Usability Improvement

I'm sure this isn't the most correct place to post this, but perhaps it
could make it's way to the correct person.

I've put Kubuntu on 10s of thousands of machines over the years and a
very common problem that I run into is with the KDE wallet system. I
meant to write in with this suggestion years ago, but it got out of
site, out of mind.

please add zsync to main repos for downloading iso's ...

please add zsync to main repos for downloading iso's ...

My Twitter Page:
<a href="" title=""></a>

My Facebook page (Be my friend please :) )
<a href="" title=""></a>

My Google+ page (follow me please )
André Verwijs - Google+ <a href="" title=""></a>

Artful Alpha 2 release candidate is ready for testing!

Test if you can, on real hardware if possible, in virtual machines if not.

Kubuntu Desktop amd64 testcases in Artful Daily:

<a href="" title=""></a>

(The label "Daily" will change once the Alpha 2 has been milestoned)

Kubuntu Desktop i386 testcases in Artful Daily --- sooooooooo
important to get this preliminary testing done if we want a 32-bit
Alpha 2 ISO!

<a href="" title=""></a>

Thank you folks. That alpha 2 ISO will be spun on the 27th -- IF we
have all tests done.

Issues regarding customizing Kubuntu


Following my talk in Akademy 2017, I'd like to list my issues about
customizing Plasma5 in Kubuntu and hope that we can work it out together.

1. plasmashell doesn't honor the XDG related environment variables: I
set the XDG env variables like XDG_MENU_PREFIX, XDG_CONFIG_DIRS, ...
etc. in the Xsession.d which should be loaded *before* kinit5 started.
However these environment variables are not passed to kinit5 and hence
XDG_MENU_PREFIX wouldn't work, which would cause that it always reads
/etc/xdg/menu/ .


packageset refresh for kubuntu

Can I please request an interim packageset refresh for kubuntu?

We have a new major version of KDE applications to upload soon, which
involves 20+ sources that are are ours and in the archive via previous
MOTU help, but not refreshed into our set yet, plus one new source.

(we can get help for the one new source at least)

I was hoping to get things all uploaded with help 1st then refresh so
only needs doing once in artful cycle, but practicalities mean it is now
maybe better to refresh now, then do another mini-refresh a little later.

If doing more than one refresh in a relatively short per

Call for testing: Qt 5.9

Dear Kubuntuers,

As you may already know, I am preparing the Qt 5.9 transition in a PPA [1].

Now it got to the point when we are mostly ready for publishing it into
the main Ubuntu archive, but I would like to gather some feedback first
and make sure everything works fine with that version.

If you are running Artful and have some time for testing it, please add the
PPA, test the desktop and your favourite Qt/KDE applications, and report
any regressions to me.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ci-train-ppa-service/2819
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt full-upgrade

I would like to land it to

Who is going to Akademy?

Anyone besides Gerry (grayback) and I? If so, shall we schedule a
dinner together, a Bof, or what?

All the best,


<a href="" title=""></a> -- best at Akademy

Podcast help needed?

Hi folks, I know many of us are missing our beloved podcast, which was
an absolutely super motivational thru-line for the Kubuntu team.

update "gdal" packages to resolve dependencies mysql-workbench

please update "gdal" (gdal 2.1.2+dfsg-5build1) packages
to resolve dependencies for mysql-workbench package, artful repo....


Snapping KDE

Hey Kubuntu,
At some point we should have the discussion regarding KDE Software
snaps. Who is going to create them and what's the adoption path. I
understand that the ultimate plan for Kubuntu would be able to build a
Plasma system on top of Ubuntu Core based on snaps.

Is this something you guys are looking into?
Is it something that you find desirable?


Hi, I'm new here (and also Canonical's new point of contact on the KDE advisory board)

Hi everyone,
I need to introduce myself as I'm new to this community: I'm Gerry, from
Ireland, and have been an engineer with Canonical for over 5 years now.
I started out on the Unity2d desktop at first (Qt4 + QML1), before
moving to start the Ubuntu phone project, first on its UI toolkit, then
moving to working on Unity8 and Mir (Qt5 & QML2).

Now that Unity is no more, I'm happy to say I'm back to using KDE as my
desktop again - which I was using long before I joined Canonical.

First Ubuntu Artful Aardvark test rebuilds (and upcoming GCC 7 transition)

The first test rebuild of Artful Aardvark was started on July 6 for all
architectures, all components (main component and seeded packages finished,
unseeded packages still building).

