hipchat4 broke this week on kubuntu 17.10

hipchat's main window is blank as of an update I pulled mid week. I don't think
the hipchat package changed.

This is running on a thinkpad t-470 laptop

David Lang

Arduino menus too long for screen

Thank you for reading this.

After many years of inactivity I've decided to have a play with the
Arduino IDE. In the meantime I've bought an old Lenovo Thinkpad laptop
after my desktop computer died.

The problem is that the Arduino menus run off the bottom of the screen
which means that I cannot select items beyond a certain point. The menus
don't scroll up to reveal the remaining items, but I don't think they
ever did.

If I change the screen orientation to portrait then I can see more of
the menu items but the narrower screen brings up more problems.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

kernel updates for k12.04

Anyone 9/9/2017...

my system comes up with next kernel update but does not shows
in Muon update,as my kernel updates are at maximum?
so cause my kernel updates are full It wont du\o any updates?

see 2 attachments..

with the grub2-bootloader under system settings in the default entry shows-
Ubuntu with Linux and when I click the down button shows
down to-
Ubuntu with Linux, so if click the next tab "remove
old entries" will it remove that one or all.
all with that email I received from Alan Dacey on to specify how many kernels,
there is no /root/boo

intel_panel_fitter command not found

Hello all, I am running Kubuntu 14.04 on a Toshiba Satellite L675 (Intel
i3 380M, Ironlake).

I am trying to correct for overscan on the HDMI output of the laptop, so
I installed intel-gpu-tools in order to use the intel_panel_fitter
application. Unfortunately, while there is a man page installed for
intel_panel_fitter, running the command itself comes up with "command
not found".

Any ideas why intel_panel_fitter isn't found after installing


us-intl keyboard layout does not work in most appls


I have set, besides an US keyboard and US international keyboard via in
the kde interface that is

setxkbmap -model pc104 -layout us -variant intl

Or setxkbmap -query
setxkbmap -query
rules: evdev
model: pc104
layout: us,us
variant: ,intl


setxkbmap -query
rules: evdev
model: pc104
layout: us,us
variant: ,

In the past (that is the last 10 years) typing

"a--> ä

But not anymore now:
in konsole and in thunderbird

"a --> ¨a

However it works in xterm and in Libreoffice.

In GNU emacs typing
shift+ the key two keys to the right of L
I obtain

14.4.5 LTS upgrade problem on Fujitu SIEMENS Laptop


I just tried to automatically upgrade my daughter's ESPRIMO Mobile
U9200, which hasn't been used for about 2 years, to a recent Kubuntu

Grouping of processes in Task Manager

Since upgrading to Zesty, I've noticed a new issue with grouping of
tasks in the Task Manager.

I run many java applications. Three examples are Eclipse, Intellij
Idea, and Squirrel. Each has a launch script that ends up running
java with a variety of commandline options.

Since upgrading, these apps all end up in the same group in the task
manager. I've attached a screenshot to illustrate. It shows the task
manager after I click on the acorn icon which is the icon for
squirrel. Note that the other two applications grouped with it have
very different icons.

Can no longer run certain programs

Going to try this again.

I am unable to run certain programs after upgrading to 17.04.

Re: Shall we drop i386 / 32-bit? If you think no, please test

The lack of testers, the lack of bug reports, and the lack of response here seem to indicate that i386 users in our community are a rather tiny group. One that is likely shrinking even more.

The short lifespans of non-LTS releases do not help, either.

Can no longer run certain programs

Recently upgraded to Kubuntu 17.04 and I needed to reformat an SD card, but my
password was denied with the message:

Permission denied.
Possibly incorrect password, please try again.
On some systems, you need to be in a special group (often: wheel) to use this

It worked if I ran it from the command line with kdesu partitionmanager, so
why isn't it liking my password?

How to check KDE versions

Dear all,

I am on 16.04 with backports ppa enabled. I hade a huge chunk uf kde5
updates earlier.

So I wanted to check what version(s) I am now on. In the earlier version
you would just go "help" and "about" but that seems gone.

Anyone knows how to?

Kind regards,

Can't boot to desktop after upgrade to 17.04

Upgraded to 17.04 yesterday and since then I have been unable to get to the
desktop unless I use the recovery mode. I have tried
apt -f install
dpkg --configure -a

Nothing seems to work.

Here is my Xorg.log <a href="" title=""></a>

Zesty is zippy!

