LibreOffice bundled with Ubuntu 16.04.3.

Hello again.

In regard to my problems with LibreOffice in a recent message, I have just
downloaded, verified, and reinstalled the 16.04.3 LTS available from
canonical. This installation process seems to install a version of LO that
is older than the one available from the software centre.

I've remove the preinstalled LO and install LO Writer only. Even though
both installations say they are version 5, the installation from the
software centre has a completely different look and feel.

GRUB question


I'm trying to set up an SSD cache for my hard disk. Just in a virtual machine,
so far.

It's for my (encrypted) root filesystem. According to the instructions
(<a href="" title=""></a>), the
following is needed when the root filesystem is to be cached. Otherwise, it
won't be able to boot:

echo "dm_cache" >> /etc/initramfs-tools/modules
echo "dm_cache_mq" >> /etc/initramfs-tools/modules
echo "dm_persistent_data" >> /etc/initramfs-tools/modules
echo "dm_bufio" >> /etc/initramfs-tools/modules

Now, how do I make this take effect?

Notebook won't reboot after nvidia driver install

I think I goofed up....

My displayport doesn't work riht, and Nvidia has a newer driver than
the one in the Xubuntu repository (340.104, vs 340.102).

I downloaded the driver from nvidia's web site and installed it.

Now the notebook won't boot at all - I'm running off a flash drive.

It keeps stopping in busybox. I've tried going back to recover mode
and previous versions that used to work fine, and it's just plain

gthumb and gvfs


gthumb 3.4.3 doesn't display images on gvfs mounted smb-folder.

I'm using 16.04.3 LTS (Xenial Xerus).

I've found a bug report [1] from 2010 and it was fixed. Do I have to
change any settings?

- Chris

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

Task Coach 1.4.3 in Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS


I don't know if this is the right place to ask. Maybe one should file a
bug in debian's tracker, but there's already a similar one [2].

The TaskCoach version mentioned above has some strange issue with a
python locking library. When trying to open a tsk file created on
windows (don't know if this matters):

File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/lockfile/", line
279, in _fl_helper return cls(*args, **kwds)
TypeError: __init__() takes at least 2 arguments (1 given)

It seems that the upstream authors know about this bug and fixed it in
their own ppa [1].

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with LibreOffice?

Hello again.

My faith in LibreOffice has been tested these few years because it seems
that large pieces of it haven't been functioning for a while. The format
paintbrush mechanism apparently hasn't been working for about two years.

Recently, I've been trying to use LibreOffice for the first time after I
installed 16.04, and I find that the spell checker is broken for Australian
and UK English.

Release not found

Hello list,

sometimes if i'm adding a new repository and make a apt update, i'm
getting errors like:

Fehl:20 <a href="" title=""></a> zesty
  404  Not Found
Paketlisten werden gelesen... Fertig
N: Skipping acquire of configured file 'main/binary-i386/Packages' as
repository 'file:/var/cache/apt-build/repository apt-build InRelease'
doesn't support architecture 'i386'
E: The repository ' zesty
Release' does not have a Release file.

But why that happens?


urgent advice needed for 100% Ubuntu-compatible desktop


I badly need to buy or assemble a desktop with the
features below, as soon as possible. The help I badly
need is names of hardware components fitting the specs

measuring disk i/o performance


I'm about to install an SSD (as a cache for my hard disk). Does someone know a
good tool for measuring the disk i/o speed?


Services Offered by Freelance Network and Infrastructure Engineer

Worldwide Announcement 4th October 2017

This announcement addresses individuals and Small and Medium Businesses (SMB).

As a freelance network and infrastructure engineer based in Singapore,
I am offering the following services:

1. Basic installation and configuration of Cisco routers and switches

2. Basic installation and configuration of Cisco Adaptive Security
Appliance (ASA) VPN Firewalls

3. Basic installation and configuration of Fortigate VPN Firewalls

4. Basic installation and configuration of off-the-shelf SOHO
broadband wireless routers


unity error in a 16.04 LTS installation


I faced today a strange issue regarding my unity desktop app.
In particular, the launcher and the side bar along with the top bar that
displays time etc and all of the buttons such as minimize, maximize etc

I tried to reinstall unity by typing the following command:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall unity


sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop without any success.

Moreover I read in a thread somewhere that the side-bar plugin may have
been disabled.

