KDE Partition Manager - do we need to add this to our packaging? or is this a KDE bug

Yesterday (or so) in #kubuntu:

[01:15] <ubottu> pkexec is a PolicyKit tool that allows an authorized user
to run (graphical) applications as another user. To run a graphical
application (e.g. gedit) which can write to the entire filesystem, use e.g.
"pkexec env DISPLAY=$DISPLAY XAUTHORITY=$XAUTHORITY gedit /etc/environment"

[01:19] <pragomer> diogenes_: kde's partitionmanager gets no root
privileges when I enter the kdesu password; thats my problem and a know bug
as it seems

[01:21] <OerHeks> you stated you see no disks after password..
[01:24] --> salsa4life (~ ... at 2 dot 57.100.21) has joined this channel.
[01:24] <diogenes_> pragomer, as suggested: pkexec env DISPLAY=$DISPLAY
XAUTHORITY=$XAUTHORITY <app name> /etc/environment

[01:42] <pragomer> diogenes_: it worked. after i executed pkexec the app
now works also as normal. thank you all very much. awesome community. very



Re: KDE Partition Manager - do we need to add this to our packag

By Walter Lapchynski at 08/10/2019 - 20:45

Including lubuntu-devel because they're shipping it, too.

That said, I've done no extensive testing of this application across various versions but I do know I had it open and it was working correctly in Eoan just the other day. Does this affect a particular version?

I have noticed that the transition to using `pkexec` has been a little rocky, so perhaps in an older version it was an issue?

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