Last week I upgraded my work desktop to zesty (17.04), and I must say
I am quite impressed. I don't have actual measurements, but it feels
much more responsive. With 16.10 I had the windows getting killed
overnight, and constant hiccups that I blamed on akonadi.

Since the upgrade, logging is faster, haven't noticed any UI pauses,
no windows killed overnight. :-D

So, good job Kubuntu and KDE teams.


Download file LibreOffice German dictionary: small mistake & "workaround".

Dear everybody from the Open Document Foundation Security Team.

(A copy of this message goes to the Kubuntu and Ubuntu user mailing lists.

Repeating keyboard keys

Thank you for reading this.

I have Kubuntu 17.04 installed on a MSI laptop. My raspberry pi is my main computer but I sometimes have a need for the laptop. Within the last couple of weeks a fault within Kububtu is causing the keyboard keys to repeat. It's as if the key is stuck down and nothing will correct the situation other than a reboot.

The fault occurs randomly and it's not the same key that repeats. The laptop also has Windows installed and the repeating key problem does not occur under Windows.

cannot upload to MTP phone

Hi all,
I cannot paste files from dolphin into the storage of my mobile phone
(samsung galaxy j3) connected via MTP (all the folders are not
However I can download content from the phone (e.g., images).
Any idea?


% lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 16.10
Release: 16.10
Codename: yakkety

Is it possible to copy sysinfo from KInfocentre?

Hello Everybody.

Is it possible to copy system info from KInfocentre?


Bas G. Roufs.

Re: kde neon, last update: packages have been kept back:

You are using Kubuntu ppas with KDE Neon. The ppa packages are causing conflicts with Neon's packages. 
You'll need to remove the Kubuntu ppas from your KDE Neon system to fix this. They are completely unnecessary.

Clay Weber
------ Original message------From: Stefan FuhrmannDate: Tue, May 16, 2017 10:53 AMTo: kubuntu- ... at lists dot;Cc: Subject:kde neon, last update: packages have been kept back:
Hello all,since some weeks Im using kde neon. Earlier updates ran without a problem.

kde neon, last update: packages have been kept back:

Hello all,

since some weeks Im using kde neon. Earlier updates ran without a problem.

Laptop touchpad buttons stopped working

The touchpad buttons on my daughter's laptop running Kubuntu 16.10, but I am
also unable to click on anything using a USB or Bluetooth mouse either. I have
even tried a live USB of 17.04, but nothing is working.

Sounds like a hardware problem, but why don't USB or Bluetooth mouses work

Kwallet gone bonkers

Dear all,

suddenly and most unwanted kwallet has decided to go offline. No wallet
can be opened. I have tried open a fresh wallet. No such luck

I have searched high and low on internet but all the clues are like
"disable/enable" and that does nothing for me

Any ideas are welcome as I getting desperate here

Kind regards

Calendar files

I have Kubuntu 17.04. My KOrganizer Has a file showing for Birthdays.
How can I fill in the dates in this file? The KOrganizer has a file
"Personal Calendar" and another "Birthdays and Anniversaries" . Is there
a way I can MANUALLY enter these dates. I do not have the dates except
in Webtrees so I cannot Import them.
Thanks for any help.
Richard Barmann

Mount points

Why does Kunbutu 16.04 LTS make the mount point for my DATA partition /media/
jerry/DATA when fstab says it should be /DATA? Kubuntu 14.04 LTS doesn't do


Upgrade issue

do-release-upgrade is not finding the latest version
I have libre kernel installed in 16.10. Can that be a reason?

Thanks and Best

A Mani

Prof(Miss) A Mani
HomePage: <a href="" title=""></a>
Blog: <a href="" title=""></a>
sip: ... at ekiga dot net

Bounced off list

I'm not receiving mail from this list due to my ISP bouncing my mail again. I don't remember who, at Kubuntu, I contacted previously to have this problem resolved.

systemd-resolved problem


After the upgrade 17.04, the resolver stop using the dns servers
configured by DHCP.

Bug in Dolphin with create folder menu option


In the localized version of Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS located strange bug.
Dolphin in create folder mode show two options "Create folder" and
translated create folder "Создать папку".

Screen-shot link:
<a href="" title=""></a>

English version menu item on selection crashed Dolphin, but localized
version work fine. How can i fix this?

