battery capacity dropping fast


Re: battery capacity dropping fast

By Bruce Marshall at 02/06/2019 - 14:59

More information please.... and stop with the threat. We’re here to help.

I have a big issue, it's been a week since I'm using Kubuntu and my battery capacity has dropped from 86% to 83%. If this problem persists I might have to go back to Windows​.

Re: battery capacity dropping fast

By Teimuraz Abashidze at 02/07/2019 - 10:46

I confirm. I've got the same issue with Kubuntu 18.04 on two different
laptops. I've even changed battery on one of them, as it was old and it
went to 10% during one month or so. That was HP EliteBook 8530p. After
change in some days the same situation started with new battery. I thought
the reason was bad quatity of battery - it's some chinese one from Amazon.

Then I've got another laptop - Lenovo T420 (second hand of course), I've
removed HDD with windows7 and replaced it with the HDD from older laptop.
After one week of use I've mentioned that green circle which shows battery
condition got thin black line in the middle. Now it says "Fully charged
97%" :(

Both old and "new" laptop are always connected to AC power, except some
rare and short situations. I never use hibernation, just because it doesn't
work neithe on HP nor on Lenovo, bit usually I use Suspend.

Currently I use LXQT instead of KDE which eats too much memory and CPU.

This installation is upgrade from 16.04 with do-release-upgrade command.

If you'll have any further questions, I'll be happy to help.

Re: battery capacity dropping fast

By Cody Smith at 02/06/2019 - 18:28

Do you keep the laptop on the charger most of the time? Do you not let it
hibernate? Those are the kinds of details he's asking for.