.04 installs and boots without error and upgrade to 19.04 works
just fine. Is this a known thing with a bug report I can add to our should
I file a new bug report?

Has anyone ever gotten the Fugio snap to work?

It just dumps core on start for me.

Specifically, the error I get is:
I get a similar error when trying to run the Audacity snap as well.

Kind of a bummer. I love the idea of snaps, and also the Fugio .deb you can download from the author's site is broken (missing deps) as well.


KDE Connect problem


I've got two phones and a desktop. KDE Connect is installed in all of them.
One of the phones finds the desktop and pair with it flawlessly. The desktop
also sees this phone.
The desktop does not see the other phone, nor that phone can see the
desktop. They have seen each other and connected in the past, but not
anymore. The desktop is shown on the "Remembered devices" section on
the phone, but not on the "Available devices" section.
The funny thing is that the two phones see each other and connect.

Any idea on what may be happening here?


unit mount is masked

I ran an update today and it printed this out. Anyone know what or how to
fix this?
"Error: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.systemd1.UnitMasked: Unit -.mount is

Just so happens my partition manager won't work either. Could this be
the issue?

*Truck driver, Linux Tech, Webmaster, and Web Admin.Volunteer Kubuntu Linux
Development Tester*

kde5 and kdewallet

A kde wallet service dialog box pops up at odd times since a new install
of 19.04 Is this telling me anything that's important? This didn't occur
after an upgrade from 18.10, only after a fresh install.

"The application 'kde5" has requested to open the wallet". A password is
then requested.

clipboard images to libreoffice problem

trying to do a copy/paste from source (example chrome) to libre office
results in the following error: "requested clipboard format is not
available". This is only a very recent issue, using 19.04. It worked after
updating to 19.04 but now it isn't. 2 computers, mine and sweeties (and
sweetie isn't happy lol). I'll bug the users before I bug the dev team and
then will decide if it needs a bug.

copy/paste to any other target seems to work fine as far as I can tell

-Fat Trucker

new install ubuntu 19.04 and plasma-desktop missing tools

I did a new install of ubuntu 19.04 and then installed plasma-desktop and I'm
missing a bunch of stuff.

Trusty 14.04 LTS end of life, and end of Kubuntu support for Xenial 16.04 LTS.

As the newly released Kubuntu 19.04 makes it's way into the world,
inevitably other things come to their end.

Kubuntu 14.04 LTS was released in April 2014, and reaches 'End of Life'
for support on 25th April 2019. All Kubuntu users should therefore
switch to a newer supported release. Upgrades from 14.04 to a newer
release are not advised, so please install a fresh copy of 18.04 or
newer after running a backup of all your data.

Kubuntu 16.04 LTS was released on 21st April 2016, and was supported for
Kubuntu for a period of year 3 years [1].

19.04 DVD drives not available

I haven't logged this one yet....   but when I open K3B, it tells me
that no optical drives are present in the system.  Huh?

Anyone else see this problem?

And also, how does one fix this other than hope that a proper kernel fix
comes along.


Please test the "test it and fix stuff now, FFS" pre-RC

There are some problems that still need testing, bug-reporting and fixing
before the hopefully-final RC of Disco Dingo (19.04) on Monday, according
to the #ubuntu-release channel. Please log into
<a href="" title=""></a>, download the
Kubuntu image (and others if you have time) do some of the test cases,
report bugs and log the bug numbers in your test case report.

Thank you!


PS: We'll need to test again on Monday so we can release the best possible
19.04 possible.

Re: Testing help needed: Beta candidate ISOs available


There's this one very annoying bug with Plasma 5.15 & NVIDIA where the desktop flickers or goes out-of-focus.

This is my hardware info:
Operating System: Kubuntu 19.04
KDE Plasma Version: 5.15.4
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.56.0
Qt Version: 5.12.2
Kernel Version: 5.0.0-8-generic
OS Type: 64-bit
Processors: 4 × Intel® Core™ i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz
Memory: 15.6 GiB of RAM
GPU: GTX 1060 6GB

I have tried downgrading the driver to version 410, but that didn't work.

19.04 discover sources failure

in 19.04 in discover>sources>software sources I'm getting an error that
it's trying to launch lxqt-sudo software-properties-qt
I haven't installed lxqt anything as far as I know. Any idea how to fix

Testing help needed: Beta candidate ISOs available

Hi folks, please visit
<a href="" title=""></a>
and see what's needed, and help out. The little CD icon leads you to the
ISO for downloading/zsyncing.

Please report bugs and link them by number, such as
<a href="" title=""></a> is 1821847. If you use `ubuntu-bug
ubiquity` for instance in a konsole or the console itself, you can file
bugs even in the live session, as long as you have networking.

profiling startup

I see there was some discussion over startup times on IRC.

If you want to profile startup you'll want to use systemd-bootchart
[1] it tracks resources usage during boot, which is valuable
information in finding out why it may be slow (outside slowness in

For debugging the actual session-start you can have a look at [2]
which will tell you how to profile a plasma session on x or wayland.

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>
[2] <a href="" title=""></a>


KDE Wallet System Is Buggy on My System


When I have the wallet subsystem enabled, but it doesn't appear to remember my wi-fi/VPN passwords.

It always prompt me for the password. But strangely, it only does this for passwords chosen with the "store password only for this user" option in the wi-fi password manager.

Kmail/Kontact question

Hey all. In Kmail/Kontact, in the email viewing section of the program,
there's a black bar that says "HTML Message." I used to be able to turn that
off but now I can't seem to find the option to do so anywhere in this new
version of Kubuntu. (19.04). Will this option return later on in a future
update to the software? Almost all emails are composed as HTML these days and
I'm ok with that because it's cool to have pics, links and all of that. I just
don't the bar on the side.


