Problems with screen management

I've been running Kubuntu/xfce on 3 Amd64 machines and have run into
serious problems with screen management in editors.  Moving the cursor
into the screen display will often cause the data on that display to
move around on its own or to become corrupted.

I have seen this in the THE editor, as well as nano and vi.   It makes
the editors unusable because once data moves around, you cannot treat
the data as being correct.

This is while running Kubuntu Beta 2 on an AMD64 machine.   Will try to
test it on an i386 machine as well.

A very serious problem for me.

xrandr question

Running Kubuntu 16.04 here.

I'm told that if you want xrandr to do a particular resolution
on boot up, you have to put the command in a file named,
".xprofile". That's nice as far as it goes, but where do I put
the file? Does it need any special treatment like:

chmod a+rwx ~/.xprofile

or whatever?


KDE Plasma is working fine on Manjaro, but not on Kubuntu 18.04 Beta2


I've been trying to move to KDE for a long time, but the only Plasma
release for me that worked on Kubuntu was with Kubuntu 15.10. And after
that, none of the releases are working on my hardware. So, what happens is,
if I use Plasma and KWin (OpenGL 2, OpenGL 3, or Xrendr), I get this weird
flickering when resizing application windows. It's easily observable if I
open up a Dolphin window and start to resize it by the corner rapidly in
every direction. At times, there will be a white patch covering the entire
window for a few milliseconds (or so).

Libreoffice 6 irritating view

Since some upgrade Libreoffice insist on showing documents 2 pages side
by side. I don't like it one bit. Does anyone know how to get back to 1
page portrait mode?

kind regards, Sinclair

Need to resize a cloned hard drive

I upgraded my SSD to a larger one with an external cloner. The thing
made the larger hard drive one partition the same size as the old drive.
In Windows when this happens we just go into Disk Management and make
the whole drive the partition.


hey guys. i was just wondering if there's a telegram group for us kubuntu members. i installed 18.04 lts last night and i was having an issue remembering how to report a bug because i noticed one right away. there's no icon for thunderbird in the discover center nor on the desktop or the internet section of the main menu. i'll try it again tonight and then try to remember how to report it.



hello my wonderful friends! i'm a recent convert to kubuntu and! i was missing the awesomeness if this OS! i love it! i just installed the beta 1 of kubuntu and i'm chasing down bugs!

Getting a bluetooth speaker to connect

I'm running Kubuntu 16.04 on an HP Notebook with a Cambridge Silicon Radio,
Ltd Bluetooth Dongle (HCI mode)-- in a USB port. I'm able to pair it with an
iWorld bluetooth speaker but it won't connect.

I can connect if I'm running Windows 10 and the same hardware combination or
with my Chromebook.

Any ideas?

Jerry Lapham
Monroe, OH 45050
<a href="mailto: ... at gmail dot com"> ... at gmail dot com</a>
Walk to Emmaus: Fueling station for a spirit-filled church

webaccounts missing google account?


I just compiled and installed the gdrive kio on kubuntu 17.10

<a href="" title=""></a>

When I click on google drive, it prompts me to create an account but
there's no way to create a google account. The only options are AIM,
Bonjour/Salut, Gadu-Gadu, IMB-Sametime, ICQ (really?), Jabber, KDE Talk,
Office 365/Lynx, Office 365/Linc (via libpurple), Skype, Telegram,


i can't remember if i'm a member of this list or not but i wanted to ask a question.

is it possible to have dot/dash running indicators to show which programs are running like gnome does instead of having the window list in the task bar?

i really like kubuntu and i'm just wondering if this is an option that can be turned on somehow.

Kubuntu 18.04: Screen contents flicker on resize

I was trying out the Beta build of Kubuntu 18.04 LTS and I faced the same
issue I faced earlier with 17.10. When resizing any window, there are times
when it will flicker. It's random, and switching compositing backend to
openGL 3 didn't help either.
Using Xrender helped in removing the flicker, but then everything started
to tear. Even when I forced full screen repaints, the tearing wouldn't stop.

I don't know if it's a Xorg issue or something with KDE.

