Some applications use the selected theme, some don't


since I upgraded kubuntu to 18.10 one thing that annoys me is that a
couple of applications (specifically gimp and krita) use a dark theme,
regardless of the theme I selected (breeze).
I selected breeze everywhere I could: as desktop theme, colour scheme,
application style and gnome applications style (I'm not sure about those
names, I'm using a localized version of kde).
I could understand if it happened only for gtk applications, but firefox
and thunderbird show correctly, and krita is a kde application.
Bug or operator error?
If the latter, how do I correct it?


Latest KWin 5.14.2 kept crashing and restarting on my hardware

I upgraded KWin to the latest version yesterday (from Kubuntu backports), and now it crashes frequently.

Odd things with trashcan

Hi Everybody.

I have a odd question. I have upgraded to KUbuntu 18.10 from 18.04 some
time ago. But there seems to have a odd bug. One can through the
trashcan in the trashcan. Is this something one should be able to do.
When I do this the trashcan vanish from the screen. But if one has
"Dolphin" open one can still see the trashcan. And one can drag the
trashcan from there to the screen. Is this a bug or is something that
should be there? I also have another question. This has with program to
do. I don't know if there is any program like a program I like.

Using USB Memory Stick to upgrade to 18.10

Hi Everybody

I would like to ask I have taken home ISO file for KUbuntu 18.10 and put
it on a USB Memory Stick. Can one use that to upgrade to KUbuntu 18.10
from KUbuntu 18.04? And how do one do that? Since everything that I have
read on forums doesn't work. Because when I did as the forum says I get
a messages that there is no upgrade. I have change on both Server from
Sweden  to the World and LTS to Normal Releases. But nothing seems to
upgrade it. I would rather not do a new installtion since that would
make me lose all data I have on my computer.

Problems with KUbuntu

Hi Everybody

I would like to ask how can one upgrade from KUbuntu 18.04.1 LTS to
KUbuntu 18.10? I have tested everything I have found on forums and tips.
But nothing seems to work. I have even taken home ISO file and put on a
USB memory stick. I wondering can one upgrade through a memory stick and
not lose everything one has? Since every time I tested what forum says I
get an answer there is no new version. I switch source from Sweden to
World and even told it to normal releases. But nothing I have tried
works. I also tried to update from KDE Plasma v.

Hitta Everybody

Hi Everybody

I know this a stupid question. I wondering does anybody know one can upgrade from 18.04 to 18.10 on KUbuntu? I havet tried every tip that I found on the Internet. But Terminal just tells there is no upgrade avilable. Usually this happen automatic. But this time it doesn't seem to be so.

Christer Wickman

⁣Skickat från BlueMail ​

KMail: "Could not create collection trash, resourceId: 2"


I'm getting a bad error from KMail:

"Im E-Mail-Programm ist ein schwerwiegender Fehler aufgetreten. Das Programm
wird beendet. Die Fehlermeldung lautet: Could not create collection trash,
resourceId: 2"

(Translation: "In the email program, a grave error occured. The program is now
being terminated.

Genesys and sane-genesys

I bought a Visioneer Roadwarrior X3. According to Sane it is supposed to
work with Genesys and sane-genesys. According to, Ubuntu - 18.04 -  the
same. The issue is that I can't find the needed software/drivers. They
are not in the repository or anywhere else that I've found for that
matter. It's not life or death if it doesn't work but would sure be nice.

Any ideas on how to install what's needed?


by running the following commands, i was able to fix the packagekit daemon crash: sudo apt update & sudo dpkg --configure -a

i need to learn all terminal commands and functions because this helped perfectly.

Charlie Luna

KMail Import Wizard not


I try to import thunderbird into KMail ( Kubuntu 18.04.1 ) and get the
error message

The import wizard cannot be started. Make sure the import wizard is
installed correctly.

Any idea ?


