18.04, enabling the accessibility feature of the window menu's keyboard shortcuts?

One of the accessibility features I liked in 16.04 is window menu's
keyboard shortcuts. Alt-Space followed by one of seven control keys.
18.04 seem to have removed them from the window menu. Can anyone tell me
what has to be done to re-enable them?


Upgrading to kernel 4.18.0-21 HWE and updated Xorg server

I'm thinking about upgrading to the above kernel but would like to make
sure that with the updated Xorg server and other Xorg files. Will I
have any issues if I have to drop back to the current 4.15 kernel?

This is a Dell Optiplex 780. If more information is needed just let me
know please.

Unable to login to GNOME Shell xorg session while Wayland session works properly

Hello and thanks in advance for help.

system: Ubuntu 19.04, fully updated, GDM3 only with GNOME Shell,
installed by netinstall image.

GNOME Shell on xorg was working well for weeks, until I installed the
GNOME flashback session (packages: gnome-session-flashback, gnome-
flashback, gnome-flashback-common) or "Applications Menu" the GNOME
Shell extension via GNOME Software from

** I can login to the Wayland session without any problem.

Resizing partition

Hello I have osx installed with Ubuntu and am wanting to resize my main ubuntu partition. gparted won’t let me resize my osx partition. Any ideas why or what I should do? Can I resize my osx partition in osx and have more available space be reflected in Ubuntu. Then increase the ubuntu partition?

Kernel problem with scanner


My Canon CanoScan LiDE 220 scanner had worked reasonably well, until a
new kernel has been installed. It went into stop-and-go mode, and made
funny noises. This is worse in higher resolutions.

I had a notion that it might be a problem with USB, which in turn
resides in the kernel. I was right. The most current kernel, which has
been installed, was version 4.15.0-50. The previous one (which still
is available) was version 4.15.0-48. I tried that version, and the
problem went away.

Will this message be read and the problem fixed?



Periodically snapd seems to hammer my SSD drive for very long periods.
Killall snapd solves this for a while without any apparent effect on the
rest of my system, but it comes back eventually.

Is it OK to remove snapd altogether? Would I lose any important

- Richard.

OT? hardware recommendation?

I'd like to connect an ethernet 10GB port to en external usb3 hub and
can't see a bit on ebay to do this, anyone have a pointer?

Overall I have only a rj-45 socket for i/o to an external HD with a
usb3 connection, that's the issue I want to address. Seems as if it
should be cheap and easy but I can't seem to find one.



Debmirror: *remove* a distro version

I current have a local mirror that is maintained with a daily run of
debmirror. Right now, three versions of Ubuntu are maintained: 14.04, 16.04,
and 18.04. Sometime soon, I am going to drop 14.04. Because of the way the the
Ubuntu mirror is structured (all of the package files for all three versions
are in a single tree of package files), I am not sure how to remove just the
(older) 14.04 versions. With CentOS, this is easy, since its repo is
structured having a separate tree for each major version and removing version
is just a single rm -rf command for that verison's tree.

Re: UBUNTU OSX partition

01 June 2019 at 13:33, Liam Proven wrote:
Re: UBUNTU OSX partition (at least in part)

It does (sort of) you would need "apfs-fuse"

you need to compile it from source, but there are simple to follow newbie
friendly step-by-step instructions

Ubuntu 18.04: systemd-resolved -- crashing or failing to start properly...

I have an *intermittent* problem with systemd-resolved. It is either crashing
or fails to start properly. The sympton is that when I go to do an update (eg
apt-get update), I get name resolver errors to the *local* (LAN only) mirror
host. Doing a "systemctl restart systemd-resolved" cures the problem. I am not
sure exactly what is going on, but it appears that for some reason
systemd-resolved is not seeing (or using) the *local* LAN DNS server (bind9
running on a CentOS 6 server).

