New laptop derecommendations

I'm looking for a new laptop.

I am NOT looking for recommendations (but if you have them, by all means
send them directly to my email address) because I suspect one or other
variant of Ubuntu will run on pretty much all modern laptops.

What I am looking for is warnings: DON'T use XYZ laptops because...

Knowing what to avoid is probably more useful than knowing what to
choose from, and I already have a checklist of things it MUST have.

I have been using an ancient but reliable Dell Latitude D810 through
many versions and distros of Ubuntu.

shell pipe "loses" parts of the data, was: help needed to debug Perl script

Hello all, again

(sorry, this is a bit long, but it can't be helped)

in another thread today, I wrote how a Perl script I had been using
for weeks without problems had suddenly started to drive me mad, losing
~80% of the data it was supposed to print.

Basically the script was telling me "I have built a hash with ~26K keys,
and now I am going to print them all, one per line", but instead of ~26k
lines of data, it would only print ~4700.

OT: help needed to debug Perl script


A few weeks ago I quickly put together a Perl script to parse big CSV
files, for a project I am working on (I need to do this several times a
day, always with new data).

Install a printer driver


I am having problems with getting a Brother MFC-J485DW printer to work
with Linux.  I am using Mint - Rebeca and the Mate desktop.

I deleted the profile for my old printer and then connected the printer
to my computer with a USB cable.  When I turned the printer on a pop-up
window said that "No printer driver for Brother MFC-J485D.  (It is
obvious that there is some communications between the printer and the
computer.) I clicked on the "search" button.
A new pop-up window that gave three choices 1. Select printer from
database  2. Provide PPD file and 3.

Restrictions with iptables

I need to restrict telnet/ssh access for a user account on my ubuntu
16.04.5 to devices on a particular network but they should be able to
access the entire WWW.


Restrictions with iptables

I need to restrict telnet/ssh access for a user account on my ubuntu
16.04.5 to devices on a particular network but they should be able to
access the entire WWW.


Cannot run a program at boot that uses a serial device

I have a couple of Python programs that will no
longer start at boot time.  This was working until
yesterday afternoon just after a did a reboot.
There haven't been any changes to either program,
but I did do an update (upgrade and dist-upgrade)
a few days ago. I cannot recall if I did a reboot
at the time though. I'm guessing that I did not do
the reboot until yesterday and that my problem
might be due to the upgrade.  Using systemctl
status command revealed that  USB serial device
could not be found which caused the abort.

What are the differences between systemd and non-systemd Linux distros?

Good afternoon from Singapore,

What are the differences between systemd and non-systemd Linux distros?

Is systemd implemented in all the latest Linux distros?

Please advise. Thank you.

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18.04 has no support for my printer

Hello Ubuntu Support

18.04 looks good until I discover that I cannot print. Your advice will be
a huge relief.
Maybe I could restore files from 16.04 backup but have no idea which files
I would need?

I have added some lines from the HP diagnose utility that may be helpful?

Self Diagnose Utility and Healing Utility ver. 1.0
HP Linux Imaging and Printing System (ver.

18.04 has no support for my printer

Hello Ubuntu Support

18.04 looks good until I discover that I cannot print. Your advice will
be a huge relief.
Maybe I could restore files from 16.04 backup but have no idea which
files I would need?

I have added some lines from the HP diagnose utility that may be

Self Diagnose Utility and Healing Utility ver. 1.0
HP Linux Imaging and Printing System (ver. 3.17.10)
warning: 12-18.04 version is not supported.

File Manager with Operation History?

Are there any file managers supporting recording the opertion
history, which maybe looks like:

2018/10/01 Mon 08:46 MV ~/Download/zoo.mp4 => ~/family/zoo.mp4
2018/10/01 Mon 08:50 RM ~/Download/economist.pdf
2018/10/01 Mon 08:55 CP ~/Mail/yanhh0/92 => /media/samsung/

I did a search found nothing. If there is no such thing I will spend
next Saturday implementing one and make a PR to PCManFM.

Many thanks.

Desktop brief anomaly


Ubuntu has just behaved very strangely. I booted my computer, logged in and
all my desktop icons had disappeared.

I thought that was strange, went into Firefox and started using it.
Suddenly, without warning, I was logged out and facing the login screen.

Logged back in again and the desktop icons were back again and now I'm back
in Firefox, passing on this message.



no sound after installing new main board

hi there

I installed a new main board.

Now I have no more sound (the Bluetooth headset still works)

Any idea what do do to proceed.