Crowdsourcing details of Ubuntu 18.04 Distro, Flavors & Debian derivatives

To have new better Bug#1 fixing so people can find wich for comparison
should b installed, for current and new users, of all Ubuntu distros, im
asking for crowdsourcing help of everyone working together to share
knowledge together in one spreadsheet.
At start 7 Ubuntu Flavors Compared: Kubuntu vs. Lubuntu vs. Xubuntu vs.
MATE vs. Budgie vs. Studio.

packagekit daemon crash

man, i've been having issues like crazy with this 'packagekit daemon' crash. at first, i thought it was my laptop, perhaps, so i used the same usb thumbdrive with the same copy of 18.04.1 on a different laptop and it still had the same crash so i'm thinking it's the actual iso itself, maybe. i downloaded a fresh copy from and i noticed it was a bit larger than before, going from 1.7 GB to 1.8 GB, so perhaps that copy'll do better? hell, i even downloaded and attempted to install the daily live iso of 18.10 and i got the SAME crash.


hey all. i just noticed during a package update that a crash happened.
it says 'packagekit daemon' crashed. i'm running the minimal
installation of 18.04 on a lenovo ideapad 310-15 ABR laptop. and i can't
remember how to file a bug since it's been a longtime since i've done
it. can someone let me know what the terminal commands are for filing a
bug is? i think it's ubuntu-bug 'packagename'. but i need clarification.
and yes, i've got a launchpad account.

touchpad issue

hey guys. What's with the touchpad coming back on after resuming from
suspend? I've got the settings to disable the touchpad when a mouse is
inserted/used, in this case with a USB dongle, and it still comes back
on after i resume from suspend. the only time it's off is when i first
getting booted up but my computer can't go into suspend if i want the
touchpad to remain off. what gives? Any solutions to this? I'll research
further until I hear from someone here.


what's up with kubuntu not keeping a laptop touchpad turned off after
resume from suspend even though that option's turned on in settings?
every single time i close the screen/lid down and reopen it, the
touchpad's back on. i've got it marked to keep it off while my mouse's
plugged in and it never stays off. the only time it's ever off is if i
do a complete power off or a restart. it's aggravating.


Dolphin Cannot Find

Recently, when I try to find a file or folder with Dolphin, it instantly
responds with nothing found.

I tried using Kfind but it immediately pushes my system to 40% to 60% usage
and still takes forever to find a file.

My system consists of an AMD 8 core processor, 16Gb of RAM, Kubuntu 18.04
and all current patches and updates.

I've looked on various forums and no one seems to be experiencing the exact
same issue.

Any suggestions?

Upgrade to 18.04 from 16.04

Dear all
was this not supposed to be possible in late July?

kind regards, Sinclair


Is anyone on here using apt-cacher?

There's a chronic problem where AC cannot bind to the port it wants to
use (3142) and I am currently having this problem.

I used to use AC about 3 years ago when I had the same problem and gave
it up.  Looks like I may have to give it up again.

It appears that AC will run the first time you install it.  And it did
that for me.  But after rebooting my server it always comes up with:

Unable to bind socket (port 3142)

I've googled this and people have had this problem since 2009, but I haven't found a solution yet.

No, no one is using or LISTENing on t


hey all. i'm trying to figure out how to program in python and i wanted to find out if the kate text editor supports python 3. i've been reading a manual on python programming and it states some info about running IDLE and when i run the terminal command for it, it goes nowhere.

am i able to just open kate, do some coding, save it as a python file with the .py extension and then run it?

i start school next month and i want to be ahead of the game as much as possible.



IRC username: hangar18

kubuntu podcast

Is there no longer a kubuntu podcast? been searching for one and can only
find old ones 2016 or so and before.

GFTP question

 Does GFTP support sftp connections?

email woes

If there was any mail sent to me in the last several days
that bounced, please resend. My mail server was down.


upgrade from 16 to 18

When will this be possible??

kind regards, Sinclair

Failure message


re-installing system

This was a clean install of 18.04 on an HP laptop, quad core AMD 8 gigs

I suspect something went wrong during installation. Nothing will install
from the repositories. It comes back with an error that says I need a
"gtk3" something. Googling is no help or anything else I've tried.

I'm wondering if there is something that will re-install everything from
a dvd or...................... that doesn't mean wiping the hard drive
clean and starting over. I'm not against doing that but would rather not
if I can.