For arm64 and armhf the gcc-6 packages are based on the Linaro 6-2017.06

Results (please also look at the superseded builds) can be found at

<a href="" title=""></a>

The test rebuild uses binutils, gcc-6, gcc-7 and linux packages currently still
in the proposed release pocket, which can also be found separately in the PPA

<a href="" title=""></a>

Re: Shall we drop i386 / 32-bit? If you think no, please test

The lack of testers, the lack of bug reports, and the lack of response here seem to indicate that i386 users in our community are a rather tiny group. One that is likely shrinking even more.

The short lifespans of non-LTS releases do not help, either.

Kubuntu privacy policy is confusing to a privacy-minded user

Hello there,

In the KUBUNTU Facebook group, a woman was complaining loudly that Kubuntu

After reading over your Privacy Policy I found it appaulling. Capturing my
keystrokes?? What a bunch of bunk.
"...we may also send your keystrokes as a search term to and selected third parties...."

I used Kubuntu for nearly 3 years and really liked it until I found this
out. THIS is the VERY reason WHY I detest Windows.

Shall we drop i386 / 32-bit? If you think no, please test

Hello folks, Art Alpha 1 is released today: release notes:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Please report test results here:
<a href="" title=""></a>

If we don't get complete test coverage on the i386 test cases, I think
we should drop it now. the KCI doesn't build the images, we get no
questions about 32-bit any more, and it is in general a pain to

Is there any reason to keep it?


SRU verification - plasma 5.9.5 update for Zesty


The SRU verification for plasma 5.9.5 to zesty updates for zesty remains
outstanding, and needs to be done if we with this update to go ahead
into the archive.

The bug to verify on is here:

<a href="" title=""></a>

SRU verification procedure is here

<a href="" title=""></a>

If not verified, these updates will eventually be deleted.

Thank you.


Call for testing Artful Alpha 1

Hi folks, the images have hit
<a href="" title=""></a>

Please help us out by testing and reporting there on the qa tracker.

Release notes: <a href="" title=""></a>
-- it's a wiki, fixes welcome.

All the best,


Alpha 1 on Thursday 6/29/2017

Hi Folks -- I assume that we'll opt-in?

<a href="" title=""></a>

Thoughts? Any reason to opt out?


k3b can't write inf files


I found this list as the maintainer contact for the k3b software. Thanks
for the hard work you put in, it's a great CD writer!

I use k3b on Linux Mint and my problem is that it tries to write some stuff
in the /tmp/kde-$USER folder but the folder is not present. Instead there
is a /tmp/kde-$USERsomeothercharacters folder. So CD writing breaks with
an IO error message unless I make a symlink.

I wonder if this is some incompatibility between software I have or
something intrinsic to k3b.

Getting ready to judge the new wallpapers!

Hello folks, our wallpaper competition was a smashing success, with 39
entries! Before they can be judged, however, we need someone to ensure
that they are fairly-entered images, and the property of the person
who submitted.

KDE PIM in Proposed for a month

Greetings Release Team,

I'm writing as the Kubuntu Release Manager this cycle, and a newbie at
the job. I see from looking at
<a href=";queue_text=&amp;memo=28&amp;start=28" title=";queue_text=&amp;memo=28&amp;start=28">;queue_text=&amp;mem...</a>
that all of our PIM packages are waiting in Proposed since May 2 when
Rohan uploaded them.

They are just splits from existing source packages, so we're a bit
puzzled as to why they've been waiting so long.

Kubuntu Automation 2.0 released


after so many time working on Kubuntu Automation, I'm glad to announce the
first 'proper' release. It's '2.0' because I would consider '1.0' the tooling
we had before Operation Slice[1]. Packages for Artful, Zesty and Xenial are
available in the dev-tools PPA:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Some time ago we have seen the most disruptive change in Kubuntu's history:
the transition from being maintained mostly by full-time paid employees to be
maintained mostly by volunteers.

Podcast Hardware request

Hello all, I'd like to ask for funds to get better hardware for the Kubuntu
Podcast (Webcam[1], Microphone[2])

Current prices on Amazon:

Logitech C920: $59.99
Blue Snowball USB: $68.99
Thanks all
Aaron Honeycutt Kubuntu Podcast host

<a href=";creative=395261&amp;creativeASIN=B006JH8T3S&amp;linkCode=asn&amp;ascsubtag=pcg-1377281284-20" title=";creative=395261&amp;creativeASIN=B006JH8T3S&amp;linkCode=asn&amp;ascsubtag=pcg-1377281284-20"></a>
<a href="" title=""></a>

Kubuntu commercial support

Hello folks,

Right now on the website you are listed as providing
commercial support for Kubuntu users. Are you still providing
commercial support?

