Off-topic, was: xubuntu 19.10 fails to install with /boot on different drive - grub-install error

On Fri, 22 Nov 2019 18:22:01 +0100, Liam Proven wrote:
Btw. on another Linux mailing list I followed a thread regarding
"kernel-install", "dracut" and "mkinitcpio".

Slow boot, how do I configure for nosity boot?

I have 18.04 on a couple of cheap laptops. This version does not work well
with the wireless chipset, and audio on these machine, FYI 10.10 solves all
these issues, BUT I don not want to go to it, as it will be easier to go to
the next LTS FROM the previous LTS.

These machine take *forever* to boot to an X login. How can I configure to
watch the boot sequence , so I can diagnose this issue?

How do I change the colour of the prompt text in terminal emulators


I am running UbuntuMATE 16.04.x amd 19.10, on different computers.

In recent system updates, little green men infested my computers, and,
changed the text in the prompts in the terminal emulators (mate
terminal) to a lime green colour, which, on a white background, is
like having yellow on white.

Also, on my 16.04 system, the spacing has been changed, so it is now
<character><space<character><space><character>, etc.

I have downloaded and installed, using synaptic, every terminal
emulator that I could find, and, they all have this awful green colour
of the text of the prompts.

How d

xubuntu 19.10 fails to install with /boot on different drive - grub-install error

I am trying to install xubuntu 19.10 on an NVME SSD which isn't
visible to the BIOS.

So I need to put /boot on a drive which *is* visible to the BIOS, I
have drives as follows:-

/dev/nvme0n1p1 2048 31250431 31248384 14.9G Linux swap
/dev/nvme0n1p2 31250432 2000408575 1969158144 939G Linux filesystem

/dev/sda1 4xxG Linux filesystem

I'm installing from a USB stick, the installation starts OK, when I
get to the disk allocation bit I select 'something else' and tell it
to mount / on /dev/nvme0n

Getting "No such device xxxx...." at boot but the device *does* exist

I have added a new ubuntu 19.10 installation to my existing ubuntu
19.04 system. The 19.10 is installed on an NVME SSD.

I have run os-prober which identifies the new 19.10 istallation
correctly and I've run update-grub to add it.

At boot I get the expected menu offering 19.04 as the default and
19.10 as a selectable option. However if I try and boot 19.10 it
fails with an error:-

error: no such device: c6ca1c2d-4837-48b9-8fa6-1ef47251d7b7

Fortunately it then just drops me back to the boot menu so I can boot

Running install doesn't offer to use new NVME/SSD disk drive, but fdisk sees it

I have a system currently running xubuntu 19.04.

I have added a new NVME SSD disk drive to it, my xubuntu 19.04
installation can see the new disk drive OK:-

Disk /dev/nvme0n1: 953.9 GiB, 1024209543168 bytes, 2000409264 sectors
Disk model: INTEL SSDPEKNW010T8
Units: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes
Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes

However when I run an xubuntu 19.10 install it doesn't offer to use
the NVME disk at all, how can I get the install to see and use the new
disk drive?

Update Qt 5.9.5 to Qt 5.12 in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

A recent article in  Linux Pro Magazine (July 2019 Issue 224) concerned
the installation of 'Barrier'
allowing use of one mouse/keyboard with two or more computers.
Barrier requires Qt 5.12 as a dependency.

My current setup:
Ubuntu 18 .04 LTS  64 bit (Up to date)
AMD Ryzen 5 2400g
Gnome 3.28.2
Ram 16 GiB

Qt must be installed before 'Barrier'.
If  I install Qt 5.12 what happens to the version already installed by
Do I leave Qt 5.9.5 on the computer as is - do I remove it - do I remove
it before I install Qt 5.12

I have not been able to find sufficient info online to be of any help

Configuring/using grub with grub-install and grub-mkconfig

I have been searching around (and asking questions) about how to add a
separate /boot partition. As a result I have become steadily *more*
confused about the relationship between grub-mkconfig and grub-install.

So, is there a good tutorial anywhere about all this?

Firefox X 2?

Maybe a bit OT but I can't find an answer. Can Firefox ESR and Firefox
Quantum both run on the same Ubuntu computer at the same time without
conflicting or interacting in any way?

Webkit issue

Webkit has maxed out ALL the CPU cores on my box, which may be causing
problems. I shut down 2 browsers [w >20 tabs] that use it but that did
not change the CPU data in htop. How can I see ALL of the pgms that are
using webkit? I can get the PIDs for each of the many webkit instances
if that helps.