18.04 i386 testing

Just did an install of 18.04  i386 and it went very well.  The only
glitch I have seen so far:

I usually do a manual config of disk partitions.  So I selected home,
root, and boot partitions and all of that went well with one exception. 
I first decided not to format the /home partition and didn't flag it to
format in the manual partition selection.  But when I came out of that,
I clicked on the 'format' box for /home and the installer crashed.

Not a biggie in my view because I RARELY get through an install without
at least one installer crash...  I think that is a big weakpoint of

Unable to open files in LibreOffice

Ever since yesterday's Plasma updates, I am unable to open any documents in
LibreOffice; it seems to run fine until I try to open a document in any LO
program (Writer, Calc, etc.).

(solved) KDE root programs' fonts very small


I've had the problem, that graphical programs (or program parts), which run as root, had a very small font size - such as systemsettings5 or muon's settings->configure software sources window.

I've investigated it, and I found that the following has to be added to /etc/environment:


That is, the XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP environment variable needs to be set to "KDE". But this doesn't work when set in ~/.bashrc, ~/.proile or /etc/profile. Looks like these scripts aren't called by kdesudo.

Tiny font in Synaptic


I'm running a Kubuntu 16.04.3 LTS system. Reading the mailing list kubuntu-users (and ubuntu-users), made me want to try Synaptic. But the font is so small, you can hardly read it.

Is there a straightforward way to make the font bigger?


Re: Difficulties to connect to access an Android phone from Kubuntu 16.04

Also the desktop app needs to be relatively new to work with the current android app. The one in the backports ppa is over a year old.

Difficulties to connect to access an Android phone from Kubuntu 16.04

Hello Everbody.

At earlier versions of Kubuntu, I could quite easily access the SD card and
internal memory in my Android phones. I connected a USB cable in between
the phone and laptop and the phone showed up as a "mass storage" device,
after which I could easily transfer files between either devices.

However, ever since let's say Kubuntu 14.04 it's getting more and more
complicated. Kubuntu 16.04 is even worse in this context.
One error message that often comes back sounds something like "mtp protocol
died unexpectedly.

Repositories for 17.04??

I realize that 17.04 has reached end of life but I have a couple of
17.04 servers and went to do that latest (last) updates to them.
However, I am getting a lot of errors when doing an apt-get update.

Such as:

E: The repository ' zesty-updates
Release' does no longer have a Release file

and that is just one of many.   Have they changed the way they 'bury' an
old release?   For the record, I am still able to update a 16.04 system.


Synaptic Problem

Synaptic is giving me the same error message that apt-get is,
I.e., "W: No sandbox user '_apt' on the system, can not drop
privileges". Unfortunately, synaptic is treating it as a fatal
error, and the download dies at that point. It also has the
same, "tiny text", problem as firefox.

Anyone know how to fix these?


NVIDIA problems

I have a computer with two Quadro K4000 cards (and two monitors). I want
that each pair monitor/card is a dedicated screen. With the current
nvidia installed (384.11), the two pairs act as one huge screen (which
is not what I want). I don't see in the nvidia-settings program where I
can configure that (in the past, it was an explicit option).
I also try the xorg-nouveau driver. I can have two screens, but the X
server hangs sometimes (a bug in the driver I guess).
I suppose that I have to modify manually the xorg.conf configuration
file, but I have no clue how. An idea?

More 16.04 problems

While working on getting the system rebuilt, it was hemorhaging
email for about a day and a half/two days before I got it fixed,
so I lost a bunch of it. If I haven't replied to anything in the
last, couuple. that's why.

Got the teensy text problem _mostly_ fixed but not completely.
Most notably with firefox, which is a whole number of problems
all by itself. The basic version that comes, "in the box", couldn't
find it's, ".o/", files with both hands, and so, wouldn't
launch. I finally did an, "apt-get install reinstall firefox", and
got a working version of the latest firefox.