Trusty point release

Hello folks, at the time Trusty became 14.04 and then the LTS, Kubuntu
pledged support for 5 years. While that 5 years is nearly up, there is a
pending point release:

"we will be respinning new point-releases for trusty and xenial in the
nearest days because of the apt vulnerability that was fixed recently. Do
you want to participate in this security-point-release?" (from the
#ubuntu-flavors IRC chan).

Neither Rik nor I have time to do the necessary testing. Does someone else
want to step up and organize this?

weird issue

My Dell Precision T1600 desktop computer doesn't want to restart no matter how many times I try it. It'll boot up and shut down but no restart. Hmmm..what gives?

Charlie Luna

Radeon graphics card

Hey guys I'm new at Linux and I'd like to know if there's a way to check if Kubuntu is using my graphics card. I have a Radeon HD graphics card and on Windows I could check that just by going to system info, but now on Kubuntu I don't see it anywhere. Neither on the driver manager or in the graphics section of system info. Hope someone could help me out with that. EOF
Sent from my LG Phoenix 3, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

So far, Kubuntu 18.04 does not discover my "JBL Clip 3" Bluetooth speaker

Dear Everybody.

At present, I am running Kubuntu 18.04 LTS at my Samsung 860 EVO (1 TB) inside my
Lenovo X220, The system runs quite smoothly. Even Bluetooth seems to run up to a
certain extend. However, after scanning, just 1 device in the house next to mine appears -
however, NOT my "JBL Clip 3" Bluetooth speaker.

KUBUNTU 18.10 Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6670

Hello there,

A little question.
Can i install the latest kubuntu with this cpu?



KDE Applications backports in Cosmic


I've noticed that several KDE Applications updates were release since
the release of Kubuntu Cosmic but haven't seen them backported. Can
anybody tell me why? Am I missing a backports PPA somehow?

There are some minor grudges that are fixed in newer release I'd like
to profit from...

Best regards,

Installation alongside Windows 10 Home Edition


I am currently attempting to install Kubuntu 18.04.1 on a HP Pavilion
15-cr0001ng notebook which came preinstalled with Windows 10 Home Edition.
In preparation, I shrunk the C: drive to get some 400GB of free storage on
the (single) HDD.

xdg-desktop-portals & kubuntu


I thought I should point out that the Ubuntu Desktop team is looking
into SRUing a new xdg-desktop-portals and gnome frontend to the
supported LTSes. It probably would be a good idea for Kubuntu to also
SRU the frontend for Plasma systems. Desktop portals are a central
part of integrating confined bundles (e.g. snap, flatpak) into the
host system, without them the user experience suffers tremendously.

Also see: <a href="" title=""></a>


new question

How do I go about getting kontact/kmail to automatically deleting my emails
from my computer like Thunderbird does? That's one feature that I'd love to
see in kontact/kmail. Is there a way I can implement that?

Charlie "hangar18" Luna

Issues with cdimage server

I'm pretty sure someone already knows this but the server doesn't seem to be working correctly. I downloaded the latest daily build to begin this weeks testing phase (my own schedule), and there's problems with the ISO. I created my startup disk as usual but upon restart, I get a big error box that says the installer's not working properly and I tried this three times and I got the same error each time.

bad font hinting firexof/thunderbird


here I am again with my periodic issue with font hinting (see here for
the previous chapter
<a href="" title=""></a>).

Recap: I like crisp fonts and hate blurry as well as ragged ones, so I
use msttcorefont, arial (a font with good hinting) and disable aliasing
between 8 and 15 pt.

Some applications use the selected theme, some don't


since I upgraded kubuntu to 18.10 one thing that annoys me is that a
couple of applications (specifically gimp and krita) use a dark theme,
regardless of the theme I selected (breeze).
I selected breeze everywhere I could: as desktop theme, colour scheme,
application style and gnome applications style (I'm not sure about those
names, I'm using a localized version of kde).
I could understand if it happened only for gtk applications, but firefox
and thunderbird show correctly, and krita is a kde application.
Bug or operator error?
If the latter, how do I correct it?


Kubuntu Social team

Hello Council, developers and other interested people:

After some discussion about how to manage our social accounts, we're made a
secret team. The reason it's secret is that the mail list can that way be
secret as well, and thus we can share passwords and other login

If you would like to be part of this team, please ask here or write
directly to <a href="mailto:kubuntu-social- ... at lists dot">kubuntu-social- ... at lists dot</a>. Only team members can
subscribe to that list and see the archive, so we can use this secret list
to store sensitive information.

Kubuntu social media accounts - help needed

Hi folks,

We have a social media presence on Mastodon again:
<a href="" title=""></a> . If you are on mastodon, please
follow us and boost our toots! If you aren't, you might try it out. It is a
different experience than twitter; much more friendly. That said, we have a
twitter account too: <a href="" title=""></a>. Again, follows and
retweets are appreciated. There are two Facebook accounts, one withw an
unknown owner. If you like and use facebook, we really could use some help
there, in particular for people who persist in asking user support
questions there.

Password reminder

I’ve forgotten my password. When I visit <a href="" title=""></a> <> and provide my email address in and click on Unsubsricbe or edit options field, I’m taken to kubuntu-devel list: member options for user <a href="mailto: ... at icloud dot com"> ... at icloud dot com</a> <mailto: ... at icloud dot com>.

I click on the Reminder button and am informed that “If you are a list member, your password has been emailed to you.” I don’t ever get the email.

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