With best regards,
Chernousov Anton (<a href="" title=""></a>)

Can mount cifs share

Hi all,

I am trying to access a cifs share but I always have the same error:

#sudo mount -o username=teste,uid=teste,gid=teste // zfs02 / images / mnt
#mount error (13): Permission denied
#Refer to the mount.cifs (8) manual page (eg man mount.cifs)

I've tried several options, domain=dominio, noperm,
username=domain\\teste, all with the same result.
If I use the dolphin to access I have no problems.

I have more cifs mounts on this machine with no problems.

Startup scripts not running on 16.10

Hi all,

I just upgraded to 16.10. Now I find some (not all) startup scripts are not
executed on a reboot. Specifically for me, Samba (smbd/nmbd) and
arno-iptables-firewall. I haven't found an obvious reason yet, still
looking. Anyone else see this behavior or know where to look?

Thanks in advance,

Kontact crashes often when trying to select an addressee via the address book, for a mail sent via Kmail.

Hello Everybody.

Today, Tuesday 7 March 2017, I have submitted bug nr. 377338 at

Kontact crashes often when trying to select an addressee via the address book,
for a mail sent via Kmail.

Please, check the details here:

<a href="" title=""></a>

I need to restart and retry several times before I can pick an address from
there and send the mail.

In the bug report, you can find three .txt files. Each file is a report generated
by the command line, after starting Kmail from there.

Re: kmail doesn't show email or headers

Actually the user's kmailrc will be in ~/.config or possibly ~/.local/share . the local user config takes precedence over any system wide default settings.

Clay Weber
------ Original message------From: Charles T. BellDate: Tue, Feb 28, 2017 11:30 PMTo: kubuntu- ... at lists dot;Cc: Subject:Re: kmail doesn't show email or headers

Update question


Does anybody else have issues with connecting to ""
or is it just me?

sudo apt update
Get:1 <a href="" title=""></a> xenial-security InRelease [102 kB]
Hit:2 <a href="" title=""></a> xenial
Hit:3 <a href="" title=""></a> xenial InRelease
Ign:5 <a href="" title=""></a> wily InRelease
Ign:6 <a href="" title=""></a> stable InRelease
Hit:7 <a href="" title=""></a> xenial
Hit:8 <a href="" title=""></a> squeeze InReleas

kmail doesn't show email or headers

My dad called me this morning in a panic with this problem and I was
unable to help him. I hope someone here knows the answer.

He uses kontact and kmail for his email, and has for around 15 years.
I'm pretty sure he's running 16.04, the latest LTS Kubuntu.

He has many mail folders, which he can see fine in kmail. But
clicking on one does not display the contents at all. Neither the
headers nor any contents display.

He usually has a 3 panel view with the folders down the left side, the
headers at the top of the right side, and the message contents at the
bottom of the right side.

DVB-T2 receiver not recognized in Kubuntu 16.04.2


in case this is off topic, feel free to inform me of a suitable
alternate mailing list.

I've tried in vain to get a TechnoTrend TT-connect CT2-4650 CI (V1.1)
USB DVB-T2 receiver up and running on my 64 bit Kubuntu 16.04.2
(upgraded from 16.04.1).

As there native support seems to be missing in 4.4 kernels, I have
followed the instructions on
<a href="" title=""></a>
and installed both <a href="" title=""></a>
and the firmware /lib/firmware/dvb-demod-si2168-b40-01.fw

Yet, the only reports (after reboot and connect

kmail can't send to group

Somehow my kmail has lost the ability to send to a group. I created a
group in my address book named "parents" with my parents' email
addresses in it.

Then, when I compose a new mail and address it to "parents" I am
unable to send the email. Kmail puts up an error dialoge saying:
The email address you entered is not valid because it does not contain
a '.'.

kde login screen freezes at around 56%

Hi all,
this happened twice to my laptop: kubuntu 16.10, amd64, plain install.
It worked for a couple of months than the kde login screen (progress
bar) freezes at 56% (I got the above from a console) and I'm unable to
do the login.
I reinstalled the distro, and after a couple of weeks, it happened again.
The kde init process seems blocked somewhere (again, I inspect with
top and alike from a terminal). Booting in single mode does not result
in any help.
Any idea on how to investigate/fix?


I know there are too few details, but I need some hint on how to get more

KDE Plasma upgrade


Happy New Year everybody.