Advice for user with impaired vision

I am looking for suggestions to help a friend who has poor vision to
use his computer. Obviously I can make the text and icons larger but
I wonder whether anyone can offer any other advice or any tools that
might help further. His vision is not so poor that he needs a text to
speech screen reader.


php-fpm status info under Ubuntu 16.04..

 On an older Ubuntu 14.x with php5 I had this status info put on a web
page with some other stats with no problem.

 On my Ubuntu 16.x server now using php7 I seem to be pulling out the
remainder of my hair, so wanted to see if someone could hit me with a
cloo bat so I can get this straight.

 I have in the the php/fpm configured enabling the pm.status_path so it
should be accessible, this seems to be the same as in the older php5.

Where I am running into issues is how to call this inside of apache, as
with all my googlefu, I find references to using a config like I have in
my old Ubu

The print job from hell... :(

Hi all,

My wife's PC (running Debian Wheezy) has our Laserjet attached, and I
can access it from my PC (running Ubuntu 16 LTS) as a shared printer.

I printed a PDF yesterday, but now every time we turn the printer on,
it starts printing that same PDF again!

I've looked at the print queue on my PC - it's empty. I've looked at
the print queue on Pat's PC, it's also empty. I've tried switching the
printer off, I've tried cancelling the job on the front panel of the
Laserjet. NONE of these things work.

To format Disk for ZFS or not ?

Hello ,

On a 1 TB HDD I shall be creating regular partition, i.e. Swap Boot
Home on SOHO server.

Do I need to format the (data) partition before creating a ZFS pool ?

If and when I attach the second New disk, do I need to format that
also ? Or do I just add it to the pool without formatting ?

Thank you


trying to disable touchpad in ~/.profile

I'm running a current Ubuntu-MATE system. This command

xinput --set-prop 13 'Device Enabled' 0

works from the terminal to disable the touchpad, but it doesn't do
anything when I put it in ~/.profile, which I expected to be run while
logging in. Where do I need to put that command for that to happen?


No sound in FF or SeaMonkey

On Xubuntu 16.04, when I try to view a video on the web other than
youtube, I get no sound (goto webinar, vimeo, .flv videos).

This started last week, and it's happened before but it usually goes away.



What is going on here....

Good? Morning,

On one of my systems I have started getting the following message in
response to various commands:

cdjsys@mateo:~$ ifconfig
-bash: /sbin/ifconfig: Input/output error
cdjsys@mateo:~$ vi
-bash: /usr/bin/vi: Input/output error

.bashrc has not changed, other commands still work (ls, tail, etc.).

This is a headless server system and is maintained via ssh. All the
current updates have been applied:

Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.2.0-64-generic-pae i686)

Any ideas???


Setup for a dash cam.

I want to ask this question now, before I purchase a dash cam, because I
don't want to purchase one and find that it won't play with Ubuntu because
of flimsy bespoke compatibility minutiae.

Does anyone know a good hardware/software set up? I would think a dash cam
that recorded to a well known video format on a USB device that I could
mount simply by plugging it in is all I could ever need. Editing the
footage may be a concern at a later stage, but if it was, I would want to
worry about this at that later stage.

Anything like this?


Can I avoid apt?

I see that apt-get has been replaced by apt, sort of.

I don't like apt. I'm in the habit of doing my updates under the script(1)
command and that banner that apt puts at the bottom of the screen makes the
files unreadable.

Is there a way to disable it? Possibly by lying to apt about my terminal's

++ kevin

Need latest nvidia driver (340.104)

This driver is not in the repository. It is new - 9/19/2017.

How long do these generally take to appear in the repo?

Or, to whom do I address this notice for best results?


Ubuntu server holding back on me

I've just started using Ubuntu Server on a couple of extra machines.

about the list ...

I noticed traffic to this list which was on order of 30
or so per day now has been practically zero!

any announcement I missed about this list (going away??)

thank you,

Systemd service files


I have Ubuntu server 16.04 LTS deployed on one of my servers. I have been working at slowly learning systemd but I ran into something that I hadn't expected.

When adding commonly used packages (Apache 2.4.x), I noticed that some of these packages have incomplete systemd service files. In the case of Apache there is a systemd stub that then calls an init.d shim script. As a result, on reboot, systemd shows a load failure (I am assuming from the incomplete service file), for Apache, but Apache is successfully started.

Kernel compiled with Stack Protector ?