Any suggestions for library administration software please?

My girlfriend is in Kathmandu at the moment. She's been trying but
failing to get a laptop set up with database software for a new
community library that's being built in an area to the north that's
been ravaged by earthquakes.

Suddenly... No wifi!


I was just sitting here, doing my stuff, when suddenly I had no network. I checked
my other devices, and they could use the wifi just fine. The network widget (I'm
using Plasma) was disabled and wifi couldn't be enabled again. Maybe I had hid
some wifi kill-switch on the keyboard?

question about PciExpress slots and SSDs

I have a Fujitsu Esprimo P910 system running xubuntu 19.04 to which I
am thinking of adding a bigger SSD. It already has a 128Gb SSD for
the OS but that is just an 'ordinary' 2.5" SATA one that I simply
connected to a SATA interface and thus it runs at maximum 600MB/s.

The motherboard has unused PCIExpress slots as follows:-

PCI-Express 3.0 x16 1 x (312 mm / 12.29 inch) Full height
PCI-Express 2.0 x4 (mech.

BOINC Manager not working after an update

I installed an update to Ubuntu 19.10 and now the "BOINC Manager" no longer
runs. I tried to run the program from the icon and in a terminal, as far as I
can tell there are no error messages. How do I trouble shoot this?

How can I find the program name that is executed when I click an icon that is
on the task bar?

copy/paste problem

Recent problem which seems to be getting worse. Running Ubuntu 16.04
updated. I have 2 'files' windows open, highlight some files in #1,
release all mouse buttons, click on the highlighted files, hold down
shift key, drag to #2 window - and nothing happens. Repeat, repeat some
more and finally works on perhaps try #6-10 - finally moved the files.
Getting to be a pain. What might be going on and how can I restore the
original move/copy behavior? I have 15-20 'files' windows running and
usually select 2-4 of them on the screen to work with. I also have many
other pgms running as well.

Start-up problems

Not sure if this is appropriate for this list ....

I am running Ubuntu 18.04. At start-up I get these messages in my log:


5:37:15 PM pulseaudio: [pulseaudio] bluez5-util.c: GetManagedObjects() failed: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply.

Emacs in Kubuntu Discover

Hello I am wondering in Discover on kubuntu I search for emacs and get the following.
Emacs GUI
GNU Emacs editor metapackage
GNU Emacs

What is tealeg? What is the metapackage?





using network printers, what non-cups things exist?

I spent most of yesterday trying to get an HP OfficeJet to print from 16.04
having had good luck previously using it and an older DeskJet as a scanner
with hp-scan. It turned out that
one problem was the cartridges- the color test page printed something
and then apparently the black and white text failed to print.
However, there were a lot of "failed filter" messages and using
lpr with raw output at least got a piece of paper to feed. I only
have a few peripherals at a time and print rarely. I don't
really need any of this stuff.

Why are these using swap when I have plenty of free ram?

The below processes are using swap for some reason:

User Name Swap
root courierlogger 76
daemon atd 188
root acpid 116
avahi avahi-daemon 300
root lvmetad 208
root authdaemond 12
root osspd 124
root cron 184
root wpa_supplicant 480
systemd-timesync systemd-timesy 460
systemd-resolve systemd-resolv 492
root irqbalance

Nasty bug in vertical scrollbar


In using UbuntuMATE 16.04.x, a nasty bug in the vertical scrollbars,
keeps causing problems.

When I am scrolling down in a web page, in a browser window tab,
sometimes, a menu listing the tabs in the window, appears. Sometimes,
it jumps to another tab in the window. It just now, jumped browsers,
and, opened the tab in which I was scrolling down, in a new tab, in
another browser.

How do I eliminate this nasty bug?

wanted: suggestions for used Linux compatible notebooks


I need to buy 2 or 3 notebooks, and run Ubuntu on them. Feature-wise,
I know what I need, or so I hope. But I have NO idea which brand/model
they correspond to, and specs/prices/availability/linux compatibility
change continuously, so any feedback is welcome. Here we go:

* used/refurbished, max 4/5 years old.

No budget for new ones, and probably no need either, see below. But
also, regardless of price, don't want to risk on e.g 10yrs old
machines that may break any moment. What I buy now should last 2/3
years minimum.

Files Preview

Hi all.

I'm on 16.04.6. I'm having a problem where when I'm using Files & I
select a file and press the spacebar it doesn't bring up the preview window.

This happens on all types of files; doc, audio, movies et al.

Has anybody experienced this?

Any help appreciated,


Is my pop3 email security enough for a simple home user?

