Minutes and Actions from Podcast Review & Planning meeting

Dear Friends

Many thanks to those that attended the Podcast Review meeting in Big Blue

We set out to address the following agenda items

1 - Review current status
2 - What do we want the show to be ?
3 - What do we need to put in place ? - i.e Action list
4 - Post Production support n Publishing
5 - AOB


1 - Current Status

Looking back at last year, we see that we have circa 500 views per show,
which is rather poor!
For example the traction of "Quids Up" Channel which has a 17.04 Kubuntu
31K views. The KDE Community Plasma 5.9 video has 252K

Clivejo notes - that we are failing to optimise for keywords, and tags.
Also we should work with other channels, so that we cross pollinate.

Clivejo - We should make some Tutorial Videos 2-3 minutes long.
Clivejo - Change Kubuntu Podcast channel, to just Kubuntu and then split it
our into sections.

ACTION : Produce a report of Video Channel Analytics, and Also Podcast
Downloads, for review.

2 - What do we want the show to be ?

Ovidiu: Why not make it Kubuntu 'Cafe Live' for meeting rather than a
formal Podcast -
CliveJo: It must be on a regular schedule
Ovidiu: By making it as a community meeting, it does not need a fixed set
of hosts
CliveJo: It makes it enjoyable, it is exciting and good to hang around

Breakout other Sections into Channels

Stream to YouTube, and left as a recording for future. Recordings with Date
in title, and more detailed descriptions, which includes keywords,
optimised for searching. Sort of a mix between the Kubuntu Parties, Dojo,
Podcast, less formal.

Rik: Would like to see a professional 'Hak 5' 'Linux Action Show' style
podcast - How would we resource this

CliveJo: Guest Video Submissions ( using a playlist, or re-uploaded content


3.1 - Community Kubuntu 'Cafe Live' - Vision and a Plan - Set up a schedule
3.2 - Look Kubuntu Community YouTube Channel Management Team - Needs a team
job description.
3.3 - Kubuntu Podcast Production Team - This would be a production team.

4 - Absorbed by 3 above.

Finally, this also promoted discussion about community involvement, which
were added to the agenda for Fridays meeting -Growing our Commnunity

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Please do visit our Phabricator, and add your thoughts and comments to any
of the tasks on the board.

Best Wishes

Rick Timmis