Transitioned from years of Windows O/S to Kubuntu

Hi All;
I'm 68 yr old white male who's been using Windows since Windows
for Work Groups 3.1.1 I just installed Kubuntu 16.04.3 on my Laptop. I've
done in the terminal Konsole, sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade,
Discover has updated 259 updates automatically. I've re-booted twice since
my install. I've searched the Internet for things (guides) to do after
fresh install, but not sure about some of the advice..? I've read some
e-books about "how to's" yet not much info on setting up the system for an
everyday PC usage... I read an article about KDE 5.8.8 and some

Install Problems

Ok, I'm sitting here with a brand new 16.04.2 install,
done the upgrades, and while it's a bit of a
disapointment in some ways, it does just fine in
others. Par for the course, I guess.

One of the problems is that firefox can't find its,
".o/", files with both hands.

Screen Res problem in 16.04

Ok, I'm checking out the try it and see portion of a
16.04 install DVD. When I get to the screen resolution
portion of os the System Settings, the choice of
available resolutions is completely unsatisfactory.
There are _only_ two, 720X400, and 1920X1080. I have
to use a _LARGE_ magnifying glass just to see these
numbers, and clicking on either doesn't change the
resolution, at all.

How do I get this to work, and with the entire
spectrum of resolutions to pick, and choose from,
so I can get something decent to work with?



Are there any "HowTos"/manuals/tutorials/ebooks/etc specifically
for dealing with 16.04? Also, What about new/old Plasma issues?

Thanks in advance.


meltdown/spectre patch for Trusty 32 bit


Can anybody tell me if and where there is a meltdown patch
available for Trusty 32 bit.


Uwe Brauer

Comprehension question with sftp connection in konqueror


I've had ssh installed, and configured it to allow authentification with public keys only. Password authentification is turned off. I've set the SSH port to 3322.

It all worked fine (including sftp in konqueror). It still does, with the exception of sftp in konqueror. I can access my laptop from my desktop machine via ssh, scp and sftp, and vice versa.

Kontact bug (?): Can't synchronize with CardDAV ressource


I've edited a contact in the addressbook, but I can't get the changes synchronized with my Nextcloud server (via CardDAV).

When I click on "Update addressbook folder" in the menu in the "Contacts" section of Kontact, then I get this message:

Before syncing folder "Kontakte" it is necessary to have the resource online. Do you want to make it online?

I click on Yes, but then the dialog closes and nothing happens. Next time, the same question comes again. The changes don't make it to the CardDAV server, what can be seen in its web interface.

Any ideas?


FWD: Survey: Diversity and Inclusion

We invite you to fill out this survey, which takes about 6 minutes to complete.

This survey is central to a Mozilla initiative dedicated to positively
impacting diversity and inclusion in open source and is core to our
mission of supporting an “Internet that truly puts people first, where
individuals can shape their own experience and are empowered, safe and

By participating in this voluntary survey you will help generate a new
and innovative understanding of how identity in open source community
influences our experiences - and how as an ecosystem we can w

My Membership

Hi to everyone,
If you want tonight we can discuss about my membership.

Andrea Del Sarto

Kubuntu-PPAs for Artful


I've done a "do-release-upgrade" from 17.04 to 17.10, and I got the message
"Paketquellen von Drittanbietern deaktiviert" ("package sources for thrid
party providers deactivated").

It turns out, that it has rewritten my Kubuntu PPAs in /etc/apt/
sources.list.d/ from "zesty" to "artful", and at the same time commented out
these lines:

# deb <a href="" title=""></a> artful main


# deb <a href="" title=""></a> artful main

How do I configure the new Kubuntu PPAs, for Artful?

Can you hear us

I'm reading.
​Pablo​ Carbonell

Re: Can you hear us

I'm reading.

Re: Can you hear us

I'm reading

RE: Can you hear us

i'm reading

I'm reading

I'm reading

Re: can you hear us

I am reading.



Can you hear us (Jonathan Aqulina)

I hear you. Long time list follower here.

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Re: Can you hear us

No I can't hear you as I have my headphones on

SYSTEM > Applications seemingly correctly set. However, sometimes still BlueFish gets launched instead of Firefox.

Hello Everybody.

At present, I am using a 64 bit version of Kubuntu 16.04 along with KDE Plasma
version 5.8.8 at a Lenovo X220. KDE Plasma 5.8.8 has come here via the regular
backport ppa.