Here is a file with output an alsa test utility created:

<a href="" title=""></a>

m4a/aac file formats


I have a new MP3/AAC player with some problems reading the metadata on
some of the m4a files, so they come up "Unknown Artist" and "Unknown
Album", even though I've made sure the tags are correct using easytag.

The file command gives
ISO Media, MP4 v2 [ISO 14496-14]
for the ones the player handles correctly, and
ISO Media, Apple iTunes ALAC/AAC-LC (.M4A) Audio
for the ones the player mangles.

I may have ripped some of the files with grip a few years ago, but the
recent ones are all ripped from CDs using abcde.

changing default grub entry??

Hi sisters & brothers in unbuntu

I swaped my motherboard in a 16.04 box with 5 disks.

Now the boot sequence has changed.

I would like to have the 9th entry of the list that is displayed when I boot, to
be default.

this is what I tried (and failed):

1. in /etc/default/grub

    GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR=`lsb_release -i -s 2> /dev/null || echo Debian`

How do I disable hot key combinations

How do I disable what I believe are named hot key combinations?

I am using UbuntuMATE linux 16.04.x, and, I can be typing text into a
form, and then, a half hour or so, of text typed in, suddenly
disappears and the screen hanges to show that something has happened,
and I am not sure what has happened.

I am losing about an hour's typing, each day, because of whatever is
happening, and, I am assuming that it is due to some inadvertent and
unwitting key combination.

The mouse keeps bringing up menu's in web pages, when it is not
supposed to be doing that, but that is another problem.

Hibernate 18.04


Or maybe more accurately "Resume" after Hibernate

I've Googled (& DuckDuckGo'ed) for an answer that works, all tests of "if
hibernate should work" are positive

I could Hibernate & resume under 16.04 and the dual booted Win7, but didn't as
that screws access from Ubuntu to Win partition (as win cant read Ubuntu...)

Since I upgraded to 18.04 it stopped working, Hibernate does close down but
after re-boot it's just like a clean cold boot

Samsung NP N110 netbook (if that helps)

'Emacs style' delete line shortcut (CTRL/U) doesn't work correctly in Firefox

I have the 'Emacs style' keyboard shortcuts enabled on my [x]ubuntu
18.04 systems. The shortcut I use most often is the (not really
Emacs) CTRL/U for deleting a line of text.

This should delete the whole line of text even if the cursor isn't
placed at the end of the line. It *does* do this in other GUIs but in
Firefox it just deletes from the cursor to the start of the line.
This makes the shortcut much less useful as it means I need to move
the cursor to delete the line and this means I have to use the touchpad
or mouse.

who maintains mailman 2.1 for ubuntu 18.04.1?

I installed webmin-virtualmin-mailman and mailman in that order. I
have a problem with the installation and asked on the mailman list and
was referred to the maintainer of the distribution's version. I don't
know a) who that is or b) how to find out (apart from asking here).



Keyboard re-mapping OOps sorry

Apologies for the aborted post:

I'm trying to remap some of the keys on my keyboard.

Keyboard re-mapping

I'm trying to remap some of the keys on my keyboard.

Are these instructions meant to be executed on Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS?

Good afternoon from Singapore,

I came across this Linux Journal article titled "DIY: Build a Custom Minimal Linux Distribution from Source", written by Petros Koutoupis.

Are the instructions in this article meant to be executed with ease on Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS or perhaps easier on other Linux distros?

Please advise.

Which project should I use to submit sleep / power management bugs with ubuntu-bug?

Hi there folks.

I'm running Ubuntu 18.10 beta on my Alienware 17 R5 and I want to report
a bug about the fact that if the machine goes to sleep it won't come
back and I need to power cycle it.
I thought maybe Xorg but that path leads nowhere as there are no options
for power management.
Any suggestions anyone?

Thanks in advance!


Excessive Logging problem in /var/log

Dear all Ubuntu Users and developers,

I have a problem. More than 4G in this directory
*******@***:~$ sudo du --summarize -h /var/log
4.2G /var/log

Then I deleted most of the logging files with sudo rm /var/log/* and restarted the computer.

Software Updater broken on 16.04.x


On one of my computers running UbuntuMATE 16.04.x, the Software
Updater shows "Updated software is available for this computer. ..."
and "323.1MB will be downloaded.".

But, it now does not display a (selectable/deselectable) list of what
packages are to be downloaded/updated/installed/removed/changed.

This also occurs after the computer is rebooted.

I am not aware of any setting to conceal what packages are to be changed.

What is happening?

Release-upgrade broke internet connection


The hint, that /etc/resolv.conf should probably point to
/run/systemd/resolve/resolv.conf was correct. The connection is back.