In light of the recent report from Armis about the "BlueBorne" Bluetooth vulnerabilities that affect Linux (and other OS's), I was wondering if Ubuntu compiles the kernel with Stack Protector enabled (specifically for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS desktop and to a lesser extent 16.04 LTS server) ?

Secondly, is there a page that outlines the hardening steps that Ubuntu follows for ensuring kernel security ?


- J

Printing oddity with Canon Pixma MP240 on CUPS server

I have a Canon Pixma MP240, quite an old item, but it prints, scans and
copies fine.

Recently I set it up with on a Raspberry Pi as a networked scanner.
Worked well! Then an unfortunate incident involving a laser printer and
a power surge made it necessary to get a stopgap printer, so I added
CUPS and made the old inkjet into a networked printer. There is a CUPS
driver just for that model, so that was good.

virtualbox guest additions problem, ububtu-17.04


I am a new Ubuntu user or at least I want to be but am
hitting a major install roadblock.

Repost: Cannot print colors, Samsung C1810 Series


it is my last attempt here. Can sb help?

Screen freeze

Geeqie is a nice tool I use when looking through a photo
collection. Occasionally I will set it to full screen mode. If I then
try to go to another desktop via ctl-alt-arrow, the screen freezes in a
way that I can't seem to recover from. The full screen photo stays
there no matter what I do.

I'd appreciate any suggestions for recovering from this. Running 16.04
Ubuntu, fully updated, with several KDE pgms also.


Software Updater messages

Hi all.

I'm getting a stream of messages from Software Updater's terminal read
out when I use it. They're mainly Perl errors but there's too many of
them & they travel too fast to be able to figure out what they mean.

I've looked in about every log file for any trace of the read-out but to
no avail. Does anybody know where I might look so I can act on the errors?

Any help appreciated.



Planned Maintenance Advisory - Ubuntu Mailing List

Good afternoon,

Over the last week or so we've been having some issues with the mailing
list, specifically with regards to DMARC authentication with some large,
free mail providers. This issue has affected a large proportion of the
mailing list subscribers.

We contacted the Canoncial engineers and they have been very responsive in
helping us to resolve the issue.

secondary screen only works until login


I'm using 16.04 on a Toshiba laptop. I want to use a secondary display,
a Samsung SyncMaster 712n. I have it connected to the Toshiba's
external VGA port. The display powered up and showed system activity
right up until the automatic user login took place. I had the system
configured to log me in without asking for a password. When the login
took place the secondary display went blank. The system control panel
shows an unknown secondary display.

In an attempt to see where the problem lies I made a new (second) user
with a password and required a credential check at login.

enigmail 1.9.8 in Ubuntu 16.04

There are incompatibility issues with enigmail 1.9.7 and newer versions
of Thunderbird which cause Thunderbird to hang when sending mail.

This has been fixed in Debian with an upgrade to enigmail version 1.9.8
already some weeks ago.
I wonder when enigmail 1.9.8 will be available in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS?

- Thomas

Two ubuntu bugs


I wanna report two bugs in (K)Ubuntu 17.04.

The first one is in the (K)Ubuntu installer. When you enter the new passphrase,
the keyboard is still in English localization. When you're German, this means
(among other things) that the keys Z and Y are interchanged. When you log in,
after the install, the keyboard has been localized.

The second one is the "ubuntu-bug" program.

Uncaught exception

I've gotten this error message several times of late using Chrome on 16.04,
although it popped up after I logged out and before loading a browser of
any sort.


Hi all.

Very basic question but it's stumped me: when I try to download the
MD5SUMS file from <a href="" title=""></a> all I can do is bring up
the contents in a different tab.

Can anybody enlighten me of any method that allows me to download said
file. wget maybe? or curl would do. http is fine also.

Many thanks,



Wayland - Was: Startup Applications not working in 16.04

On Sun, 20 Aug 2017 15:47:48 +0300, Tom H wrote:

what happens if I make a release update from 16.04 to the next LTS? I
need xorg.conf.

automount external hdd

I'm trying to auto-mount an external hdd enclosure with nautilus:

thufir@doge:~$ sudo mount -t ext3 /dev/sdb1 /mnt
mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb1,
missing codepage or helper program, or other error

In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try
dmesg | tail or so.
thufir@doge:~$ dmesg | tail
[38425.298930] entry_SYSCALL_64_fastpath+0x1e/0xad
[38425.298932] RIP: 0033:0x7f32d242e987
[38425.298934] RSP: 002b:00007fffd3152ed8 EFLAGS: 00003246 ORIG_RAX:
[38425.298936] RAX: ffffffffffffffda R

Error building nftables on Ubuntu Server 16.04.03 LTS


I am currently attempting to build the nft user land tool from the nftables project [1][2].