UBUNTU OSX partition

I have UBUNTU and OSX installed on a Mac. Both operating systems are working perfectly but I am new to linux and am wondering if my partition scheme makes sense. The hard drive is 251 GB. Partition 1 says EFI 210 MB FAT. The second partition says MAC 211 GB APFS. Partition 3 says Swap 4.0 GB. Partition 4 says 36 GB Ext 4. Is this correct? It would seem to me that I would try to split the hard drive more evenly between OSX and UBUNTU. If changing the partition makes sense can I do this in either UBUNTO or OSX without reinstalling?

Best partition sizes on a mac

Hello I have a Mac computer and want ubuntu to work alongside OS X on one hard drive. What is the ideal partition configuration for this?

.desktop files no longer run when double clicked (on desktop or in file browser)

In Ubuntu 19.04 I am finding that it is not possible to run a .desktop
file on the Desktop, or in nautilus file browser, by double clicking
it. Apparently the Gnome developers have decided that there is no
need for us to be able to this. Searching has not yielded a
workaround other than to install a different file manager.

See <a href="" title=""></a>


Wireless not connecting...

I just installed 18.04 on an older Hp Laptop. Everything is working, except
(of course!) the WiFi.

The WiFi NIC is a Realtek Semiconductor Co.

Krita view and/or export issue


due to increasing issues with Gimp, I try to migrate from Gimp to Krita.

Is anybody experienced in using Krita?

At the moment I'm puzzled on how to come closer to "what you see is
nearly what you get", than what I experience at the moment, see
<a href="" title=""></a>.

The wallpaper JPEG was exported with high quality JPEG settings. I
suspect it's not only loss caused by the export.

Connecting to a basic wi fi network (getting on the internet) in Ubuntu

I am running the latest version of ubuntu on a mac their is a wi fi network around me but when I go into wi-fi in ubuntu it says no Wi-Fi Adapter Found. How do I set up a basic WI-FI Internet connection?

Passing parameters to a snap package

I want to pass a command line parameter to an application when I run
snap start <application>
Google suggests that it is necessary to edit the Exec line in the
desktop file in /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications to do this. Is
that correct? It seems a bit of an issue if there is no way of doing
this via the command line.


How do I get rid of unusable application icon on launcher?


I have an application icon on my Ubuntu 16.04 launcher that doesn't seem to
work. This could possibly be because I moved the program to which it refers
soon after putting locking the icon to the launcher.

How does one remove stuff from the launcher that doesn't work?

Firefox 67.0 NOT WORKING

Since the upgrade to Firefox 67.0 was installed, Firefox will NOT load

I tried to downgrading with Synaptic, however, the only option Synaptic
gives me is Firefox version 45.0.2. (I believe it's the 1st version
installed with Ubuntu 16.04.)

(Synaptic should allow backing up to the previous version, as in the
case of a new version that is broken.)

Worst of all I can't find Firefox version 66.0.5 anywhere, not even

Tried using the Ubuntu browser, however it's so slow that it's virtually

I've installed Chromium, however I still can't find version 66.0.5.

Experience with OnlyOffice's desktop editors?


having several "*.xlsx" files I need to maintain on both, Windows and
Ubuntu I'm rather fed up with LibreOffice's inability to open even the
simplest spreadsheet created with Microsoft's Excel. Searching the web
I stumbled accross OnlyOffice's "desktopeditors" binary.

Does anybody have any experience with this program?


Directory for executable files

Thank you for reading this.

In the past, programmes that needed to be built were downloaded into
/usr/local/src and once "configure" and "make" were run an executable
file would end up in /usr/local/bin. I don't often need to build a file
with "make" and instead many of the programmes that I've downloaded,
often to take advantage of the latest version, are downloaded in a zip
file that contains an executable file.

Once extracted the executable file, along with many other files, ends up
in ~/Downloads/programme_name but of course that directory is not in

Bluetooth reinstall

Hi all!