If so, is youir listing on the website correct?

The leadership of the project has changed. Can you tell us, the
Kubuntu Council, on what basis you support us and our users?

We wonder because surely to offer support you should have a voice with
our devels in order to fix any issues.

Frameworks and plasma updates for backports


we have been working the last few days on some upgrades for backports.

Kubuntu Release Manager / Kubuntu Promotion team

Hi folks, now that Artful Aardvark 17.10 archive is now open, and our
developers are preparing packages for testing and upload, we're
heading towards Alpha 1 which is scheduled for June 29. So no hurry,
but why not get things set up now?

I helped Walter (wxl) who functioned as our RM last cycle, and it
wasn't *hard* -- but there were lots of steps. I think a small team
would do this job better than one person, so I'd like people to look
at the job and step up for this cycle. It would be great is someone
who likes Facebook, can be active there, for instance.

Applying for Kubuntu Developer?


given the low number of people in the team with archive upload permissions, if
it's possible I would like to apply for Kubuntu Developer at some point of the
Artful release cycle.

I would like hear your recommendations about what to read to prepare the
interview, and also a range of dates to open a doodle poll.

Cheers. has sent you the calendar Kubuntu

Your friend, <a href="mailto:valorie. ... at gmail dot com">valorie. ... at gmail dot com</a>, has sent you the following Google
Calendar and included this message:

Another attempt to share the Kubuntu Google Calendar with you all.


View Kubuntu calendar:
<a href="" title=""></a>

KDE PIM update for Zesty available for testers

Hi folks,

Since we missed by a whisker getting updated PIM (kontact, kmail,
akregator, kgpg etc..) into Zesty for release day, and we believe it
is important that our users have access to this significant update,
packages are now available for testers in the Kubuntu backports
landing ppa. Read the details on the website:

<a href="" title=""></a>

I've posted this news on Kubuntu Forums, and Twitter (my own account).
Feel free to spread the word!


KDE PIM 16.12.3 for zesty backports

As per:

<a href="" title=""></a>

I would like copy PIM 16.12.3 from the apps staging ppa to
'backports-landing' for some final testing in the next day or 2, and
call for some testing via the blog etc.

If there are any objections or suggestions, please voice them.



Operation Fir Tree


I have in my technical agenda various "black operations" related to Kubuntu
Automation for Zesty+1. The first one I would like to complete is "Fir Tree".
<a href="" title=""></a>

Because getting this one will allow me to make future changes in KA without
interrupting the work of the rest of the team.

Great release! and other thoughts

Hi folks,

17.04 in released, and technically it is great! Perhaps the best we
have ever done. Well done, team! Great thanks to Rik, who carried much
of the load as a brand-new Kubuntu Developer.

On the other hand, I think we didn't promote it very well. I take
responsibility for part of that, and want to prepare better for the AA
release. Walter (wxl) was our actiing Release Manager this round, and
deserves a round of applause!

Zesty RC is published -- call for testers

Hi folks, sorry for the lateness of the email, but the RC was
published yesterday. The call for testers was published
yesterday, but it slipped my mind to write here too.

<a href="" title=""></a>

Please report success and bug reports here: er: <a href="" title=""></a>

Spread the word!



PS: We need more help with release management and Kubuntu promotion.
Please respond here or join the #kubuntu-council IRC channel on
Freenode. Bodies, ideas and energy are all welcome!

Moved obsolete scripts to attic/


as part of the "Fir Tree" operation[1], I have just pushed a commit moving
various scripts/files which are obsolete since a long time ago:
<a href="" title=""></a>

In the commit message there's a rationale for each move. I'm sure the scripts
in question are no longer used, but if you think there's something which is
still used we can move it back.


[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

I think this would be a great opportunity for us to attract some
attention to the Kubuntu Ninja program. We can discuss packaging the
Kubuntu way (which is interesting in and of itself, I think), KCI, and
KA. Thoughts?

please help test Kubuntu Zesty Zapus 17.04 Final Beta due Thursday­

I'm happy to report that testing images for the Final Beta release of Zesty
Zapus 17.04 are [now available][1]. We could use your help to get the
testcases on the [ISO tracker][2] completed. Please head on over there and
get to testing. As always, virtual machines are fine but real hardware
testing would always be appreciated, especially where bugs occur in virtual
environments. Please file bugs and check for old ones. Make sure, most
importantly, we get this done before Thursday! Your help is essential in
making this release a great one.

upgrade KDE localisations/translations for KDE

Please can this FFe be reviewed and/or approved?

