Determine if Ubuntu 17.10 (desktop) is using Wayland


If I recall correctly, Ubuntu 17.10 (desktop version), uses Wayland if the computer’s hardware supports it. Is there an easy way for me to determine on a running 17.10 machine if Wayland is being used or if the OS is falling back to X ?


- J

LVM: How to access a foreign volume group


I'm about to set up an LVM cache (for my encrypted root file system). This involves attaching a cache pool LV to the origin LV to be cached, as the last step:

lvconvert --type cache --cachepool kubuntu-vg/cachedatalv kubuntu-vg/root

I've got it working in a virtual machine, but I'm hesitant to apply the procedure to my production system. It would be bad, if I had to restore it from a backup, because I have installed and configured a lot of things.

So, in case something goes wrong, I want to be able to start a rescue system and undo the attaching of the cache pool LV to the origin LV.

Why Windows 10 is bad

If you care,

these are words from a Microsoft programmer:

The idea is that everything is serviceable over the internet now, so
they can just "fix it later", except they never do.

Re: Ctrl+Alt + arrow keys SOLVED

On Fri, Dec 1, 2017 at 7:20 AM, Gary J. Kirkpatrick < ... at gmail dot com>

informational interview

For grant money to a vocational school I'm conducting informational

<a href="" title=""></a>

Shouldn't take more than two or three minutes. Feel free to contact me



noauto option ignored in /etc/fstab?


I have the following line in /etc/fstab:

UUID=XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX /boot ext4 noauto,relatime 0 2

The noauto option should prevent the fs to be mounted during boot.

That worked great in every distro I have touched in the last 20 years.

But since I reinstalled this box with 16.04 LTS, this FS is mounted during

Any ideas what causes this FS to be mounted during boot?

Re: Keylogger

Adam McClure schreef op 01-12-2017 3:46:
Well I do need one but the downside is that if you have no GUI, you have
to keep it running in the background basically and that means it also
logs all of your passwords.

Also the

Ctrl+Alt + arrow keys

The shortcut Ctrl+Alt + arrow keys allows you to move in the workspaces.
At least it did for me until just now.Ctrl+Alt + arrow keys allows you to
move in the workspaces.

A comment in askubuntu states it no longer works in Ubuntu 16.04. Another
comment suggested adding Compiz and working on it from there.

Any thoughts?



Does anyone know of a keylogger with a GUI and an easy-to-use
turn-on/turn-off feature?

I mean like an applet in the system tray?

LibreOffice crashed on me again and took some text with it, now my
document is incongruent again because I can never remember exactly what
I wrote.

virtualbox vs. virtualbox-nonfree


I have a simple question about something I saw in the Mint repository. 
There are two versions of virtualbox there.  One is virtualbox and the
other is virtualbox-nonfree.  What is the difference?  The description
says nothing about the difference.  I assume that the nonfree version is
not open source.  Maybe it refers to a fee to use it?

Bill Stanley

Create "Live USB" withinn Ububntu

Hi All

I would like to find a (preferably GUI) tool to create a "Live USB" with
persistance from Ubuntu, I have so far used (mainly)

"123 Universial USB Installer" or "Rufus"

Boh had minor probs, 123 of late failed "IF" the internal formating function
was used but would work if USB was pre-formated "outside" of 123, persistance
was never a problem, but the last few versions have not even made a bootable
Live USB (with or without Persistance)

Rufus has always worked fine but does not have persistance feature

so I tried YUMI Multiboot, has persistance but again cant seem to make a

Kubuntu SDDM kills keyboard

I stopped SDDM using systemctl stop sddm from within KDE this time and
expected to be returned to a TTY as usual.

It took away my keyboard and I had again no way to log in to a tty and
restart it.

It also took away the display like when it had gone to standby in a live
session (the monitor).

It could be related to multi-monitor but this is what it is.

For the second time I have had to kill my computer and reboot it while
it was doing something important.

This has never happened to me before, also not before when I was doing
the same multi-monitor using the same graphics card.