I had a new blue-tooth device, and as usual when I get a new blue-tooth
device, I try to make it work with Ubuntu (the hope dies always last...)
. This time, because of despair, I tried to delete and reinstall
everything related to blue-tooth on my machine... Obviously a bad
idea... The deleting went quite well, the reinstall process less.

I reinstalled bluez but when I try to launch some bluez commands it
seems like they are not installed...

Do you have any suggestion about what to do to, at least, restore the
previous situation?

Thanks a lot for the help,


Release notes for 19.04 unavailable

FYI, I'm starting to upgrade from 18.10 to 19.04, and when I start the
upgrade process and get a window which is supposed to show release
notes, I instead see:
ForbiddenYou don't have permission to access /ubuntu/dists/disco-
updates/main/dist-upgrader-all/current/ReleaseAnnouncement.html on this
Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80

USB permissions question

If I create a script on a USB stick plugged into my system it's
permissions are:
If I try to make it executable with chmod u+x nothing happens, so I
can't run it.

How can I get scripts and programs to run from a USB stick? Is there a
handy guide somewhere?

I tried the advice on
<a href="" title=""></a>
but "sudo /etc/init.d/udev restart" did not complete and return the
command prompt, so I'm not clear where to go from here.

- Richard.

Upgrade problem

I am having a problem upgrading to 19.04 from 18.10 using the GUI.

What commands do I need to run in a terminal to upgrade the system?

Intel Boot Agent question

I'm a little embarrassed to have to ask for a solution to this seemingly
simple problem.

I have replaced the SSD in my a Lenevo ThinkPad T420 and since then on
reboot Intel agent displays a menu that contains two items, DVDRam and
IBA GE Slot. If I press F12 during a cold boot than the same menu is
displayed with the addition of the SSD.

I have spent a lot of time on the Internet looking for a solution and I
see that disabling or moving IBA GE Slot down a list features a lot.

Trouble with Wacom Tablet


I'm trying to use a Wacom Intuos PTK-440 with Ubuntu 19.04 on a Lenovo
Ideapad 320. When I drag the stylus across the tablet, nothing happens.
I have to hold down one of the buttons on the stylus and hover above the
surface of the tablet in order to paint with it. This is the first time
I've used a Wacom tablet in almost a decade and my first time using this
particular model. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe this is
how it's supposed to work. Anybody have any idea what's going on? And
how I might fix it?


old disk access

Some of the old disks I'm trying to access are likely quite old - in
the 250 to 750 MB range. Same connectors as old but larger disks
[1GB and up] that I can access. In disks they just show up as generic
ATA/ATAPI and it says "no media". A couple did a lot of
screeching/beeping before they finally decided to run, but none of the
very small ones show as a disk. What may be preventing me from accessing
those smaller disks?

user # access?

Running Ubuntu 16.04 updated. I have a few disks from my older linux
comps, even way back to Mandriva :-), and I'd like to check for some
info on those disks. When I try to access them, I can't. Says owner is
user# 501, etc and I don't have any permissions. Tried installing
Nautilus-admin but that doesn't work either. How can I access my old
disks via a GUI so I can easily see all and copy some if necessary?
These will not be used to boot, so I don't mind altering those disks
if necessary.

Merging two linux partitions

I'm asking for advice so that I don't create additional problems for myself.

I've cloned my 120GB SSD to a 1TB SSD and now I want to extend the Linux
partition so that it uses all of the extra space of the drive.

I have formatted (using gparted) the remaining 800GB to ext4 so now I
have three partitions Windows, Linux and the new partition. So, the
question is how do I merge the Linux partition with the new partition
without losing any data?

The easiest solution would be to delete my Linux partition and create a
new larger / partition and then reinstall.

GDM3 Login List -- where does this list come from?