Does anybody know if KDE Plasma will be upgraded to 5.6.x / 5.7.x /
5.8.x on Kubuntu 16.04 sometime, or will it stay on 5.5.x?

Also has anybody has issues or success when using
ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports to upgrade to 5.8.x.


panel unhide slow after virtual desktop change

My 16.10 kubuntu system is currently in state where hidden panels
unhide slowly (>5 seconds and possibly proportional to the number of
desktops I change through... I saw a 30 second delay once) after I
change virtual desktops. It's currently reproducible but I suspect a
logout and login would fix it because I'm pretty sure I would have
noticed this behavior before this if it happened all of the time.

No virtual desktop config in System Settings->Desktop Behavior


I am running Ubuntu 16.10 (64 bit) with KDE (I first installed Ubuntu
and then the KDE environment due to some installation problem with the
kubuntu iso). When I open the Desktop Behavior entry under System
Settings, I don't have an option to configure Virtual Desktops from my
user account that I have been using under 16.04 and older.

Kontact often crashes when switching to another tab. How best to create a useful bug report?

Hello Everybody.

Kontact at Kubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial) still has some points of attention.
Here, I deal with just one of them. The package often crashes when switching
from the list of e-mails to another tab. Especially a switch to Contacts,
Calendar or To-Do ends up in a crash. Is there any fix or workaround?

At present, my laptop is running on a 32 bits version of Kubuntu 16.04 LTS
along with KDE Plasma 5.8.4. My laptop is an old Asus Eee PC 1001 HA, with 2
processors of 1.6 Ghz each, 2 GiB RAM. It works with a new 500 GB SSD (Samsung


Does anyone know if the Kube mail project is still alive. I am having
such headaches with Kmail I am looking for something else.

Kind regards,

Dead keys not working in LibreOffice @ Kubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Hello Everybody.

At a fresh install of Kubuntu 16.04 LTS along with KDE Plasma 5.6.5 (via the
backports), I stumbled upon bug nr. 71437 at Bugzilla for LibreOffice:
<a href="" title=""></a>

In one phrase: dead keys are not working in LibreOffice applications like writer
or calc. I refer to LibreOffice version Dead keys DO work in ALL OTHER
applications. I am using the keyboard "USA International". A character like ?
is no problem in most of the applications. They same applies for e.g.

zesty installation fails (2016-12-16 image)

zesty installation fails (2016-12-16 image)

bug report:
<a href="" title=""></a>

High end Radeon video cards

Is there any hope of ever having decent drivers for high end Radeon
video cards?

The standard drivers for 16.04 completely suck.

Cannot copy files and folders from laptop (Kubuntu 16.04) to micro SD from my mobile phone (Android 5.1.1.).

Hello Everybody.

Ever since yesterday, I have been trying to copy files and folders from my
laptop to the micro SD at my mobile - no success so far. Copying/ backing up
from there to the laptop is no problem, but the other way around is seemingly
not possible.

The laptop uses at present Kubuntu 16.04 along with KDE 5.6.5. The mobile
phone is a Samsung S5 Mini running on Android 5.1.1

First of all, I have tried the traditional method - connection between laptop
and mobile via a USB cable. In Kubuntu 14.04 and previous versions, this
worked out of the box.

How to access my Gmail calendar/ agenda and "to do list" at Kontact along with KDE 5/ Kubuntu 16; 04?

Hello everybody.

Recently, I transferred from Kubuntu 14.04 LTS along with KDE 4 to Kubuntu
16.04 LTS along with KDE 5. To be honest, it is a bumpy transfer so far. Only
after some trial, error and clicking, I managed to find out how to find out how
to connect my gmail address book to Kontact - the procedure is a bit different
apparently compared to Kubuntu 14.04/ KDE 4.

However, I do not yet manage to find out how to "add" my Gmail agenda/ calendar
to Kontact @ KDE 5 - also there, the procedures differ apparently from those
in Kontact along with KDE 4.

Problems at Kontact @ KDE 5/ Kubuntu 16.04. Can anybody help?!

Hello Everybody.

At present, I am experiencing some problems with Kontact @ Kubuntu 16.04 along with
KDE 5.

Let's start with the most urgent one. I do not manage so far to find out how access my
Gmail address book and calendar. Until version 14.04, this was no problem - I installed
akonadi-kde-resource-googledata and went to System Settings > Personal or something
like that. However, here at Kubuntu 16.04,akonadi-kde-resource-googledata is not in the
repo any more. Via Settings > Accounts, I activitated Google here at 16.04.