On Ubuntu Server 16.04.03 LTS, nft is available via the nftables package, however the version of nft that is installed is version 0.5 whereas the most current version of nft is 0.7.

Startup Applications not working in 16.04

I have been struggling to get Xscreensaver and My-Weather-Indicator to run
at startup. I have been able to start both from the command line. Entered
the same commands in Startup Applications, but neither will run at boot
up. Looked at .config/autostart and both are there and the config entries
appear correct. Not sure where to look next.


Faulty Software Updater on 16.04


I am running UbuntuMATE 16.04 on at least two different computers.

For a while now, the Software Updater (which reappears daily, due to
using the panel applet) shows a window with the heading "Not all
updates can be installed".

The window does not provide a button "Show details", and, does not
allow me to copy and paste the text that is displayed in the window.

The only options available (apart from simply clicking the cross box,
to close the window, which I have had to do, each time the window
appears, as no other safe option is available) do not provide safe
options whereby I woul

CVE-2017-1000117 git: Command injection via malicious ssh URLs

Hi all.

I've just seen this security update (from RedHat):

'CVE-2017-1000117 git: Command injection via malicious ssh URLs'

& wondered if anybody knew when it will arrive in Apt?



UFW help on configuration

Good Afternoon,

I have used UFW (Uncomplicated Firewall) for a number of years and it
has performed very well, for the most part just the default
configuration is what I have been using.

Now I need to add a three of rules and I do not know how to translate
them from iptable notation to UFW notation. The rules folow (in iptable

1. ipchains -A input -p icmp --icmp-type address-mask-requests -j DROP
2. ipchains -A input -p icmp --icmp-tyoe timestamp-request -j DROP

update-grub error {cannot find device for /} is /dev mounted ?

I have followed the instructions from this video-:

<a href="" title=""></a>

I have created an encrypted LVM that contains my root , swap and /home

I am landing up with a partition called cryptswap1 after installation

Now after installing the system through the installer into these partitions
I have chrooted into the system using these commands-:

mount /dev/mapper/ubuntu-root /mnt
mount /dev/sda5 /mnt/@/boot

For some reason when I mount the root partition from the LVM it is under
"@" directory in the mount point.

Different kernels in same Xubuntu (16.04.3)

I'm running Xubuntu 16.04.3 on my desktop and my laptop.

The desktop was installed from a fresh 16.04.1 image and has been kept
up to date.

The laptop was installed form a 16.04.2 DVD and has been kept up to date.

However, my desktop is running (now) the 4.4.0-91 kernel, and my
laptop is running the 4.10.<something> kernel.

Why would that be? How do I get the desktop up on the 4.10 kernel
(safely) without a reinstall?


Setting up Xscreensaver in Ubuntu 16.04

Just picked up a refurbished Lenovo T420. Been working through setting up
16.04 on it and have run into issues with Xscreensaver daemon not running
at startup. Found an answer to the problem. The OP said he went to his
core applications file and found 'screensaver - empty'. He added
'screensaver - xscreensaver' and that took care of the problem. I don't
know which file he was referring to and my google efforts haven't turned up
an answer.

I have already setup the startup applications file command 'xscreensaver

Hiding a specific user from the User Accounts GUI

Hi All,

I install Ubuntu to computer illiterate people.

During the install I want to create an admin user I can use to manage their
computer using SSH.

Sometimes the user logs out and tries to login with my admin users and get
frustrated when they do not succeed...

Is there a way to hide my admin user from the user so they won't try to
login with it?

The users are aware of this user, of course...



Upgrade path from MySQL to MariaDB broken? (Akonadi)


I'm trying to install Nextcloud. I'm following the instructions in the
Nextcloud 12 Server Administration Manual, Installation on Linux:
<a href="" title=""></a>

According to these instructions, mariadb-server needs to be installed.