I manage a batch of diskless workstations and have *automatic* login
(AutomaticLogin options in /etc/gdm3/custom.conf) set up (for a guest
account). *Sometimes* people need to login with a specific personal account.
What I would like would be for the *automatic* login to have a delay. On
machines *with* disks, this can be done with the TimedLogin options in
/etc/gdm3/custom.conf. The problem is this: the logins are authenticated via

Consequences of removing venv

My Linux mint18 system recently wanted to up date python 3.6.

Bluetooth mic - works in 18.xx+?

This is not a problem as such, just an enquiry about other people's

Can anyone using any version of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or later AND using a
bluetooth earphones+mic combo confirm whether the microphone does in
fact work? By autoswitching out of A2DP to HSP/HFP mode or by any other

Regards, K.

PS: Please don't waste everybody's time with theories :-) This has been
EXTENSIVELY discussed in numerous forums. Just looking for actual
direct experience of a working setup on 18.xx or later.

Query about screen capture to create video of session


About 35 years ago, in a technical college unit about operating
systems and system administration, using a DEC PDP11/44 running
RSTS/e, for the operating system for the commands, etc, that we were
taught, to do a test (as in an assessment of students' skills), we
used a command, which, from memory, was ATPK, which, from the time of
invoking it, to stopping it, recorded commands entered, and the
responses (this was way before GUI thingies).

I am running UbuntuMATE 16.04.x .

I am aware of, and, use, the Take Screenshot application, and, I am
aware of the Print Screen key, both of which

GUI to CLI Modechange automatically

dear team,

i am using Ubuntu 18.04, in which i had removed few applications such as
firefox, python3.6 and then after that i got an error message that my
terminal is stucked when i restarted the system than it's changed to CLI
mode, kinldy suggest what causes this error.

is there any way to switch it again to GUI MODE?????
Pintoo Yadav

Ubuntu 19.04 Desktop Keeps Crashing


I'm running Ubuntu 19.04 on a Lenovo Ideapad 320 with 8GB of RAM and an AMD Radeon R7 series graphics card. Periodically, the screen will go black for a split second before returning me to the login screen. When I log back in, whatever applications I had open will be closed and any work will be lost. I experienced the same issue under Ubuntu 18.04 and Xubuntu 18.04 as well as Ubuntu 16.04. Anybody have any idea why this keeps happening and what I might do to stop it?


Firefox extensions no longer recognized


Ubuntu version: 18.04.2 LTS

Recently I opened Firefox to discover that none of the extensions I
have installed and used for months are recognized. I see messages
under Legacy Extensions that say...

Among the plugins I use are "HTTPS Everywhere" and "uBlock Origin".

This appears to have surfaced after a recent update, and all software
on my system is reported as up-to-date by apt.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Jason Franklin

19.04 in virtualbox

My desktop has 18.04 and I'm trying to install 19.04 in virtualbox. When I
select the install option, it stops progressing after giving me the option
to erase disk/something else/etc. When I try ubuntu without installing, it
gets to the desktop then hangs. In both cases, it's using a lot of CPU (I
gave it 2 cores and it's using 170% of the CPU. I have other VMs running
fine. Are there any known problems with 19.04/virtual box? I would naively
think that this would be the easiest environment for developers to test and
debug because the system that is running is not customized...

OT: greenish area in new monitor

Hello all,

(I am asking here also to have "language support", because I have no
idea which kind of keywords I should put in search engines to get
results relevant to the issue below...)

I am running Ubuntu 16.04LTS on a box with on-board graphic controller
(output of lspci is below).

Yesterday my monitor broke. Being in a hurry to finish a deadline, I
borrowed from a friend an unused HP 23bw ISP monitor, which as far as
he remembers had no problem whatsoever.

I plugged connected this monitor to the computer with the HDMI cable,
and found a problem.