Very much want testers for the beta to have these to test.

Thank you.

Ref: <a href="" title=""></a>

Help needed - Fix debian/copyright on split kdepim packages

See task on our Phabricator workboard

<a href="" title=""></a>

If people want new KDEPIM in zesty 17.04, please help.

All or most are still showing the original copyright from kdepim and
kdepimlibs etc.

These needed to be reviewed and corrected for each package.

Kubuntu membership meeting

Based on the Doodle poll, I scheduled my Kubuntu membership interview for

Saturday, Mar 18 UTC 15:00.

I will be out country (Taiwan) for work related travel, but the above time
still works for me (11pm Saturday Taiwan time if my calculations are

I hope everyone can make it and I will talk to you all in a few days from


Kubuntu membership request

Hi there,

Darin Miller (<a href="mailto: ... at gmail dot com"> ... at gmail dot com</a>) invites you to participate in
the Doodle poll "Kubuntu membership request."

Question Darin's sanity regarding KDE membership application.

Weekday time slots are during my lunch hour, the weekend times are
during our weekly kubunu-devel meeting.

Participate now
<a href=";tlink=pollbtn" title=";tlink=pollbtn"></a>

What is Doodle? Doodle is a web service that helps Darin Miller to
find a suitable date for meeting with a group of people.

Default desktop containement settings for 17.04 (plasma 5.9)

Please read and comment on:

<a href="" title=""></a>



Plasma 5.9.3 drops in Zesty - Important note

Yesterday, Plasma 5.9.3 migrated from proposed into the archive, but there
is one important note I wanted to let everyone know about.

Plasma 5.9.3 was uploaded with a small patch which upstream have made in
5.10 to enable Folder View by default [1]

Rik cherry-picked the commit [2] and patched Plasma 5.9.3 which he then
uploaded along with a new version of kubuntu-settings [3] We have moved
kubuntu-settings from bzr to git and removed the patch which allowed the
installer icon to be displayed in a folder containment.

I must say the screen-shot [4] of the Live ISO this morning really does

Scaling and multiple monitors

Hello awesome plasma devs!

I've just upgraded to Kubuntu 17.04 Beta 1, with Plasma 5.9.2, and many of my scaling and multiple monitor issues havebeen solved. So, Thank you for that!!

I still have some small issues, and I'd like to ask for help in identifying if they are plasma, kwin or hardware issues.

Here's my setup:

HP Zbook 15 G3 with a HP ZBook Thunderbold Dock.

Beta 1 released; Preparing for Beta 2

Good job everybody on Beta 1! I'll leave it to Walter to give feedback
about our QA testing and so forth.

Because I'll be flying to India to attend and give a talk
the second week of March, I'm trying to prepare for Beta 2 now. It's
due March 23rd:  Final Beta Freeze (Monday), Final Beta.

The rough of the release notes are done:
<a href="" title=""></a> .

I didn't write about PIM being left out because I think we are hoping
to get it into the final? Nor did I mention any of our new apps I hope
make it to the final, like Peruse.

OEM install issues

We got an annoying little [bug][1] popping up on the tracker with regards
to OEM installs. It appears that it works in some virtual machine
environments, but not in others. As you can see in the bug, further
information is needed before we can get to the bottom of THAT problem. If
you could test across as many images as you can get your hands on and
include the results, that would be appreciated.

More importantly, though, I want confirmation that this does not affect
real hardware.

Kubuntu Zesty Zapus Beta 1 due 23 February 2017

It's that time again. Time for testing! Actually we've had [images][1] for
over a day now and globally back to the 19th. Guess someone on the Release
Team started early. Wish I had known that earlier to give you all more
time. Oh well.

Head over to that link below, log in, grab a download (yes, version
20170220), check your hashes, boot it up (usually in a virtual machine but
real hardware testing is always appreciated), mark it as in progress,
follow the test case, report any bugs, and mark it successful or failed.

Ideally we cover all required tests at least once.