Windows opening half off screen - they are not accessible

This morning after starting my laptop I opened gedit and
it opened half off screen. I opened Chrome to get to my
email and it opened half off screen. I cant click on them
to move them back onto screen. I was able to open firefox
and it opened in the middle of the screen. Ive had no
external monitors connected or change in display. How can
I move them back?


Unity & 18.04 (and maybe 17.10)

Hi All

Just a desktop query

If I upgrade 16.04 LTS to 18.04 will Unity still be there or will the install
remove it in place of Gnome?

Re: Concerned about future 32 bit server support

08 August 2017 at 17:07, David Fletcher wrote:
Concerned about future 32 bit serve (at least in part)

I know that Tails3 onwards (based on Debian) have dropped all 32 bit support,
which is a PITA for a mobile, secure, OS, when you don't know what hardware you
may want / need to use it on

Concerned about future 32 bit server support

Hi all,

There was a fairly long discussion over on the Kubuntu list, about
dropping 32 bit support.

My concern is that I have a little home built machine with a 32 bit
Atom processor that has been running for several years and perfectly
serves my needs for a low power headless server. Will 32 bit server
support continue into the foreseeable future?


L-o-n-g delay for rc.local in systemd on Ubuntu.

Hey, all. I've got some stuff in my rc.local, and it takes *forever* to
execute -- three+ minutes. (Note that the machine -- a virtual one --
is up in something like 20 seconds.) I *need* this stuff, which is
lightweight in the extreme, to execute much earlier in the boot process
than that.

Anyone have any ideas on how to make that happen?



ZoneFiles Showing: Windows 10 As Guest OS on Ubuntu 14.04 As Host OS - VirtualBox

Hi All,

I have two computers running the same version of VirtualBox (5.1.26). Both
run Windows 10 as Guest OS (not the same VM file).

On one of the computers, the Win10 VM show the zone.identifier files in
Windows Explorer, and it is very annoying...

This doesn't happen on the other computer, and I can't figure out what's
causing it...

Any ideas?


Amichai Rotman

Do the ubuntu repo offer an conglomerate sort of perl pkgs

Sorry the Subject line is a bit confusing... couldn't think, right off
hand, of a good way to express what I mean briefly.

I run into some perl pkgs missing every once in a while, that I'd like
to get installed but would rather not have to screw around with cpan if I
can help it.

I'm a recent gentoo user where we had quite a lot of perl pkgs
available thru the pkg managing tools (emerge and friends) called
g-cpan .. still used cpan but a good bit of it was done by emerge.

I wondered if apt has something like that.

How can I make the console even bigger

server ubuntu provides a faily large console, I'd like to make
that even larger.

This is just this last hour been installed (17.04) into a Vbox vm
running on an openindiana (solaris 11) host.

I used the server ISO.

Is the largish console being done in the kernel using KVM settings or
in the grub configuration?

Whatever way it is, how can I make it even bigger.

I think it is 1024x(something close to 800 maybe)

I'd like to try something like 1400x1050 or there abouts.

Anyone know how to go about something like that?

libnl upgrade uninstalls network-manager


When I run apt-get upgrade, it holds back on upgrading three libnl-3
packages. When I specified to upgrade them, the upgrade removed
network-manager and network-manager-gnome, stopping my Internet

This is with the upgrade of libnl packages to the 3.2.21-1ubuntu4.1

Does anybody know why this happens? How do I upgrade the packages
without removing network-manager and network-manager-gnome, or is this a

Thank you.

- George

How to boot to console, use startx for X

Install was the server *iso
Installed Desktop lxde

What do I have to set or remove in order to have ubuntu boot to
a console terminal... from where I can run `startx' when I want it?

how to disallow weak algorithms from ssh


|hi ther,|

|I had one of my servers tested using <a href="" title=""></a>

it did point me to the following week algorithms that the server seams
to allow.

Where can I disallow them?




Diffie-Hellman with 2048-bit Oakley Group 14 with SHA-1 hash
Oakley Group 14 should be secure for now. SHA-1 is becoming obsolete,
consider using SHA-256 version.

iptables Bridge Logging


I'm using 4.4.0-89-generic #112-Ubuntu Kernel.

I've setup a bridge

bridge name bridge id STP enabled interfaces
br0 8000.00322e111b2 no enp3s0

Why is it possible to DROP packages from a KVM guest on the host INPUT
chain, but not to LOG them?

I've not loaded any bridge-nf modules. bridge/nf_call_iptables is 0.

- Chris

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