Today in /etc/hosts

What is the meaning of the line: mymachine

in my /etc/hosts file? It was put in there by a Xubuntu-17.10
install (or to be more accurate, an Ubuntu server-17,10 + Xubuntu
package install.) I am installing some backup software (bacula)
which for reasons I haven't delved into, dislikes (as in breaks)
when it resolves "mymachine"s address and ends up with
which is what happens when the above line is present in /etc/hosts.

list of installed packages without using apt?

Is there some way of getting output similar to 'apt list --installed'
without using apt? Specifically I want a list of installed packages,
their version numbers, and whether they were installed at my request
or as a dependency. dpkg-query provides the first two items and I
think apt-mark the last, but the problem is combining them.

I dont want to use apt because: 1) I am using in a shell script and
apt prints an annoying warning, 2) The warning recommends against
using apt in scripts :-) I want to use basic low-level commands
and not large complex things like apt or aptitude.



- fails installation completely when Grub fails
- fails installation when you select a different volume for /var
- does not clean up swapon when it fails
- fails on installation when the swap partition is still in swapon state
- does not clean up when any submodule is terminated
- fails completely when a submodule is terminated
- downloads stuff without asking or without telling you it is going to
do it (plugins)

Probably cost me about 30 euro.

- cannot deal with the downloading not finishing
- does not timeout or quit doing its thing when downloads don't finish

ipcalc and sipcalc

Just looking at these two tools. I see different online converts from
IPv4 to IPv6. Can either or both of these tools perform that conversion?


<a href="" title=""></a>

something like that?



Reports from LibreBase

I store all of my financial data in a LibreBase data base.  When this
was first set up I defined a number of reports. These worked properly
until this year. Now if I run aq report or try to define one thedata
base crashes. While it recovers without loss of data. I cannot get any
of the reports to work. Some thing is obviously missing of broken. Apart
form reports the database works normally.  I assume the database
produces an error report when I try to work with reporting.

Basic rfcomm question

Thank you for reading this.

Using hcitool scan I have discovered the MAC address of my bluetooth
module but I cannot communicate with it because /dev/rfcomm0 has not
been created. Also, /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.confdoes not exist.

An Internet search has not helped and I think the answer should be very
obvious. Any help will be gratefully appreciated.

Nautilus and SMB1

My Synology NAS allows control of which version of SMB it uses. When I
tell it not to support SMB1, Nautilus stops working, and cannot mount
shares off the NAS.

I've researched the issue, and while I can find heaps of Samba-related
tips, nothing about Nautilus.

I used the Synology web interface to set the server protocol range to
SMB2/SMB2: Nautilus could not mount shares.

The Synology is using Samba under the hood. I edited its smb.conf
directly and set "protocol=SMB2" and rebooted the Synology to make sure
that all connections were closed.

Name resolution with unqualified names

First an admission: I have only a general understanding of IP and name

My issue has to do with my local subnet, so let me describe it:
1. there's a fairly new LinkSys AC1900 MU-MIMO gigabity router connected to
my cable modem. Most of the things attached to it have reserved IP numbers
in the 10.x.x.x range.

2. Since I have more than 4 wired connections, I have 2 TP-LINK TP-SG105E
switches, one in my garage (where my 4 desktop computers live), one in my
office where there are also a printer, 2 laptops and some other stuff.


Ubuntu 16.04 and LDAP authentication


I have installed Ubuntu 16.04

After somework I finally managed to get it to see the LDAP accounts on
the local LDAP server

(Ubuntu 14.04 had no such trouble with this)

I can sit on my 16.04 system and su – tyuiop and get tyuiop to mount ok

A getent passwd tyuiop also returns the correct id

However I cannot login to my 16.04 machine as user tyuiop

In /var/log/auth.log I see

Nov 24 11:13:43 ringworld sshd[29546]: pam_unix(sshd:auth):
authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=ssh ruser=

name resolution

So I have two issues.

One is that nsswitch resolution of .local domain doesn't work

ping john.local

<no response>

ping john

PING john.local ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=1.38 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=64 time=1.53 ms

The other is that NetworkManager does not use the "domain" returned from
DHCP to set up a "split" domain with requests for domain ("local") going
to the DNS server acquired via DHCP.

In case you have another connection (e.g.



Can anyone point me in the right direction to configure Ubuntu 17.10,
Ibus and Emacs, please?


