Kppp fig files for K18.04.3 for dialup

Hi can anyone help with the below-

have recently Installed K18.04.3 on a new 160gb sata drive and
cloned all my info from my K14.04, as a test I want to make sure that
I can use dialup with the new system, but having
problems with Kppp. I have inserted the parameters thru the start
window in Kppp when I click on the Kppp icon, and it dials the modem
but gets to where it says connection in the log window ,then dies.
Have been advised to change the "#noauth",remove the #" in /etc/ppp/peers/kppp"
but cant find a file ,as can only edit thru "sudo nano" as "Kate"
can't execute.
So does anyone know where the config files
for Kppp are stored for me to adjust, hope some one can help?