Now, my desktop (after being online again) sucks all the mail from my
mail provider, and places it in my local IMAP server (Dovecot). Which
doesn't work yet. There are problems with kmail. So, at the moment, I
don't have a working email connection any more. (Last, I've used a
webmail interface).

I have to repair my mail connection, before I can answer any mail.

Bye, and thanks for that hint!


Re: release upgrade breaks internet and other things

03 October 2018 at 19:25, Volker Wysk wrote:
release upgrade breaks internet and (at least in part)

Do/did you connect voa WiFi?

If so try to re-connect to your router (delete and remake that connection)

release upgrade breaks internet and other things


I've done a do-release-upgrade on my 16.04 LTS system. This has broken
the internet connection, and more. I get immediate "unknown host"
errors when I ping to any host. When I lookup an adress in Firefox, I
get a "Page not found, The connection to the server ... failed."

Sorry, I don't know how to troubleshoot this connection problem.

Where should I look..?

Should i even look, or would it be easier to reinstall everything in a
new 18.04.1 system from scratch? (This would be quite a few things.)


Openbox quite messed up on Ubuntu 16.04, need sample config files..

..or so it seems on my own computer, at least.

I used openbox a lot years ago, customizing it with pipe menus and other
stuff as I needed, then migrated to other window managers. This week I
wanted to try it again, so installed openbox, obmenu etc.. but:

the openbox root menu is almost empty, and I haven't found any
*working* way to make it display the same menus of applications that
kde, enlightenment etc...

evolution error on first start

I've installed evolution and on first running it, from a terminal, I

(evolution:3870): e-data-server-WARNING **: e_module_load_all_in_directory: Error opening directory '/usr/lib/evolution-data-server/credential-modules': No such file or directory

I've looked in /usr/lib/evolution-data-server/ and sure enough there
isn't a file or directory called credential-modules. I'm not surprised
in a way because I haven't provided any credentials. My understanding
is that a first run wizard will start up to solicit such information
but this has not happened. Ideas?


D does $z$, c ft b hood, yxy go cc guys café vgbcfrgtix


I am running Ubuntu 18.04.1 with no customizations

Where did the settings get move to as they are no longer on the settings icon?

Yesterday I had the system set up the way I wanted it. An update was done and
now today the configuration of the monitors has changed. I went to settings to
change it back to the way I wanted and the settings are no longer there. I
also want to change the settings for system updates but they also seem to have
been moved somewhere else.

This is reminding me of MS where every update they change where things are
located and do not care about the users.

Why does Ubuntu 18.04 doesn't create multiple BTRFS subvolumes anymore during installation by default?

Hi all,

during installation of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Server I could choose manual
partitioning and create a /-partition using BTRFS. The installer
automatically mapped that to creating one subvolume called @ for /
itself and and another one called @home for /home.

That doesn't seem to be the case anymore for UB 18.04 LTS Server, I
only managed to get one BTRFS subvolume for / itself if I only create
one partition.

I can mount hfs usb drive only as root


I used gparted to format an external usb drive with hsf.

When I stick it in automount mount the stick, but only as root.

Sudo chown -R user /media/user/MacStick


Then I tried

sudo mount -t hfs -o force,rw /dev/sdb1 /media/oub/Mac

And obtained
mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb1,
missing codepage or helper program, or other error

In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try
dmesg | tail or so.

Finally I run

sudo /sbin/fsck.hfs /dev/sdb1
** /dev/sdb1
** Checking HFS volume.
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Any help woul

Boinc and Firefox both having issues after system freeze

I was watching the ford hearings today when fb video just ran up my memory.
My computer froze with 100% cpu and memory use.
I had to hard boot my computer.
After rebooting I had some issues.

Cant access gmail:
"The site at <a href="" title=""></a> has experienced a
network protocol violation that cannot be repaired.

The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because an error in
the data transmission was detected."

Boinc client wont start even after removing the lock file but the
manager is running and it is using
more cpu than normal.

Problems with dual moniters

I am running Ubuntu 18.04.1 with no customizations on an ASUS X541S laptop. I
am trying to set up a second monitor. The external monitor is a wide screen
Acer Technologies 23".

--- Connected with a VGA cable Ubuntu will boot two different ways.

If Ubuntu thinks the external monitor is an old (not wide screen) monitor it
uses the center of the laptop screen with about 1 1/2 inch black space on each
side of the screen. The data on the laptop screen is distorted, a wide screen
squeezed to fit a non-wide screen.

Which is the best open source ecommerce platform?

