Connecting WD MyBook (WhiteLight) TB drive via Router

Good morning,

I have recently moved from a system based firewall/server to a router.

Router is a Belkin N600DB wireless router. I have been able to get
everything up with the exception of my MyBook (worked before as a
dedicated host using NFS to access it). The router fails to find it when
I plug the network cable directly into the router.

What am I missing...

Belkin claims no support for Linux. Suggested I try one of the other two
popular OS.

sync hangs

I'm having problems accessing a usb card that I've been trying to write
to. In Caja I get an error saying "An operation is already pending"
If I type sync on the command line it hangs.
I see from ps that there are three sync processes in uninterruptible
sleep and I can't kill them. I assume this is the problem.

What's the best way to proceed? I'm using Ubuntu Mate 18.04 with

- Richard.

Output from 'groups' is suddently different to /etc/group

How would I know? I was just looking for something like VirtualBox, to
play around with a different distro. All in user space.

Now I would think twice about installing all that stuff.

As far as I remember, Synaptic did not tell me that I had installed
something ground-breaking, or that I had to log off or reboot
afterwards. Or are you expecting end-users to read the installation log?


Output from 'groups' is suddently different to /etc/group

Yes, but how would I know that the package I just installed has changed
group membership?

amd ryzen 5 2600x pinnacle ridge


I intend to upgrade my computer and found hints that the new amd ryzen
pinnacle ridge types are presently not well supported with (K)ubuntu 18.04.

phoronix uses an ubuntu 18.04 with kernel 4.16.9 and Mesa 18.2-devel,
which are of course not in standard 18.04.

<a href=";item=ryzen-2700-gaming&amp;num=1" title=";item=ryzen-2700-gaming&amp;num=1">;item=ryzen-2700-gaming&amp;num=1</a>

What now, wait for which Ubuntu?


Which is better? Microsoft Exchange 2016 or Linux-based SMTP Servers?

Good evening from Singapore,

I am torn between deploying Microsoft Exchange 2016 and Linux-based
SMTP servers like sendmail, postfix, qmail and exim.

Relative ease of installation and configuration is an important
consideration factor.

Microsoft Exchange 2016, Domain Controller, and Active Directory are
relatively easy to install and configure. Linux-based SMTP servers are
extremely difficult to install and configure and of course, extremely

One of the features of Microsoft Exchange 2016 is that you can create
additional folders on your Inbox in the server (server-side).

How to install Canon MG3051 printer

Dear Ubuntu users,

Could somebody help please.

I had to buy a new printer - Canon PIXMA Mg3051 - and would like to
install it to me desktop PC DELL Dimmension 3100 (32 bit) runing Ubuntu
16.04 OS. I have installed it to my wife's laptop running Windows 7 an
it took 5 minutes. I have been trying to install it for the past 2
months and NOT SUCCEEDING nor can I find a simple help point to ask. i
am a not very clever everyday user.

Your help/advise would be most appreciated.

Kindest regards

Bela Yorke   ... at gmail dot com  UK IG10 1QE

Changing the default for "Enter a passphrase to unlock the volume"

about this for a while.)

When you insert an encrypted USB stick (e.g., LUKS), the "Enter a
passphrase to unlock the volume" dialog comes up, with three options:

O Forget password immediately
* Remember password until you logout
O Remember forever

with the middle one as the default. I want the first one (forget
immediately) to be the default --- is there any way to change that,
either per-user or for the system?


Kubuntu boot time: 16.04 -18.04


I have on an SSD three OS with KDE and the boot time differs between
them. All are updated.

Each from the boot selection menu to the login mask

Kubuntu 18.04 50s
Kubuntu 16.04.4 21s
opensuse Tumbleweed 16s

Significant is the boot difference between the two Kubuntus.

I would like to check the different log files, which should I look for?




I was trying to install Tor and now I my mouse cursor indicates that
something is waiting for input.  I executed ps  to see what is causing
it and I find a utility running called /sbin/agett.  I ran the man pages
and it seems to be a legitimate linux utility but I still am uncertain. 
Is this needed or is somehow related to the recent Tor installation?

I don't like something running in the background waiting for some
unknown input as indicated by the mouse cursor being a circle that is
rotating.  If it is unnecessary, should I get rid of it or simply
disable it?  Also, I looked in

Installing Packages as Another User with Sudo

I have been trying and failing to set up the sudoers file so that I can run
apt/dpkg/etc as another user without sudo (root) access.

ERC20 Compatible Wallet

Does anyone have any experience with hardware wallets?

Is there one they would recommend that is easy to use with Ubuntu 18.04?

- Richard.