Hello Ubuntu user technical support.

I posted the question below on AskUbuntu 8 days ago and 39 people have
read it but there is no answer offered.
I have done searches. Please advise me where to try next.

"As a retired home user I only need access to email from my desktop PC.

So I have used Evolution as mail client interacting with Gmail's
server for many years.

ubuntu-16.04 window manage stopped working.


today, I rebooted this box after an uptime of about three weeks. After this
reboot, the window manager stopped working.

- No dash
- no menu bar
- the only thung I can do is to right-click onto the desktop and start
"Terminal" from the context menu.
- no window decorations
- windows are created in the upper left corner
- no window switching via <Alt>-<TAB>

I have never ever tweaked anything on my desktop.

No network after moving VM from Hyper-V 2012 to 2019


I moved an Ubuntu 18.04 VM from Hyper-V 2012 to Hyper-V 2019 and changed
the network interfaces to teaming on Windows. Now Ubuntu neither brings
the interface up on boot nor sets an IP (static using netplan) . A
Debian 9.11 machine and a freshly installed 18.04 do fine.

Where do I start?

Thank you!

Writing UbuntuMate image

I have a old laptop with Mate 15 and I need to update it.
I installed M15 originally with unetbootin (pretty sure at least)
but that is not working. I tried using gnome disk like the instructions
on the site say by clicking on Restore Disk Image. The Unetbootin
gets an error saying no OS present and on the other a message quickly
flashes saying isoxxxx.bin missing.. not sure what it actually says
because it flashes so fast. This laptop has no cd otherwise I would just
do that.

For anyone who has installed it - any suggestions?

Muon and Kubuntu Package Management

Hello I am somewhat new to linux Kubuntu. I am wanting access to FSF GNU software can anyone give me suggestions for how to access this software. Is the trisquel repo best for this?. Also their is a graphical package called Muon on kubuntu.It slows me to add repositories but says to enter the complete APT line on the repo that you want to add. What does this mean? Do I just type apt etc.etc. or sudo apt? Can anyone tell me what the best repos are for linux?

A question about multiple boot options and live boot iso images


A possibility has occurred to me, and, I do not know whether it has
been done, whether it can be easily set up, with what now exists, or,
whether it is something that would need to be developed, to put it
into practice.

Recently, Ralf Mardorf posted a link in the thread about tiny kernels,
to a wikipedia comparison of "lightweight Linux distributions", that
can run with lesser resource requirements, than mainstream Linux

So, it led me to wonder, as some distributions can be run as live
versions, where they boot from the removable optical drive (be it CD
or DVD, and, so

Kubuntu sources.list file restore

Hello is their a way I can simply restore my sources.list file to factory setting on Ubuntu?

Trisquel repo problems with kubuntu

Hello I am running kubuntu and am trying to install trisquel Repo I type

sudo apt-add-repository "deb <a href="" title=""></a> main"

I then get the errror. Malformed entry 57 i list file /etc/apt/sources.list (component)

The list of sources cannot be read.

What is wrong?

How to find a file's mailcap "content type"?

How can one find what mailcap "content type" corresponds to a file's
actual format?

Some are quite obvious as the default file type suffix matches the
seconds field of the mailcap content type, but this isn't always so.

For example there don't seem to be single, obvious entries for MS Word
.doc or .docx files.

Distributions Devroom Call for Participation - FOSDEM 2020

This isn't a spam. I am not affiliated with the event in any way
except that I hope to speak there.

# FOSDEM 2020 - Distribution Devroom Call for Participation

The Distributions devroom will take place Sunday 2 February 2020 at
FOSDEM, in Brussels, Belgium at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

As more and more workloads are being considered for containerization in
the future and are finally landing in virtualized environments today,
distributions remain a critical success factor and are more important
than ever.

Really small kernel

Is it possible to build the ubuntu 18.04 kernel such that it will run
effectively with 64MB or less?

While I personally have no need for this, someone asked on Quora and
I'm curious now.

I don't think this is feasible, but....



bash question: command substitution is eating my arrays!

The script below displays some (for me) surprising behaviour.

I want a function to update an array and return some output[1].

The first loop, which captures the function's output, does not work -
inside the function it clearly does update the array, but outside the
function the array stays empty.

Two problems with UbuntuMATE 19-10 - mouseover and shotwell


On both of my UbuntuMATE 19.10 installations, the mouseover does not
work. On previous version numbers, a mouseover would cause to be
displayed, a description of the item, and. now, especially with new
and unknown icons in the panel, I can not find what are they.