19.04 Live

Hi All

Trying to run 19.04 Live (at least) on my desktop box, but it never gets paste
a strange grey brick pattern with a curser

never gets to the choice to Install or run LiveUSB, there don't "seem" to be
any options during boot (used to be F keys to choose)

AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200+, 2 GB Ram, AMD Radion 9200

Android-x86-81-r1_Live Persistant Storage

Hi All

Sorry for OT post

I'm playing with "Android-x86-81-r1", amazingly it works (on all my boxies so
far) but using the live USB I have to setup for every box I test on, and repeat
that every time

I've looked around the net, and even searched the "Android-x86" group for

Does anyone else have any ideas on how to add "Persistant Storage" to the live
USB, either at burn time or post burn?

HTML Plugin for Claws-Mail - 18.04?

I recently upgraded to v18.04. I was a bit disappointed to find that the HTML plugins were removed (I realize it was for security purposes). I have checked around and there doesn't seem to be an alternative. I am under the impression that there never will be one for 18.04. Is that true?

I would hate to have to change to a different email client after using CM for 10+ years.



18.04: "untrusted launcher" -- how to make it *permanently* trusted

I recently upgraded a batch of diskless workstations to Ubuntu 14.04 using
DRBL. Everything is working well, except for one small problem: We have some
launcher files (.desktop) files in the login account Desktop folder, but even
though they are chmod +x (and some are in fact direct copies from
/usr/share/applications) they come up as "untrusted". (And yes, they are
properly owned by the user and group, etc.). They work, once you click "Trust
and execute", but they become untrusted again on reboot.

What is going on here? Is there some additional magic needed somewhere?

do-release-upgrade is crashing when going from 16.04 to 18.04

I recently upgraded a laptop from 14.04 to 16.04 using do-release-upgrade. I
has been running just fine with 16.04, but I just tried to update it to 18.04
by running do-release-upgrade again, but do-release-upgrade is crashing.

The only *possible* weirdness is that I am using a local mirror (built with
debmirror). I did use this mirror to install a 18.04 VM (and have been
successfully keeping the VM up-to-date). And I did use the mirror to upgrade
this laptop, another laptop, and (so far) one desktop machine from 14.04 to

What should I be looking for to debug this problem?

System problem detected

After completing the upgrade to 19.04, I get a window indicating that
a system problem has been detected. It doesn't indicate what the
problem might be but just offers the option to report it, which I've

How might I best find out what the problem is? I assume there's
something in syslog, but I'm not clear what to look for.

- Richard

gmail question

I have two gmail accounts and I thought that it might be a good idea to
have my default e-mail account download e-mail from my second account.
This wasn't a good idea because I now get two copies of the same e-mail;
one in my default account directory and another copy in my second
account directory. I want to reverse this action.

Under "Settings -> Accounts and Imports" there's an option to delete the
second account. Selecting "delete" asks if I really want to delete the
second account. I don't, I just want to unlink the two accounts.

I really do not want to lose this account.

19.04 upgrade problems

I have just tried to upgrade from 18.10 to 19.04, but encountered two

The more serious one was that linux-image-5.0.0-13-generic could not be
installed. I got an error message that said:-
triggers looping, abandoned
and it suggested filing an error report.

The upgrade was aborted and a recovery was run (dpkg -configure
-a).This has left me with my old kernel.

My immediate question now is, is it OK to reboot and run all the new
upgraded software with the old kernel? Or would I be better off trying
a completely new installation?

What permission for /usr/local/bin ??

Hi there,

I updated to Ubuntu 19.04.

Now I get a permission error when I try to install virtualenvwrapper:

Traceback (most recent call last):
line 143, in main
    status =, args)
line 75, in run
    auto_confirm=options.yes, verbose=self.verbosity > 0,
line 683, in uninstall
    uninstalled_pathset.remove(auto_confirm, ver

What permission for /usr/local/bin ??

Hi there,

I updated to Ubuntu 19.04.

Now I get a permission error when I try to install virtualenvwrapper:

Traceback (most recent call last):
line 143, in main
    status =, args)
line 75, in run
    auto_confirm=options.yes, verbose=self.verbosity > 0,
line 683, in uninstall
    uninstalled_pathset.remove(auto_confirm, ver

.py question

Greetings all;

I have a test equipment device running xenial, and one of the options
needs to run "python3" except I have no clue where to put, in the
file system, this file so that python can find it and execute it.

