Release Candidate (and testable!) Disco Dingo builds ready to test (hint hint!)


Disco Final builds should now be available on the ISO QA tracker[1].
These builds are not final. We're still waiting on a few more fixes, a
few things to migrate, etc. Neither base-files or the ISO labels are
updated yet, so please don't file bugs about those.

What there are, however, are "close enough" for people to be testing in
anger, filing bugs, fixing bugs, iterating image builds, and testing all
over again. So, please, don't wait until Wednesday night to test,
testing just before release is *TOO* *LATE* to get anything fixed. Get
out there, grab your favorite ISO (if you don't have a favorite, grab
them all), beat it up, find bugs, report bugs, escalate bugs, fix bugs,
respin (if you're a flavor lead with access), and test, test... And
test. Did I mention testing? Please[2] test.

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>
[2] Please. Pretty please?