Also, whilst I had no problems using shotwell in 16.04.x, and earlier
LTS versions, in 19.10, it does not work. Shotwell in 19.10, tells me
that a camera is tied up by another application, which needs to be
shut down.

Ubuntu 18.04 login screen tells me my password is wrong


I have a bit of a conundrum regarding logging in to my Ubuntu 18 directly.

First, my setup:
* Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on Japanese hardware (including keyboard)
* Menus in English
* Japanese input using Mozc

1. When I login over RDP, no problem.
2. When I login from the console, Ubuntu tells me my password is wrong.
3. On my login screen I have 2 choices: 'Ubuntu' and 'Ubuntu Wayland'. Both end in the same wrong password result.
4. My password contains numbers, letters and an exclamation mark. That is all.

Supported scanners fugitsu iX1500?

I've searched what I can find on the SANE page and for ubuntu
supported, but can't find any up to date info.
Does anyone know if the fujitsu scansnap iX1500 scanner is supported?
I am using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on my business computer. I'll need to
update at some point, but everything is working Sooooo . . .

I'm not wanting to buy one only to find out it won't work. Thanks for
any thoughts


Fixed problem installing 19.10

I am running a virtual machine using Ubuntu 19.04 on a Synology DS918.
After several attempts the upgrade each time ended up with ‘Oh, no - something went wrong…’.

The following fixed the mess:
1. start upgrade via standard Software Updater - after very long time it ends up with the Oh,no… (it won’t help to log out!)
2. log in via ssh from another computer to the VM
3. sudo killall dpkg # (pgrep -f 'dpkg|apt’)
4. sudo dpkg --force-remove-reinstreq --remove nautilus-dropbox
5. sudo dpkg --configure -a
6. reboot
7. - the gnome desktop is back again
8. sudo apt autoremove --purge

Good luck

systemd-resolved edns0


systemd-resolved keeps appending 'options edns0' to /etc/resolve.conf. Does
anyone know if this can be disabled?

Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 19.04
Release: 19.04
Codename: disco

Kernel 5.0.0-32-generic


Persistant Password

Hi All

I have 18.04.3 & 19.04 LiveUSB's with Persistant storage, when I boot I get a
choice to use Persistant or Try without installing (plus many more options),
only problem is that now if I try to run Persistant it asks for a
LiveUserSesion Password, and I can't get past that, I can "Try without
installing" that seems to make Persistants pointless

Any ideas

Software updating problem

Since upgrading from 19.04 to 19.10 I have been receiving messages from
the updater saying "Package operation failed. The installation or
removal of a software package failed", but it doesn't give any specific

Another problem upgrading to 19.10


I was upgrading Kubuntu 19.04=>19.10, and it got stuck on "Setting up
libkf5textwidgets-data (5.62.0-0ubuntu1)". After a couple of hours I Ctrl-
C'ed it and ran "sudo dpkg --configure -a".

This worked well until it didn't anymore...

Now I'm stuck with a semi-working system and the mess below.

Problem installing 19.10

I downloaded the Ubuntu 19.10 desktop image (sha sum checked) and
burnt to an SD card (16GB). On booting into it I ran the Check Disk
option first, then Run Ubuntu and all seemed ok. I selected Install
Ubuntu and at the What do you want to do dialog I selected Something
Else then selected the 40GB partition that I had already formatted as
ext4 (using gparted in a working Ubuntu 19.04 partition) and told it
to mount it as '/' and not to format, then told it to continue.
At this point it hangs with the wheel spinning. I left it for an
hour but it was still spinning.

apt update fails: E: The repository ' disco Release' does not have a Release file.

Err:13 <a href="" title=""></a> disco Release
  404  Not Found [IP: 80]
Hit:14 <a href="" title=""></a> disco-updates InRelease
Hit:16 <a href="" title=""></a> disco-backports InRelease
Hit:17 <a href="" title=""></a> disco-security InRelease
Reading package lists...

DVD problem

When I insert a DVD I get a window saying words to the effect of
"Unable to mount disk it is already mounted"

I have set caja to do nothing for all media insertions, and never to
prompt on media insertion, and I have told it not to browse media when

So what is (a) automatically mounting the disk (and how do I stop it?),
and (b) what is sending me the message that it can't mount the disk
(and how do I stop that)?

Basically, I'm just trying to use K3B to write an iso, but it always
fails with a write error, which I assume is related to the above.

Useful link: "In defence of swap: common misconceptions"

<a href="" title=""></a>

Use of sfill -l ~; is it actually doing anything?