Lets Drop Old Monitors


Do excuse me for mooching, (part of), a Subject: line. :-)

In a sense, this is about a similar sort of problem, but coming
at it from a different direction. My hope here, is to provide
some ideas for improving on what so far, is _very_ frustrating.

A while back when my trusty old Optiquest Q-71 monitor died, and
I replaced it with a brand new HD monitor, I expected it to solve
a host of problems. Unfortunately, a bunch of really nasty
problems showed up, mostly dealling with text, and symbol sizes.
I am constantly running up against this problem.

A Problem With GIMP

Using kubuntu 16.04.

When trying to use GIMP, there are little text windows that
appear to identify what various symbols, and some drop down
menu items are. Unfortunately, the text, and the background
colors are so close, if not identical, that they can't be

Oh, and before I forget, the kpatience solitare game will
download various card designs, but won't let you use them.


package install issues 18.04

I have been trying to install such things as Kpat and wine. I get an
error that dpkg can't find gtk3.pam and that I need to install it. I
can't find anything about gtk3.pam.

latte dock

Hey all. I'm trying to figure out how to get latte dock installed and running on my computer. I've had it on here once before and now I can't remember how to get it back.


Confirmed! Microsoft Has Bought GitHub for $7.5 Billion | It's FOSS

I'm against this deal. I don't like a corporate giant jumping into our open source community and exerting its influence with money. We of the free and open source software community need to be alarmed by this and if any of you have code on github, I'd suggest you put it somewhere else. Linux is about being open source and FREE and I don't want anything to do with Microsoft. Microsoft, as you all know, is all about the money and their proprietary software that's weak and virus/malware prone. Their closed environment philosophy is against what we stand for.

GRUB-Installation failure?


I am using Kubuntu 14.04 - 64 LTS with a Raid-Controler and Raid 5 and LVM.

Now I installed a new Samsung SSD and wanted install Kubuntu 18.04 - 64 LTS

The installation proceedes but there are big issues with the LVM-Management!

Nevertheless - I tried all kinds auf installations but it fails always,
after the installation, when - i suppose - the boot-record and Grub ist

The bugtracker-Window ist not active so I cant put there any message!

To be shure that it is not my system - I tried the same with Ubuntu and
miracle there were no problems except the same LVM troubbles - but

forecastfox fix version changing form mm/dd/yyy(American) to dd/mm/yy(Australian)

Hi can anyone help,

On my laptop with just Win 7/Firefox 56.0 32 bit it shows with
forecastfox fix version when I hover over the 5 day forecast icon it
shows the dates
in American, but I am in Victoria,Australia, but don't know how to
change back to dd/mm/yyyy,
has any been faced with same, and how do I fix it?



hey guys, i wanted to put this out there to see if there's a way for it
to be done. you know how in ubuntu gnome (of which is now the standard
ubuntu desktop), you've got dots/dashes over an active icon, say you've
got firefox open and above it's icon there's a dot to show there's an
open window for it. and any subsequent windows for it, it displays more
dots above that icon. is there a way to have that feature in kubuntu?

Kate Default Page Size to A4

Kate is defaulting the Print Page Size to A4 even though I have my
printer setup to Letter. How do I change this for Kate?


Kubuntu 18.04 ISO live USB: BIOS does not "see" it, laptop does not boot it.

Hello everybody.

At present, I am working at a correctly functioning Lenovo X220 running at
Kubuntu 18.04 LTS amd 64. The laptop has now one SSD of 128 GB at which the
system is running. There is also a HD of 320 GB. Soon, I will replace that
HD and buy this SSD:
KingSpec P3-1TB 2.5 inch SATA SSD

When I will acquire this one, I'll need a bootable usb stick with Kubuntu
18.04. Have tried several times to create it at a "Sandisk Ultra USB 3.0"
with a view to running from there a "live" system, in order to test it.
Have been using mkusb-dus OR startup-disk-creator to put the ISO at the

Do not manage to start Aptik in Kubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Hello Everybody.

Have added the Aptik repo and installed Aptik along the instructions of
this page:

<a href="" title=""></a>

However, I do not manage to even START Aptik - not via the K-Menu, also not
via ALT-F2, even not from the command line.