Kubuntu installation - not compatible with older BIOS

i tried Kubuntu 17.04 installation but grub/boot sector is not compatible
with older BIOS it keep hanging...

- how dow kubuntu write grub/boot sector?
- is there a way to use grub/boot sector that works fo all PC's ?

Last Kubuntu using KDE4?

Hello list, I would like to install Kubuntu on one of my machines, but I
am not a fan of Plasma5. Because of this, I am wondering what the last
version of Kubuntu is that is based on KDE4 (ideally an LTS version).

Thanks for your help!


Solved - Fingerprint Reader

Not a solution I really wanted but............

Save all the important bits to the second hard drive, remove partition,
create new partition and fresh install.

Errors during upgrade from 16.04 to 16.10

Hi All

after having run the upgrade manager, it freezed before installing all the

Luckily, my system still works but I get some errors which I'm not able to
solve by myself, and some features are lost.

Remove NetworkManager


I just wanted to remove NetworkManager because it was interfering (once
more) with manual setting of my connection in case I needed to change
the DHCP server temporarily and I just...

want to be able to use "ip addr" myself and it interferes with that.

However after removing the service and the package I still get

I also uninstalled dnsmasq.

There is still some dhclient process being started by something and I
don't know what, leading to /usr/lib/NetworkManager/.....

Plasma started crashing

So I an an update today but now that I think of it I also exchanged a
graphics card (same driver, no driver exchange).

I don't know which is which at this point but plasmashell crashes about 10
times per hour.

I assume it is going to be the graphics card. Makes KDE nigh unusable
though. One problem gone (the tearing with the other card) a new one
arises (I have had another card in there, so of the say 3 cards in my
possession from nVidia, 2 don't work. And this is just a very new card,
nVidia GTX 950).

It doesn't get much better does it...

Invitație: Kubuntu Vision - Part 2 - mar. 8 nov. 23:00 - mie. 9 nov. 2016 00:00 (EET) (

Ați fost invitat(ă) la următorul eveniment.

Titlu: Kubuntu Vision - Part 2
Initiated by Ovidiu-Florin BOGDAN

- Rik Mills
- Ovidiu-Florin BOGDAN
- Aaron Honeycutt
- Simon Quigley
- Valorie Zimmerman
- Rick Timmis

<a href="" title=""></a>
Când: mar. 8 nov. 23:00 – mie. 9 nov.

Finger print reader

I decided enough time had passed to upgrade my laptop to 16.04.

My laptop has a finger print reader. In the past it has never asked for
a fingerprint to boot but now it does. I enter the password but it
demands a finger print. It says either the password or finger print.

Any ideas how to bypass this step when booting?

Ubuntu 16.10 Doesn't Reboot


I have an issue with Ubuntu 16.10 when I select reboot from the KDE
launcher or from the Gnome title bar, in that the Ubuntu boot graphic
flashes on the screen briefly and switches my monitor into power saving
mode but never reboots, I have to press the reset button on my desktop
pc to do the reboot. Has anybody seen this behaviour before and have an
idea what is required to rectify this?




Good morning,

I was trying unsuccesfuly to start a VPN L2TP connection using Network
manager. After I try to make the connection the following message appears:

"The VPN service 'org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.l2tp' was not installed."

I googled a bit, but not really meaningful solution is available (at least not
so easy one then compiling from scratch which is a bit too much for me).

I would appreciate any help on that. Running Kubuntu 16.04.1 with all updates,
KDE Plasma 5.6.5.



Kubuntu PPA doesn't work


Of the two Kununtu PPAs, one doesn't work for me:

~ % apt update
OK:1 <a href="" title=""></a> xenial InRelease
Holen:2 <a href="" title=""></a> xenial-updates InRelease [95,7 kB]
OK:3 <a href="" title=""></a> xenial-security InRelease
OK:4 <a href="" title=""></a> xenial InRelease
Ign:5 <a href="" title=""></a> xenial InRelease
OK:6 <a href="" title=""></a> xenial-backports In

kde-telepathy can't load module

Hello list,

i'm trying to add a jabber account to my instant messaging telepathy. But
after clicking on the add button i'm getting: "The module
ktpaccountskcm_plugin_kaccounts can't be loaded. Please check your

Does anyone knows how to fix this?


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