Good afternoon from Singapore,

There are far too many choices when it comes to open source ecommerce solutions.

Are there any credible rankings of open source ecommerce platforms?

Which open source ecommerce solution do you think is the best and tell me why.

Thank you.


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<>[2] <a href="" title=""></a>

<>[3] <a href="" title=""></a>


printer problem

I'm trying to set up a networked printer on a fresh install of
Ubuntu-Mate (18.04.1) on a new PC.

The printer is detected by the new printer install but after searching
for drivers, I get a cups server error "server-error-internal-error".

The printer (Canon MX920 series) set up easily and worked perfectly well
on the old PC under 18.04.1 and previous versions of Ubuntu

I'd really appreciate some suggestions.
- Richard.

Re: App version & installed?

21 September 2018 at 7:54, Colin Law wrote:
Re: App version & installed?

ssh to windows, terminal doesn't work.

I enabled ssh server on a windows desktop, and I can now ssh to it from my
ubuntu laptop, and run cmd.exe, powershell and bash (WSL) which all work
fine, except that in none of them do terminal applications work properly.
*man* shows me the the first page, and then subsequent pages are scrunched
on the last line. vim does very weird stuff. the whole window goes blank
when I delete a line, ^L brings it back, but the cursor is always off by
one line. it's unusable.

I tried asking on an MS forum, no response so far. Any ideas what to look

Ubuntu doesn't enter any WM except Gnome on Wayland

Hello people.

I have a machine using Ubuntu 18.04 with the kernel 4.15.0-34-generic
using all the latest updates I have tried in the past to use another WM,
but every time and install one and reboot to select it at the login
screen it seems to load, a black screen appears and then the login
screen shows agains.

Some notes:

* I have tried to use KDE, lxde, xfce, i3, and xmonad.
* Unity and Gnome without Wayland also don't work.
* When the machine had few time after the update to 18.04 it was
possible to use Unity and non-Wayland Gnome, but I never used any
other WM.
* I believe it has so

App version & installed?


I have upgraded from ubuntu 16.04.5 to 18.04.1, everything seems to work

I had a few apps installed before the upgrade and wanted to check if there were
newer version(s) so top start I tried

apt-cache policy app-name

I got

installed none
candidate a_version_#&sub-version#

I know I have the app installed (via apt install) as I can run it

I tried app-name --version (also -version & -v)
and get -v is not valid


returns the main version but not any sub-version numbers

searching under "Activities" offers to install but does not show the installed

this is on mo

Alienware 17 R5 - The Final Puzzle Piece - suspend / resume

Greetings everyone!

My wife bought me an Alienware 17 R5 laptop for my birthday, and I am
loving it :) It runs Ubuntu 18.04.1 great!

I managed to get the wifi working (upgrade to the latest 4.18.5
kernel), the touchpad working (blacklist the i2c_hid module) and the
graphics working great (binary ubuntu drivers - whcih auto-blacklists
the problematic nouveau module - though this may have been a red

Dual Boot - wireless hardware not accessible

My nephew has a Lenovo 80K9 with a
Broadcom 4352 wireless adapter.
He is dual booting W10 and Ubuntu 18.04.
He started with Mint, then something else
and now Ubuntu. He cant get the wireless
to show up at all. In each OS there is
only ethernet.

Ive not dual booted so Im not sure this is
something normal or what. Though looking
in the mint forums a lot seem to have problems
with this adapter - which has been around a long

We did go through and install broadcom
drivers but it didnt seem to work.

daemon.json file not found in /etc/docker dir in Ubuntu 16.04.5


I am running Ubuntu 16.04.5
Have installed 'Docker version 17.12.0-ce, build c97c6d6'

I want to modify couple of path's in daemon.json but I am unable to
locate daemon.json file under /etc/docker.
Also, I am unable to locate this file anywhere if I do 'locate *.json'

After searching I found 1 or 2 discussion where it is suggested to
create daemon.json file in /etc/docker but what should the contents in
it? And will that impact currently running docker service?


Turning off pam for Unix Authentication completely disables Passwords

In my quest to keep things simple and easy, I used to use
pam-auth-update to disable PAM from Unix logins, (this would disable the
password 'complexity' inanity, and prevents pam from automatically
re-enabling it when it updates itself.). However, with Ubuntu 18.04,
that completely disables passwords entirely. Is there a way to
re-enable traditional login?

USB question

I play music stored on my PC via a USB connection to my DAC.

The player (HQPlayer) does not detect the DAC after a reboot unless I
physically remove the USB cable and re-insert it.