Have installed Kubuntu 18.04 LTS at "Eee PC seashell series" together with
Intel ATOM N570 Dual Core CPU.

Bas G. Roufs.

Kubuntu 18.04 LTS does not start after fresh installation from "mSATA TO USB3.0."

Hello everybody.

Several attempts I have done to install Kubuntu 18.04 LTS at a Lenovo X220.
The pendrive i am using is a mSATA TO USB3.0." with a small SSD of 60 GB
and a speed of 6gb/s. I have been using mkusb-dus to format the drive to
fat32, after which I used another option of the same package to clone the
iso to the pendrive. mkUSB-dus seemingly works well.

Installation Problem

On Kubuntu 16.04

Not one of the following will insatall without all the rest, but
all of them interfere with all the rest. No install, no configure,
dependency problems, can't find an un-named directory, etc.


What gives?


18.04 Upgrade not showing available

I am not able to upgrade to the latest release 18.04 of Kubuntu:

brian@brian-HP-EliteBook-8770w:~$ date
Fri Apr 27 08:43:00 EDT 2018
brian@brian-HP-EliteBook-8770w:~$ cat /etc/*release
VERSION="17.10 (Artful Aardvark)"
PRETTY_NAME="Ubuntu 17.10"

Problems with screen management

I've been running Kubuntu/xfce on 3 Amd64 machines and have run into
serious problems with screen management in editors.  Moving the cursor
into the screen display will often cause the data on that display to
move around on its own or to become corrupted.

I have seen this in the THE editor, as well as nano and vi.   It makes
the editors unusable because once data moves around, you cannot treat
the data as being correct.

This is while running Kubuntu Beta 2 on an AMD64 machine.   Will try to
test it on an i386 machine as well.

A very serious problem for me.

xrandr question

Running Kubuntu 16.04 here.

I'm told that if you want xrandr to do a particular resolution
on boot up, you have to put the command in a file named,
".xprofile". That's nice as far as it goes, but where do I put
the file? Does it need any special treatment like:

chmod a+rwx ~/.xprofile

or whatever?


KDE Plasma is working fine on Manjaro, but not on Kubuntu 18.04 Beta2


I've been trying to move to KDE for a long time, but the only Plasma
release for me that worked on Kubuntu was with Kubuntu 15.10. And after
that, none of the releases are working on my hardware. So, what happens is,
if I use Plasma and KWin (OpenGL 2, OpenGL 3, or Xrendr), I get this weird
flickering when resizing application windows. It's easily observable if I
open up a Dolphin window and start to resize it by the corner rapidly in
every direction. At times, there will be a white patch covering the entire
window for a few milliseconds (or so).

Libreoffice 6 irritating view

Since some upgrade Libreoffice insist on showing documents 2 pages side
by side. I don't like it one bit. Does anyone know how to get back to 1
page portrait mode?

kind regards, Sinclair

Need to resize a cloned hard drive

I upgraded my SSD to a larger one with an external cloner. The thing
made the larger hard drive one partition the same size as the old drive.
In Windows when this happens we just go into Disk Management and make
the whole drive the partition.


hey guys. i was just wondering if there's a telegram group for us kubuntu members. i installed 18.04 lts last night and i was having an issue remembering how to report a bug because i noticed one right away. there's no icon for thunderbird in the discover center nor on the desktop or the internet section of the main menu. i'll try it again tonight and then try to remember how to report it.



hello my wonderful friends! i'm a recent convert to kubuntu and! i was missing the awesomeness if this OS! i love it! i just installed the beta 1 of kubuntu and i'm chasing down bugs!

Getting a bluetooth speaker to connect

I'm running Kubuntu 16.04 on an HP Notebook with a Cambridge Silicon Radio,
Ltd Bluetooth Dongle (HCI mode)-- in a USB port. I'm able to pair it with an
iWorld bluetooth speaker but it won't connect.

I can connect if I'm running Windows 10 and the same hardware combination or
with my Chromebook.

Any ideas?