Kubuntu 16.04.2 LTS Update Available

The second point release update to our LTS release 16.04 is out now.
This contains all the bugfixes added to 16.04 since its first release
in April. Users of 16.04 can run the normal update procedure to get
these bugfixes. In addition, we suggest adding the Backports PPA to
update to Plasma 5.8.5. Read more about it:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Warning: 14.04 LTS to 16.04 LTS upgrades are problematic, and should
not be attempted by the average user. Please install a fresh copy of
16.04.2 instead.

last round of testing for 16.04.2 (probably)

So we got a new set of [images][1] (version 20170215) for 16.04.2, due to
be released Thursday. Mostly the change affects the machinery that builds
the images, but there were some security updates. The only one that should
really affect us is [ffmpeg][2], so make sure to double check audio/video
players/viewers and possibly thumbnailing in Dolphin.

[1]: <a href="" title=""></a>
[2]: <a href="" title=""></a>

Something happened in Discover 5.6.2

In the recent days I've received a number of bug reports for Discover 5.6.2:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Could somebody take a look and see what's happening? It's especially
odd as it's the LTS version so we could expect these to keep coming


Request for refund of equipment

Kubuntu Council, I'd like to request the Kubuntu Fund refunds some
equipment I bought for the Plasma sprint this week

<a href="" title=""></a>

€89.46 and €4.99 which comes to £80.58

It's for media and drives to read and write audio CDs, data CDs and
floppy disks. Using this we were able to fix Dolphin's support for
floppys and K3b's support for data CDs.
<a href="" title=""></a>

Kubuntu fund currently has £10,847 in it.


Status of KDE PIM in zesty

As I'm sure most are aware, we have not yet uploaded and update of KDE
PIM from 16.04.3 to 16.12.x to zesty archive.

The delay has been as result of initially lacking the required
QtWebEngine, and then required gpgme1.0 >= 1.7.x with the qt dev/cmake
files built.

QtWebEngine only builds in zesty for amd64, i386 and armhf, while
gpgme1.0 is still FTBFS on armhf, arrm64 and powerpc.

Upshot of that is that under those conditions, most of the PIM suite
will only build on amd64 and i386 (with some partial success on other
archs up to the point where those deps cause it all to go south).

Some te

16.04.2 images are up for testing

Hi folks, the release of 16.04.2 has been a bit delayed, which gives
us a few days to test.

Please head over to and help us get all the required
testing done.

<a href="" title=""></a>

and Link:
<a href="" title=""></a>

We very much appreciate your help. Be sure to file bugs if necessary
and link them there on the qa site.


Welcoming Rik Mills as Kubuntu Developer

With all present devs voting in favor, Rik got voted into the circle
of Kubuntu Developers. He's done lots of awesome stuff in the past and
we are looking forward to seeing him put these new found powers to
good use.

Congratulations and welcome!


Kubuntu required package-set updates for Zesty (17.04)

I would like to request that the Kubuntu package-set is refreshed and
updated for Zesty.

We have new sources in our supported releases of KDE Frameworks, KDE
Applications and Plasma 5 desktop suite. In addition some other new sources
from KDE and support libraries.

Review Request 129904: fix when sort indicator is shown in list header

Review request for Kubuntu and Muon Package Management Suite.

Bugs: 313596
<a href="" title=""></a>

Repository: muon

When starting a new search in the package list, and the list is sorted by name, then the results are sorted by relevancy and the indicator is hidden.

acc test fail in libkf5kgeomap

libkf5kgeomap in zesty fails the acc test on all archs, compiling
headers with the error at the bottom of this message.

Seems from a search to possibly be a GCC bug upstream only recently fixed.

<a href="" title=""></a>

acc exit code 6 "Headers have been compiled with minor errors." seems to
indicate only a minor issue we can override for now and wait for any
upstream GCC fix?

opinions welcome

The GCC parameters:
gcc -fdump-translation-unit -fkeep-inline-functions -c -x c++-header
-fpermissive -w -fPIC "/t

Remove obsolete and blocking old KDE4 sources from zesty

This email is duplicated on the phabricator task here:
<a href="" title=""></a>

It is getting to the stage where some old KDE4 packages seem to be
likely to get in the way of new KF5 applications migrating.

For example:

New KF5 okular's 'okular-mobile' package depends on new KF5

However, the old KDE4 baloo in the archive depends on the old KDE4
kdegraphics-mobipocket libraries which would be superseded and no longer
available if KF5 kdegraphics-mobipocket migrates from proposed.

So at the moment neither KF5 kdegraphics-mobipocket or okular KF5 will

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