So where should I install this file and its passel of cousins?

Thank you.

Cheers, Gene Heskett

Linux Mint & Opera 60.0

Hi All,

Till day before yesterday, 20 April 12 noon GMT, (even though I am
Delhi, India based, but for convenience ... GMT time) Opera 58.xx VPN
stopped working on Linux Mint 19. So, thought it was old and needed an
upgrade, I upgraded to Opera 60.0. Now when ever I open my browser,
VPN is still not connecting.

After a 24 hr period it connects but the moment I type some thing to
search or open it disconnects immediately. No firewalls enabled.

Any solution ? Other also facing this ?



Encrypted home partition accessible by administrator

I am experimenting with encrypting a users home partition. I created a
new user using
sudo apt install ecryptfs-utils
sudo adduser --encrypt-home username

which appeared to do the job, however I see that when logged in as an
administrator (not the new user) I am able to browse the encrypted
files in Nautilus by using the administrators password. Is that
supposed to be what happens? If so how can I make a user whose files
cannot be seen by any other user?


Unwanted music played by some websites


Is there any way to block (unless wanted) the music played by some
websites?  I find unwanted sounds coming from the speaker very annoying,
particularly when I am listening to some wanted music.  Of course, I do
want to listen to some website sounds.  I am using the Firefox web
browser and Mint 17.1 with the Mate desktop.

Bill Stanley

Ubuntu 19.04 VERY long load times w/ Nvidia graphics (esp compared to 18.10)


I upgraded one of my boxes from 18.10 to 19.04 and the boot time went
from < 1 minute to several minutes in length.

This feels like a major regression to me, but I'm not sure where to
start in troubleshooting. Ideas?


Has anyone dual booted windows with ubuntu 18.04?

I want to dualboot windows with ubuntu 18.04. However, I also want my
ubuntu partition encrypted but the installer insists on partitioning the
whole drive for ubuntu. Normally, I would just use gparted to reduce the
size of the partition, but the lkm/luks thing is throwing it off. I tried
going through several guides to no avail.

Is there something simple I am missing. I would imagine a ubuntu/windows
pairup would be quite common.

- Steve

What's the best way to test mainline Ubuntu without destroying my Kubuntu install?

So as I've whinged about extensively here and elsewhere, I had a terrible, terrible time trying and ultimately failing to get Ubuntu 18.04 and then 18.10 running on my Alienware 17 R5.

I eventually settled on Kubuntu which works great.

However, if I could I'd love to be able to be running mainline Ubuntu Gnome, especially with 19.04 coming.

What's the best way for me to test whether that will actually work these days? Is a LiveCD with no installation enough?

OT: Ethernet to wireless converts

I know this is off topic but I don't know where else to ask.

I'll be losing my landline soon and will only have access to the
Internet via the mobile phone network. I have a video recorder that gets
it's programme guide via an Ethernet connection. So what I need is an
Ethernet to wireless converter. I've looked at a couple of options from
EBay but I cannot quite see how a wireless connection can be set.

Disco Dingo (Final) Ubuntu 64-bit


Well, on a different system, with only 19.04 beta on it (which got
overwritten), Disco Dingo behaved fine. Installed OK, only used it for a
spot of web browsing because I am tired.



Disco Dingo (Final) and Fedora 29 (Workspace Edition) - Dell Dimension E520


So I had this Dell Tower PC running Fedora 29 WSE. Decided to install Disco
Dingo (Final) - DDF for short - alongside it.

The installer worked OK. The hard drive partitions were rearranged neatly.
All seemed well in the world. Then, suddenly, DDF stopped booting. After a
while I seemed to narrow down the problem to Fedora doing "something" to
the hard drive.

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