Reports from Libre Base failing

I am using the installation of Libre Base from the repository for Ubuntu
16.04. With earlier versions I was able to produce reports.  Now if I
use the reporting system the data base freezes. Where should i look for
any error messages associated with this problem?


Peter Goggin

Ubuntu 18.04 and wine

Dear All,

how to get wine running on Ubuntu 18.04 64bit ? unfortunately I'm not
able to get it working on Ubuntu ( it installs without issue but unable
to run any "exe" using command wine nameofexe.exe )


What did I just ruin?

I may have outsmarted myself.

I was about to upgrade packages and I wanted to capture the plethora of
messages I expected
this to produce, so I did it under script(1). It captured all right, but
I'm a bit worried by a thing it
captured a few times...

For instance, at the end of fetching packages....

18.04 = circular login problem on system freeze

I just installed 18.04 this week and have been testing it out.
Earlier today I clicked on Show Applications an the screen froze.
After several minutes it logged me out and when I tried to log back in -
Im immediately logged out. This is a similar problem I was having with
17.10 recently. (This is a fresh install).

Thankfully I have a second account to login with and I was going through
the logs looking for something .. anything at the time this happened.

Looking for ratings of all-in-one printers for Linux (Ubuntu in particular)

I know there are probably multiple places where such ratings can be found.
Not knowing which are reliable, I'm sort of asking for ratings of the
ratings, I guess. Mostly, though, I want ratings of recent models, from a
Linux/Debian/Ubuntu perspective as opposed to the usual Windows slant. I'm
presuming the few machines that I dual-boot will be able to work with
whatever printer I have.

So, where to look?

++ kevin

<a href="" title=""></a>


Can't install latest docker-ce stable package on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


I can't install the latest Docker CE package on my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
because of a unmet dependecy as you can see below:

$ sudo apt-get install docker-ce=18.03.1~ce-0~ubuntu

Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
Some packages could not be installed.

Is http://security/ down?

Hadn't used my notebook running Mint 18 for a while so there were a ton
of updates. Most of them finished fine. Then I started getting errors
<a href="" title=""></a>.
404 not found. Seems most of them have pool in the url. Probably have a
dozen such errors.

Thanks, Jim

After update, login loop

My assistant was working on the laptop when a update popped up.
She said it was just an update so I said allow .. it was a upgrade.
So my 16.04 went to 17.10. What a mess. Now though the login
screen is stuck in a loop. Doing some research this must have been
somewhat of an issue because I found lots of posts on it. None of those
solutions are working. The first thing they say to do is Ctl+Alt+(F1
or F3) to get into login terminal. That doesnt work at all.


wxWidgets error while compiling pgadmin3-1.22.0 in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


I am trying to run ./configure to install pgadmin3-1.22.0 from source
downloaded from pgadmin's git page.

Due to ssh key issue in pgadmin3-1.22.2, I need lower version which works.

Can somebody suggest how to get wxWidgets for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS? Thanks.

Error = configure: error: Could not find your wxWidgets installation.
You might need to use the --with-wx=DIR configure option


Strange sudoers problem.

I have an odd problem with sudoers. Recently, I've tried to make use of
/etc/sudoers.d/ rather than editing /etc/sudoers itself. This, in theory,
should ensure that future upgrades to sudo will not munge my additions by
leaving the stock /etc/sudoers intact. Research has lead me to believe that
files in /etc/sudoers.d/ need to be dot files (I.E. a "hidden" file) and
need to be mode 0440. I have done both of these things, however, the groups
I define for sudo access in my /etc/sudoers.d/.devops.sudoers file are not
processed, even after a reboot. Anyone else have this problem?

Disable sound?

Hey, all. Is there a good way to entirely disable sound? I'm running
Ubuntu in a VM, and, for reasons I haven't entirely discerned (and don't
have time to troubleshoot) Chrome + sound + HDMI-at-home = bad news.
V-e-r-y slow response, etc., etc. (Firefox works fine, but I'm already
settled into Chrome.) As it's running in a VM, I'm more than happy to
use the host OS to do audio (a Mac).

So, anyway: maybe blacklist the audio kernel modules? Or...?



Software updater hangs after about 80%

I started todays update, but this hangs during configuration of

What's the best course of action in this situation?