I'm using sfill to get rid of some naughty bits. I put sfill -l to work on
my home directory at about 2pm (about 7 hours ago) today, and it is still
chugging away. I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 on my Dell Latitude E5570 laptop.
The disk is 900GB in capacity and according to the System Monitor 26GB or
2% (apparently) is being used. Disk usage analyser says my home directory
consumes 18.6GB. There was a small break of about an hour or so when I put
my computer on standby.

Is sfill actually doing anything, and if it is, when should I expect it to



HP Printer driver requires access to


I was trying to install a printer driver for a HP LaserJet M1132 on a new
install of Ubuntu 18.03 when I ran into a problem.

Problem turns out that the driver software needs access to Now
I first tried this over the weekend so thought the server might be down for
maintenance. Tried it this evening and I am still experiencing the same

Tried connecting via ping and failed to connect - 100% packet

Interestingly enough, I can access <a href="" title=""></a> from a web browser.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Problems with Mate


I don't know how it happened but whenever I mount a partition, Firefox
is opened and the contents of the partition is displayed in Firefox.  I
have to close Firefox and open (display) the partition with Caja which
is the proper application to brows a partition.  Recently, the same
problem exists in Trash but there is no way to display the contents of
trash with Caja (which is the proper program to open trash).

I see no way to change this in System/ Preferences/"Preferred
applications".  Where can I reset the preferred application from Firefox
back to Caja, which is the default?


Upgrade from 16.04.x to 18.04.3 broke system - was Upgrade paths from UbuntuMATE 16.04.x and 18.04.x to 19.10

It occurred to me that I should repost the message below, with a
subject that better indicates what has happened.

<ubuntu- ... at lists dot>

On 13/10/2019, Petter Adsen < ... at nillabs dot com> wrote:

boot stops after displaying "Loading initial ramdisk..."

Hi there

while working on my Dell xps 15 laptop with Ubuntu 19.10 beta Firefox started to
behave strangely.

So I rebooted my laptop. Since then it fails to boot.

I tried to run it from a 19.04 live cd, and then to upgrade/update as described in:

<a href="" title=""></a>

Update Failure

If there was an update that made your system non-bootable and they have fixed it
in the repositories, you can use the Live CD to run apt-get to get the new files
to fix your system.


Upgrade paths from UbuntuMATE 16.04.x and 18.04.x to 19.10


I am running UbuntuMATE 16.04.x on three computers with nVIDIA
thingies, and 18.04.x on a different system.

In having just found and read the Release Notes (as they are at this
stage) for UbuntuMATE 19.10, as published at
<a href="" title=""></a>
with the expected release date being 2019-10-17 (and, funnily enough,
not 2019-10-19), and, with the expected advantages for people with
nVIDIA thingies, apart from the other expected benefits of the upgrade
to 19.10, for UbuntuMATE users, I am intending to upgrade all my
computers to 19.10, when it is released.
What I am wondering, is t

Always need to enter password again


When I go to a virtual console (alt-ctrl-F2 etc.), and go back to Gnome
again, I always need to re-enter the password. Can this be turned off
somehow? I've looked in gnome-control-center and gnome-tweaks, but
found nothing.


18.04: AccountServices settings for auto logout

Is there a way with Ubuntu 18.04 *using only CLI tools* (eg editing a system
file somewhere) to set a user to be auto logged out when idle for a period of
time (say 15-20 minutes)?

I have a batch of diskless workstations, using LDAP for authentification.
Generally for "guest accounts", but there are a few "real" users that log in
from time to time. One in partitular *always* forgets to logout. I want to
have the system log her out when she leaves. How can I do that? (And don't
tell me about the point-and-click user managing tool -- that is not going to

exending a partition

I have a 512gb SSD that has two partitions. The first holds my Mint
Linux OS and is about 150 gb, the second is just for my media
files and about 350gb and is full. I have a second SSD that I want to
use for Mint alone. Can I safely extend the media partition on the
512gb ssd to a single partition and not lose the media content on it?



Dell 13 XPS 7390


I have a Dell 13 XPS 7390 that I have just installed Ubuntu 18.04 on

The WiFi adapter is not been recognized.

Any help to resolve this would be sincerely appreciated

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely

Ian Taylor
University of St.Andrews,
School of Physics & Astronomy,
North Haugh,
Fife KY16 9SS,

e-Mail :- <a href=""></a>
Tel :- (0)1334-463141
Fax :- (0)1334-463104

The University of St Andrews
is a charity registered in
Scotland : No SC013532.

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