A Problem With GIMP

Using kubuntu 16.04.

When trying to use GIMP, there are little text windows that
appear to identify what various symbols, and some drop down
menu items are. Unfortunately, the text, and the background
colors are so close, if not identical, that they can't be

Oh, and before I forget, the kpatience solitare game will
download various card designs, but won't let you use them.



Re: A Problem With GIMP

By Nils Kassube at 07/07/2018 - 13:51

Bill Vance wrote:
Some time ago I found a solution to a similar question:
Start systemsettings, go to "Application Appearence" -> "GTK". Change
the selection for GTK3 Theme from oxygen-gtk to something else and click
the "Apply" button.

I'm not sure if that helps in your case as well because that was for
14.04. I don't have a 16.04 system to try it there.


Re: A Problem With GIMP

By Bill Vance at 07/08/2018 - 07:10


In 16.04 it's Application Style -> GNOME Application Style (GTK).

I had to play with it for a while, but It eventually started working.
In, "GTK Themes", I selected, the GTK2 theme, "oxygen-gtk", and in
GTK3, "Default". Below that in Icon Themes, a Fallback Theme of,
"GNOME". I'm not sure which of the three, or combo did the trick,
but it's now working properly.

Now if only I could get a deck of cards that wasn't designed by
an insect with 1000 lens eyes. :-)