The last few messages are:-

update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-4.15.0-24-generic
/sbin/ldconfig.real: Warning: ignoring configuration file that cannot
be opened: /etc/ No such file or
directory /sbin/ldconfig.real: Warning: ignoring configuration file
that cannot be opened: /etc/ No
such file or directory /etc/kernel/postinst.d/zz-update-grub:
Generating grub confi

Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 4.15.0-24-generic (x86_64)

While updating to kernel 4.15.0-24 this morning after the install
of linux-headers-4.15.0-24-generic I received this error:

Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 4.15.0-24-generic
Consult /var/lib/dkms/tp_smapi/0.42/build/make.log for more

The output of the make.log can be found here -

I'm not sure now whether to boot into the 4.15 kernel or stay with the
currently 4.13 in use.


Disable ask for password on Resume - 18.04

I am sure there used to be a setting to prevent the password request on
Resume after Suspend but I can't find this on a clean install of Ubuntu
Desktop 18.04.

Has this setting been removed or am I going blind?


Problem installing mysql server on 18.04

I have installed mysql-server and then run
sudo mysql_secure_installation
which prompts me to enter a root password.

I then run
mysql -u root -p
and get prompted for the pasword but then I get
Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost'

I have gone round a couple of times being ultra careful with the pwd entry
to no avail. The log below shows a server restart and login attempt and I
can't see anything wrong.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


2018-07-01T11:05:15.498133Z 0 [Warning] TIMESTAMP with implicit DEFAULT
value is deprecated.

Wiped external hard drive clean by accident

 Hell Douglas Pollard here. I was reformatting a few thumb drives that
were given to me.  I was using G-parted and left my 4 terrabyte "MY
Book" USB external Hard drive plugged in and  wiped it clean Ubuntu
can't see it and either can G-parted. AS soon as I relised it was being
reformatted I panicked and stopped it now it seems there is nothing
there.  A friend said windows 10 could reformat it but I don't have
windows on anything.

Nouveau Driver in Bionic


when switching virtual desktops, windows from desktop 1 appear on 2 and
the other way round.

17:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: NVIDIA Corporation GK208
[GeForce GT 710B] [10de:128b] (rev a1) Subsystem: Micro-Star
International Co., Ltd. [MSI] GK208B [GeForce GT 710] [1462:8c93]
Kernel driver in use: nouveau Kernel modules: nvidiafb, nouveau

Is there any workaround? It is very annoying!

- Chris

Web Site Down?.....

Dunno if anyone's aware? But I've been trying to download Ubuntu MATE's
.iso file since around 1PM EST, and when you click on the link for the
download nothing happens. I guess they're performing some kind of
maintenance? Because I also went to Ubuntu's home page, and Ubuntu
Budgie, Lubuntu and Kubuntu and was able to click on and download their
links for their .iso files.

Just in case anyone was wondering.



16.04 lts samba question

I am user: william

on one win10 machine when I save a new file on the 16.04 server
it correctly assigns user:group as william:william. On another
win10 machine it assigns nobody:nogroup.

How can I change this ?


IPV6 addresses

When I run ifconfig on an 18.04 machine which has been upgraded over
several versions I see an IPV6 address generated from the MAC address
of the form
which has been generated using the technique in
<a href="" title=""></a>.

On another machine with a fresh install, however, the fe80:: address
does not have any obvious relationship to the MAC address and has not
got ff:fe at the appropriate place. I deduce from this that there
other allowed techniques for generating the address but I can't find
any reference to them anywhere.

gparted questions

I had installed Ubuntu on a laptop that had a 500gb disk drive. Finding the
hard drive too small for what I wanted to do I bought a 2tb drive and had it
installed in the laptop. Used dd to copy the 500gb (atached via a USB adapter)
disk to the new 2tb disk.

apparmor="DENIED" operation="rename_src" profile="/usr/bin/freshclam"

I was out of town last week and when I got home I noticed the above
while going through my hourly syslog snippets. The complete output can
be found here - I've restarted freshclam
by running sudo /etc/init.d/clamav-freshclam and still the same
apparmor output. It's odd that this just started last Tuesday
especially since I'd been out of town since the day before .

I'm running Ubuntu 16.04.4, clamav 99.4. Asked already on the Clamav
list, was told I should ask here.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Epson scanner Perfection 4490 Photo

Any body has a hint of solution.

sftp user as superuser

Hi all.
We have an sftp server with many users (sftp only) chrooted on their
directory. Those users are connected to an IDM (freeIPA).

All ok except one of those users need full access (rwx) on all the others
users home directory.
We tried with setfacll but I wasn't able to do what I wanna there
are other users (local) need access ssh and the setfacl breaks the
Any idea/clue how to do this?


System search in 18.04

In Ubuntu 18.04 (Gnome) the system search (accessed via the Windows
button) allows the search for files. I believe that by default it
indexes the user's home folder. I want to prevent it indexing certain
folders but cannot find how to do that. I searched dconf for likely
looking data but did not find anything.

