Remove obsolete and blocking old KDE4 sources from zesty

This email is duplicated on the phabricator task here:
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It is getting to the stage where some old KDE4 packages seem to be
likely to get in the way of new KF5 applications migrating.

For example:

New KF5 okular's 'okular-mobile' package depends on new KF5

However, the old KDE4 baloo in the archive depends on the old KDE4
kdegraphics-mobipocket libraries which would be superseded and no longer
available if KF5 kdegraphics-mobipocket migrates from proposed.

So at the moment neither KF5 kdegraphics-mobipocket or okular KF5 will
migrate as this would break the old baloo package, which would in turn
break KDE4 kdepim4 etc.

Some other KD4 sources also block okular as commented on below.

So possible removals?

- perlkde (<a href="" title=""></a>) - a blocker
on okular KF5 as depends on the old okular KDE4 libraries (via smokekde_
Seems safe to removal as has no reverse depends on anything but itself.

As far as I can see this package is not in debian unstable, and I cannot
find it in historical debian release or package removal logs either.

This package remain I would guess is the only reason why smokekde has
not been auto-removed form the archive.

- smokekde (<a href="" title=""></a>) -
directly depends on old okular KDE4 libs. reverse depends only on
perlkde packages, so if that were removed, seems this would in turn be
the same.

smokekde was removed from debian unstable in july 2016.

See: bug: <a href="" title=""></a>

- baloo KDE4 (<a href="" title=""></a>) - few
reverse depends, except for the old kdepim4 (as mentioned next).

baloo is in kubuntu-meta as a recommends and the seeds, but those can
now be removed I assume.

- kdepim4 (<a href="" title=""></a>) - obsolete
and not support upstream, and would block removal of baloo. No reverse
depends except on itself.

If acceptable, it would be good to get these out of the way as soon as
possible, because as said they block migrations of some new KDE 16.12
applications packages.