Please remove]

someone should take over kubuntu-bugs list

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Hi Jonathan,

Just FYI we received a request to remove <a href="mailto:chris. ... at credativ dot">chris. ... at credativ dot</a> from kubuntu-bugs. The email was one of the administrators and I went ahead and removed it. You are now the only administrator for the kubuntu-bugs mailing list.

Please let us know if that was the wrong thing to do, we can put it back if you prefer.

Jacek Nykis


Re: Please rem

By Valorie Zimmerman at 08/11/2017 - 16:51

I can take over as listowner. However I am not competent to become the
leader of that team. We need someone to step forward to do that job.


PS: Jon, you can simply replace your address with mine as the
listowner and PM me the password to get the list changed over.

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