Does anyone know how to do this?


System Update froze - UbuntuMATE 16-04


I have tried to do a system update on this computer, which is (kind
of) running UbuntuMATE 16.04 .

The Software Updater shows

"Installing updates..."

and, under that, is
"Running post-installation trigger initramfs-tools"

(it is unfortunate that the window does not allow copying and pasting
of text in the window)

and it has been sitting there, with no progress for over half an hour
(it is on an i3CPU with 16GB of RAM, not an 8086 with 640kB of RAM).

The last two lines in the Details window (once again, it does not
allow copying and pasting), are

Processing triggers for initram

dual-boot time issue

Hi all,

It seems I'm bothered by an old issue again, though googling tells me, I am not the only person effected....

The general issue arrises when dual-booting:
Ubuntu_18.04 uses UTC, derived from NTP
Windows uses Local Time, derived from hwclock.

Normally the two can co-exists together, except, when stopping Ubuntu, System-D writes its time back to the hwclock.
No big deal for Ubuntu (as it will use ntp), but a source of irritation under Windows.

I do know several suggestions, like:

a) Make Windows10 use UTC instead of local time.
This would solve everything once and for all FOR ME

command to execute

Hi all.
I need to run a simple script ... basically a chmod... when each sftp user
log in into a sftp server.
I tried /etc/profile.d/ etc etc but nothing is working.

Running ubuntu 16.04.


Is it possible to download packages from 16-04 repository to install on 18-04


It has occurred to me, as the Ubuntu Software Centre, Me TV, NetSurf,
and various other packages in 16.04 are not available in 18.04, is it
possible to download packages from the 16.04 repository, and, install
them in 18.04?

If so, how do we access the 16.04 repositotory and download the 16.04
packages, from 18.04?

Thank you in anticipation.

Me-TV and ubuntu 18-04


I have a UbuntuMATE 18.04 installation.

The Software Centre of previous versions, and, apparently, many other
packages, have been disappeared, in the change to 18.04 - they were in
previous versions of Ubuntu, but are not available in the (clean)
installation of Ubuntu 18.04 .

The Me TV application was the only TV application that I could get
working on 16.04.

The Me TV website makes it prohibitively difficult to contact any of
the Me TV people.

Are any of the MeTV developers on this list?

passwordgorilla not working on 18.04

I just upgraded Ubuntu to 18.04 and now passwordgorilla does not work. Doing a
search I find a problem that states TCL needs to be installed for 18.04.

bob@Saturn:~$ sudo apt install tcl
[sudo] password for bob:
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information...


I've got an Acer laptop that came with Windows 10 installed and I'd
like to make it dual boot with Ubuntu, don't much care what version.
I've prepared a bootable usb stick. It boots fine with other computers
but not on the Acer. I've disabled secure boot in the BIOS and have no
option to change the boot order, Windows Boot Manager is the only

Can anyone point me to an information source for this issue? Off-list
is fine.



setup of 18.04


I have just upgraded to 18.04

I currently have two issues that I am having some trouble restoring

a) I have a static IP on my ethernet adapter

    I can set the DNS servers ok but I cannot see howto set the search
pass parameter ,

     which was so easy to set in 16.04

b) I like to run various virtual windows

    I have two monitors

    currently only on of the monitors is in a particular virtual window

    the other monitor is visible to all the virtual windows

    I want to put both monitors in a particular virtual window

    and then move from virtual window to

pam,mkhomedir and umask

Hi all.
We have pam entry (below) and we wanna change the umask when a new homedir
for an existing user is created. we modified the umaks but doesnt work.
We have sssd integrated with freeIPA to manage all user etc.

Any clue?

session optional umask=0770


Monitors will not go into standby

I'm running 18.04 with the vanilla Gnome desktop. I have an AMD R460 graphics card using the open source drivers that come with Ubuntu (amdgpu) and 2 Illiad ProLite B2483HS monitors.

The problem is that the monitors do not go into standby or power save mode when system is idle. If I lock the screen, I get the screen lock background picture which stays there forever.


Hi all.

We have an sftp server with 10 users and only *one* needs to access the
other 9 users directory to retrieve/move/remove files.

I tried with setfacl but doesn;t work properly.

I tried
*setfacl -R -d -m u:oneuser:rwx /home*

but doesn't work and if I try

*setfacl -R -m u:oneuser:rwx /home*

it works but if a user create a new directory/files will not apply to it.