Jerry Lapham
Monroe, OH 45050
<a href="mailto: ... at gmail dot com"> ... at gmail dot com</a>
Walk to Emmaus: Fueling station for a spirit-filled church

webaccounts missing google account?


I just compiled and installed the gdrive kio on kubuntu 17.10

<a href="" title=""></a>

When I click on google drive, it prompts me to create an account but
there's no way to create a google account. The only options are AIM,
Bonjour/Salut, Gadu-Gadu, IMB-Sametime, ICQ (really?), Jabber, KDE Talk,
Office 365/Lynx, Office 365/Linc (via libpurple), Skype, Telegram,


i can't remember if i'm a member of this list or not but i wanted to ask a question.

is it possible to have dot/dash running indicators to show which programs are running like gnome does instead of having the window list in the task bar?

i really like kubuntu and i'm just wondering if this is an option that can be turned on somehow.

Kubuntu 18.04: Screen contents flicker on resize

I was trying out the Beta build of Kubuntu 18.04 LTS and I faced the same
issue I faced earlier with 17.10. When resizing any window, there are times
when it will flicker. It's random, and switching compositing backend to
openGL 3 didn't help either.
Using Xrender helped in removing the flicker, but then everything started
to tear. Even when I forced full screen repaints, the tearing wouldn't stop.

I don't know if it's a Xorg issue or something with KDE.

18.04 i386 testing

Just did an install of 18.04  i386 and it went very well.  The only
glitch I have seen so far:

I usually do a manual config of disk partitions.  So I selected home,
root, and boot partitions and all of that went well with one exception. 
I first decided not to format the /home partition and didn't flag it to
format in the manual partition selection.  But when I came out of that,
I clicked on the 'format' box for /home and the installer crashed.

Not a biggie in my view because I RARELY get through an install without
at least one installer crash...  I think that is a big weakpoint of

Unable to open files in LibreOffice

Ever since yesterday's Plasma updates, I am unable to open any documents in
LibreOffice; it seems to run fine until I try to open a document in any LO
program (Writer, Calc, etc.).

(solved) KDE root programs' fonts very small


I've had the problem, that graphical programs (or program parts), which run as root, had a very small font size - such as systemsettings5 or muon's settings->configure software sources window.

I've investigated it, and I found that the following has to be added to /etc/environment:


That is, the XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP environment variable needs to be set to "KDE". But this doesn't work when set in ~/.bashrc, ~/.proile or /etc/profile. Looks like these scripts aren't called by kdesudo.

Tiny font in Synaptic


I'm running a Kubuntu 16.04.3 LTS system. Reading the mailing list kubuntu-users (and ubuntu-users), made me want to try Synaptic. But the font is so small, you can hardly read it.

Is there a straightforward way to make the font bigger?


Re: Difficulties to connect to access an Android phone from Kubuntu 16.04

Also the desktop app needs to be relatively new to work with the current android app. The one in the backports ppa is over a year old.

Difficulties to connect to access an Android phone from Kubuntu 16.04

Hello Everbody.

At earlier versions of Kubuntu, I could quite easily access the SD card and
internal memory in my Android phones. I connected a USB cable in between
the phone and laptop and the phone showed up as a "mass storage" device,
after which I could easily transfer files between either devices.

However, ever since let's say Kubuntu 14.04 it's getting more and more
complicated. Kubuntu 16.04 is even worse in this context.
One error message that often comes back sounds something like "mtp protocol
died unexpectedly.

Repositories for 17.04??

I realize that 17.04 has reached end of life but I have a couple of
17.04 servers and went to do that latest (last) updates to them.
However, I am getting a lot of errors when doing an apt-get update.

Such as:

E: The repository ' zesty-updates
Release' does no longer have a Release file

and that is just one of many.   Have they changed the way they 'bury' an
old release?   For the record, I am still able to update a 16.04 system.


Synaptic Problem

Synaptic is giving me the same error message that apt-get is,
I.e., "W: No sandbox user '_apt' on the system, can not drop
privileges". Unfortunately, synaptic is treating it as a fatal
error, and the download dies at that point. It also has the
same, "tiny text", problem as firefox.

Anyone know how to fix these?


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