Now my question. Till recently, various applications throughout my system used
to launch Bluefish instead of Firefox, when clicking at a link that should lead
to some website. I have changed the system settings as summarised below and
restarted my system several times. In most of the cases, I get Firefox now
when clicking at some website link in some application. That is OK.

Help with Promotion and Marketing

Kubuntu needs you !

The Kubuntu Council need your help to extend our active community.

Bad memory/swap management in 17.10?

Under memory pressure the machine becomes totally unresponsive (with the
hard disk light constantly lit up due to heavy swapping, I suppose),
until I reset it (once I waited up to an hour to see if it recovered
with no luck).
It happens often enough that it's becoming annoying.

Before the upgrade to 17.10, the same workload (see below) didn't cause
the lock-up: the machine would be unresponsive for a short while (a few
seconds) but then it recovered and was usable again.

I have 8GB of memory, one virtualbox virtual machine with 3.5GB
assigned, firefox, thunderbird and the plas

17.10 font hinting broken?

I just upgraded to 17.10[*] and, as every time I upgrade, the fonts
sucks: I like my fonts crisp, so I hate antialiasing at the normal font
OTOH without aliasing most fonts have bad hinting and look awful, so I
use fonts with good hinting (msttcorefonts), aliasing disabled between 8
and 15 points and full hinting.
This usually fixes the problem with bad fonts, but this time it doesn't:
it seems that it doesn't do hinting at all and the fonts are badly
rendered (just like they usually do with the autohinter).

I tried both using the kde fonts settings (which writes

After upgrade 17.10 Telepathy no longer connect to google

After I upgraded from Kubuntu 17.04 to 17.10 telepathy would no longer
connect to my Google Account. So I deleted the account and tried to add
it back. When I go to add I either through Telepathy or System Setting
-> Online Accounts I get a dialog box that says: There was an error
while trying to process the request: userActionFinished error: 2.

Thank you,


Minutes from 'Growing our Community, and Onboarding new people' meeting

The council discussed the following

*1 - How do we reach out to the community currently ?*

ML, IRC, Ubuntu Forum, ( The Forums don't work well for Kubuntu, the
community there can be rude. Not worth investing

Social Media - need to recruit people who like it. Facebook page is pretty
awful, folks ask support but no one responds.

unable to install outstanding updates for my new K14.04 LTS

Can anyone help-
Upgraded K12.04 LTS to K14.04 LTS


I checked my software&updates icon see attached and I clicked and
other software and I noticed
that some parameters were disabled on upgrade K12.04 to K14.04, so I
tried a click in the box
of “disabled on upgrade to TRUSTY trusty”, it then updated the cache
and was able to install
those two outstanding updates I send a copy of, then when I checked
“history” thru Muon
software centre it showed that Firefox 56.0 was installed, even
thought I have f/f 51.1.0
locked?, should I also ticked the remaining disabled parameters that

17.04 Terminal

I created some space on my laptops hard drive and installed 17.04. In
16.04 the graphics were a complete disaster. Running 17.04 from DVD
seemed ok so....................

Anyway, I was using terminal to install something and it asks for
password, goes through a lot of stuff, then tells me it will take x
amount of space. Generally at this point I expect  something about
continue. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Just sits there. Been sitting there better
than an hour so far. Any ideas?

By the way, this is an HP media laptop. AMD quad core. Eight gigs memory

Re: Fwd: kernel updates for k12.04+k14.04


thanks for that I will look into it, but at the moment I followed your
instructions about the gtk3 and changed
to default , in my Bkup k14.04 disk, and shows the tabs with listing
about site in tab, so will use this at
the moment until if find the correct answer, so again Thanks,
also do you anything about ubuntu-tweak, which I have carried over
from my k12.04 to
k14.04 as wondering if I can use the computer janitor in this to remove the old
Linux-pae, see attached?


On 9/30/17, Nils Kassube < ... at gmx dot net> wrote:

17.10 network changes

Does anyone have a clue as to what changes were made to network setup in
Artful??   I've been using static IP addresses within my network for
years but now the system seems to be ignoring anything in the
/etc/network/interfaces  file.   And networking.service  is gone which
would be ok if everything else worked...

All I can get is a DHCP address from within my network.  Been looking at
documentation for any changes to networking but haven't found any yet.