Any clue/other solution?


storehelpers.go:413: cannot refresh:

After upgrading snapd:amd64 (, 2.32.9)the other day I now see
this when I run sudo snap refresh:

snapd[15552]: 2018/06/04 08:50:46.373711 storehelpers.go:413: cannot

systemctl status snapd
● snapd.service - Snappy daemon
   Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/snapd.service; enabled; vendor
preset: enabled)
   Active: active (running) since Fri 2018-06-01 07:58:42 CDT; 3 days
 Main PID: 15552 (snapd)
   CGroup: /system.slice/snapd.service
           └─15552 /usr/lib/snapd/snapd

Jun 04 08:50:46 localhost.localdomain snapd[15552]: 2018/06/04
08:50:46.373711 storehelpers.go

Newly installed UbuntuMATE 18-04 does not boot


I have just rebooted a computer after I (believe that I) installed
UbuntuMATE 18-04, on the computer that has MS Windows installed, and,
after the "Installation is complete.

Ubuntu stock 14.04 Firefox crashes on machines with NFS mounted file systems

We have 9 workstations, running Ubuntu 14.04, that are booted diskless using
drbl. For the past few versions of Firefox, (since 58 0r 59) Firefox crashes
on startup. It is basically not usable, even with a fresh profile. FF
52.6.0ESR does work however. Oh, Chrome and Chromium don't work either (never
have). We have a pair of laptops that also have Ubuntu 14.04 on them, but
they are setup to use their own internal disks. FF works on them. It
*appears* to be some weirdness with NFS (I think), but I don't know what.

module issue?

I want to configure nat and I get this:

sudo iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE -v
iptables v1.6.0: can't initialize iptables table `nat': Table does not
exist (do you need to insmod?) Perhaps iptables or your kernel needs to
be upgraded.

uname -r


ls -l /lib/modules
total 8
drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 May 24 03:32 4.14.34+
drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 May 24 03:32 4.14.34-v7+

I think I understand that /lib/modules will need to have an entry for
4.9.80+ but doesn't.
I've run sudo apt upgrade so I don't think that's a problem .But I
don't see how to proceed.

systemd-resolve/NetworkManager changes (17.10 -> 18.04)

Whenever I connect my laptop to a new network with NetworkManager, I
don't need to manually set the DNS servers if I configure
systemd-resolve with the following (in




The problem is that this stopped working when I upgraded from Artful to

$ systemd-resolve --status | awk '/DNS Servers/,/^$/'
DNS Servers:

But it works if I manually restart systemd-networkd and network-manager

Webcam videos - kamoso vs cheese

Hi All,

I tried using "kamoso" to record webcam videos. It was unusable. After
_much_ effort installing this or that library, I went to, it
recommended "cheese" instead.

Problems with install an XMPP ejabberd server with ubuntu 18.04


I'm trying install an XMPP ejabberd server with ubuntu 18.04 and I've
problems with it. Everything seems to be ok, but when I try enter inside
the admin configuration in FireFox don't work.

Could you help me to resolve or to find the error?


Is a simple method of blocking a particular domain name or IP address set available


I am running UbuntuMATE 16.04.

Continuous Internet traffic is shown to be occurring.

Etherape shows it to involve a single domain name ( and its
IP address set (

I have tried to add a rule to deny it, using the Ubuntu firewall
software available through the Control Centre, but it requires, and,
limits each rule to, a single port number (which I do not know how to
find, for the traffic).

Is a simple method of blocking a particular domain name or IP address
set available, so that I can deny access to this domain name and/or
its IP address set?

Searching for

Is there any way to configure the options that Network Manager sends to dhclient?

I'm running xubuntu 17.10 on my laptop (soon to be 18.04) and use the
default Network Manager to handle network connections.

I have a need to change the dhclient settings which are set by Network
Manager which calls dhclient:-

chris$ ps -ef | grep dhclient
root 7586 1585 0 09:00 ?

Printer problem

After upgrading to 18.04 I am no longer able to install my printer.

With 17.10 I had a Canon MX920 operating as a network printer. However
the upgrade has removed this and I am now prevented from installing the

The printer and its IP address are detected, but after doing its search
for drivers, the setup program gives a cups server error:

I have tried re-installing Cups, but to no effect.

openSUSE conference 2018: fancy a weekend away in Prague?

The programme for this year's openSUSE conference has been published.

<a href="" title=""></a>

It's in Prague, Czechia, the last weekend of this month. The event is free
and Prague is surprisingly cheap -- beer is £1.50 a pint and unlimited
public transport is £3 a day.

<a href="" title=""></a>

And there will be at least one Ubuntu user there... that is, me. :-)

Apologies if anyone is upset by the spam. Merely plugging it 'cos I work
for them and live here in Prague. There's nothing else in this for me

I will shut up now.

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