Minutes from KCI development discussion

Thank to all who were able to attend the Developer meeting this evening to
discuss proposal for the future of the Kubuntu CI.


Considerable work has already begun to scope out and implement a new
Kubuntu Continous Integration system.

<a href="" title=""></a>

It was agreed that the new tooling will be developing following UNIX
philosophy "Do one thing and do it well", the code will be developed in
Python with close adherence to Pythonic style.
Following PEP8 Python coding standards, and usng PyLint and code reviews,
so that the coding does not delivery unexpected surprises. This is
important for the future maintainability of the KCI tooling, and is
particularly valuable in a voluntary community.

Build PEP8 and Linting into Jenkins so that code checking is done
Phab Task -> T7550 <a href="" title=""></a>

It was decided that this new KCI needed to be implemented on Kubuntu
controlled hosted infrastructure which is professionaly hosted.

Source additional Server Hosting sponsorship for the New KCI

Phab Task -> T7551 <a href="" title=""></a>

Hosting in this provides future protection, in such that should the hosting
sponsorship go away, Kubuntu can still consider ways to fund the resource.
This provides future sustainability.

We discussed the ongoing problem of low developer numbers, and explored
ways to mitigate / resolve this issue. It was decided that Rik
<@acheronuk>, Simon<tsimonq> and Rick <Sick_Rimmit> would collaborate
together to aggregate existing documentation which is accurate and
appropriate to Kubuntu packaging. Rick agreed to follow the lead of Rik and
Simon and to learn packaging by following the documentation trail that Rik
and Simon would begin building in the Phab Wiki.
Each month Rick will prepare notes on his experiences and use these to
provide a journey insight and discussion points, which will form the basis
of the Dojo in the monthly Kubuntu Kafe.

The Dojo section will build up month by month into a documentary of
becoming a Kubuntu Ninja!

It is hoped that this Phab Wiki, and Dojo Videos will become a solid
resource for onboarding further Kubuntu developers.

All action items have been created as Tasks in Phabricator.

Best Wishes
Rick Timmis