This suggested to me that some module was not automatically loaded at
boot, so I did lsmod before and after re-inserting the cable to see if
there was a new module in the list after re-insertion.

replacement or supplement for Nautilus

For the first time in the 10 years I have been using Ubuntu I am not happy
with the file manager. I think Gnome removed a very useful feature. I
want to be able to select all the files in a directory to copy or move.
There does not appear to be a way to do so.

I looked around and found
<a href="" title=""></a>

Any other suggestions?



Canon MP272 printer on 18.04

I have a Canon MP272 printer which works fine on 16.04 but although my 18.04 sees it, it can't print to it. All the articles I've found point to the Canon driver page, which only has 32 bit available. Can I use that driver? Seems unlikely, but I can't find a 64-bit driver.



Re: Is there a linux Driver module for Elitech data logger RC5 ?


Re: Xubuntu 18.04 and Wine

On Mon, Sep 10, 2018 at 11:00 PM, Grizzly via ubuntu-users
<ubuntu- ... at lists dot> wrote:
My partner has hundreds of tracks she'd like to access, but they're
all in iTunes.

Xubuntu 18.03 and Wine

I'm running Xubuntu 18.04 and I've been trying to get Wine installed
such that I can run iTunes on it.

My first try was to install Safari, and that worked just fine.

But iTunes...

The wiki page says I should install Wine (which is now 3.0.2), then
playonlinux, and install iTunes from there.

Wine and playonlinux install just fine.

But when I try to install iTunes 64-bit, playonlinux says I have to
install the 32-bit version, and then it installs wine 1.7.4 (!) even
though wine 3.0.2 is already installed (and works pretty well)..

If I try to install iTunes 32-bit, it says I'm running a 64-

Trying to get DVD to play

I have an ACER Aspire laptop. The Matsushita dvd-ram uj8b0a DVD/CD
player will load CDs without issue, but will not play DVDs.

FTP/sFTP problem

As of the upgrade to 16.04 LTS I have been unable to use FTP or
sFTP to put files on the server. FileZilla works without error
but trying sFTP manually always get the error 550 Permission
denied no matter what directory I chose or what the permissions
are of the directory tree.

I am suspecting it is a error in configuration that does not
allow uploads.

I checked GOOGLE, but found nothing helpful except a suggestion
to look at ftp.conf or vsftp.conf, neither of which I could find
in /etc.

suggestions ?


sound control on 18.04

I upgraded to 18.04 from 16.04 yesterday.

I notice that when you click on the sound icon you can not choose the sound
source without opening 'Settings.' This is when I login using the standard
Ubuntu option.

I have looked for hours for a way modify this applet (if that is what it is
called). I have not found one.

Along the same lines you can not access rhythm box and VLC from that
'applet.' In Unity these were conveniently located at this spot.

Perhaps this is no longer possible. Any thoughts on the matter?



help with serial i/o from a device?

I've got a Plantower PMS5003 particle counter that reports
over a serial (RS-232) cable. Inline to my USB port is a uart, acting
as a level shifter. Node.js has a module that allows me to read
successfully from the device (or, strictly speaking, from the USB port).
It is, however, a bit large and clumsy, a lot of overhead to just copy
serial data (at a low rate, about 200 bits per second, into a file.

Is there a linux Driver module for Elitech data logger RC5 ?

Hi to Everyone,

This 'Elitech data logger RC5' is a temperature recorder available from
amazon. From the online notice, it is supposed to be a "windows only"
system. However, quite a few such apparatus can operate at least
basically on linux, either directly (the system appears as a usb device
once connected to the computer), or through a debian or ubuntu module

Could anyone tell me if this may apply to the 'Elitech data logger RC5',
and what would be the name of such module ?

logout fails: the answer

Hello Ubuntu users,

Answer is some interaction with lightdm and kwallet.
<a href="" title=""></a>
<a href="" title=""></a>
and also:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Priority: low
Severity: high

Correction 1: comment libwallet in /etc/pam.d/ligthdm
Correction 2: apt re

Missing Dash/Panel/Launcher


Clean install of Ubuntu 16.04.4, worked fine, then update & dist-upgrade (to

Now all I have is wallpaper (background) Dash/Panel/Launcher missing, only
thing that shows (sometimes) is the update to 18.04.1 dialogue, then only for a
fraction of a second, it goes away before I can click anything, it will come
back lower on screen a bit later, and go again as quickly

I have tried all the normal solutions I can find, with no success


Advanced - Recovery - Resume

gets me in and running but would prefer been able to boot normally

Any pointers or tests to perform help f

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