Any help would be appreciated....

hipchat4 broke this week on kubuntu 17.10

hipchat's main window is blank as of an update I pulled mid week. I don't think
the hipchat package changed.

This is running on a thinkpad t-470 laptop

David Lang

Arduino menus too long for screen

Thank you for reading this.

After many years of inactivity I've decided to have a play with the
Arduino IDE. In the meantime I've bought an old Lenovo Thinkpad laptop
after my desktop computer died.

The problem is that the Arduino menus run off the bottom of the screen
which means that I cannot select items beyond a certain point. The menus
don't scroll up to reveal the remaining items, but I don't think they
ever did.

If I change the screen orientation to portrait then I can see more of
the menu items but the narrower screen brings up more problems.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

kernel updates for k12.04

Anyone 9/9/2017...

my system comes up with next kernel update but does not shows
in Muon update,as my kernel updates are at maximum?
so cause my kernel updates are full It wont du\o any updates?

see 2 attachments..

with the grub2-bootloader under system settings in the default entry shows-
Ubuntu with Linux and when I click the down button shows
down to-
Ubuntu with Linux, so if click the next tab "remove
old entries" will it remove that one or all.
all with that email I received from Alan Dacey on to specify how many kernels,
there is no /root/boo

intel_panel_fitter command not found

Hello all, I am running Kubuntu 14.04 on a Toshiba Satellite L675 (Intel
i3 380M, Ironlake).

I am trying to correct for overscan on the HDMI output of the laptop, so
I installed intel-gpu-tools in order to use the intel_panel_fitter
application. Unfortunately, while there is a man page installed for
intel_panel_fitter, running the command itself comes up with "command
not found".

Any ideas why intel_panel_fitter isn't found after installing


us-intl keyboard layout does not work in most appls


I have set, besides an US keyboard and US international keyboard via in
the kde interface that is

setxkbmap -model pc104 -layout us -variant intl

Or setxkbmap -query
setxkbmap -query
rules: evdev
model: pc104
layout: us,us
variant: ,intl


setxkbmap -query
rules: evdev
model: pc104
layout: us,us
variant: ,

In the past (that is the last 10 years) typing

"a--> ä

But not anymore now:
in konsole and in thunderbird

"a --> ¨a

However it works in xterm and in Libreoffice.

In GNU emacs typing
shift+ the key two keys to the right of L
I obtain

14.4.5 LTS upgrade problem on Fujitu SIEMENS Laptop


I just tried to automatically upgrade my daughter's ESPRIMO Mobile
U9200, which hasn't been used for about 2 years, to a recent Kubuntu

Grouping of processes in Task Manager

Since upgrading to Zesty, I've noticed a new issue with grouping of
tasks in the Task Manager.

I run many java applications. Three examples are Eclipse, Intellij
Idea, and Squirrel. Each has a launch script that ends up running
java with a variety of commandline options.

Since upgrading, these apps all end up in the same group in the task
manager. I've attached a screenshot to illustrate. It shows the task
manager after I click on the acorn icon which is the icon for
squirrel. Note that the other two applications grouped with it have
very different icons.

Can no longer run certain programs

Going to try this again.

I am unable to run certain programs after upgrading to 17.04.

Re: Shall we drop i386 / 32-bit? If you think no, please test

The lack of testers, the lack of bug reports, and the lack of response here seem to indicate that i386 users in our community are a rather tiny group. One that is likely shrinking even more.

The short lifespans of non-LTS releases do not help, either.

Can no longer run certain programs

Recently upgraded to Kubuntu 17.04 and I needed to reformat an SD card, but my
password was denied with the message:

Permission denied.
Possibly incorrect password, please try again.
On some systems, you need to be in a special group (often: wheel) to use this

It worked if I ran it from the command line with kdesu partitionmanager, so
why isn't it liking my password?

How to check KDE versions

Dear all,

I am on 16.04 with backports ppa enabled. I hade a huge chunk uf kde5
updates earlier.

So I wanted to check what version(s) I am now on. In the earlier version
you would just go "help" and "about" but that seems gone.

Anyone knows how to?

Kind regards,

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