Alternatives for Synaptic for Gnome

Dear all,

Is there any alternative for Synaptic for Gnome? I used Unity to use
Synaptic, but I have a problem with Unity, and I have to use gnome.

Can't change software sources via GUI following upgrade to 17.10 (using Gnome)

Having upgraded to 17.10 (from 17.04), when I open Software and
Updates I am unable to select or deselect s/w sources. I do not get
the popup asking me to enter my password. I do not see the problem on
another machine with a fresh install of 17.10.

Any suggestions where I might look to sort it? No success searching
Google and Launchpad.


Installing ubuntu-tweak


Can I install ubuntu-tweak on Ubuntu 17.10 Artfull? And, if I can, how I
can do it?



(Solved) It's All Text vs. Textern in Firefox 57


I'm writing this message for folks, which encounter the same problem with Firefox 57, that I did.

You heard of it: There is a big retrofit to Firefox in Version 57. This means that many addons don't work any longer and need to be ported to the new firefox version. (Addons now need to use the WebExtensions API).

There's the It's All Text addon, which I've used up to firefox version 56. It has been used to launch an external text editor for editing text areas. It doesn't work with Firefox 57.

usb serial device for older system...

Sorry for abusing this list,

But I wonder if there would be anyone technically inclined enough.......

I have a CH340 USB relais.

Grub consol "not seeing hd" partitions

Hi All

I have a query re Grub consol, I'm trying to prepare an erxternal USB for an
(EFI) Mac, to do so requires mounting the installed USB from the grub consol
(of a liveUSB)

1) I can't get to the grub consol of the live USB, shift brings the choose
language menu and "C" does nothing

2) So I installed the same version on a lappy top as the only system and can
get to grub from there (Shift then "C") but then grub can only see the disk
(HD1) not the partitions (HD1, gpt1), (HD1,gpt2) etc

3) If I let either installed system or LiveUSB run up I can then see the
partitions on sdb (sdb1,

Resetting and *locking* the Desktop in Ubuntu 14.04

We have a batch of public workstations and sometimes, somehow (I don't know
how -- I am not a user of pointy-clicky desktop file managers), the desktop
file manager displays ~home/ instead of ~home/Desktop. How do I fix this and
how do I prevent users from randomly changing it? Specificly, what config
files are being messed with and how do I "lock" those files (eg make them
non-writable or something). And no, I don't want a pointy-clicky solution, I
want a solution I can implement from the command line, since I suspect it
might be a matter of running a daily cron job to fix/re-fix.

large screenshots (2MB+)

How do I control screenshot compression?

thufir@dur:~/Pictures$ ls -hal
total 5.2M
drwxr-xr-x 3 thufir thufir 60K Nov 16 08:32 .
drwx--x---+ 72 thufir thufir 20K Nov 16 07:47 ..
drwxrwxr-x 2 thufir thufir 4.0K Nov 14 05:03 .comments
-rw-rw-r-- 1 thufir thufir 145K Nov 14 05:44 Screenshot from 2017-11-14
-rw-rw-r-- 1 thufir thufir 2.5M Nov 16 08:29 Screenshot from 2017-11-16
-rw-rw-r-- 1 thufir thufir 2.5M Nov 16 08:32 Screenshot from 2017-11-16

I changed some sort of setting somewhere, be

Another rant

After a power outage I think the lvm cache was in a bad state, did not
repair itself, and caused trouble.

But I'm not sure.

I couldn't troubleshoot it because I couldn't sudo.

But because I don't have time for that I'm back in Windows.

I went into the rescue environment of kernel 4.8.

You get this nice blue menu that look really good.

But rather after systemd messages start washing across the screen.

They are gone for a while and you can enter a shell and think about what
to do.

Then the systemd messages return and the entire system hangs with a tty
overflow message somewhere on

Weird screen flickering with Intel HD Graphics 5500

I've been using Linux on different laptops for many years, and after I
upgraded to 17.10, this is the first time I'm having problems with an
Intel GPU.

Here is a 5.6 MB video showing the problem:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Every time this happens, I have to close the lid to suspend the laptop
for a few seconds.

~> inxi -G
Graphics: Card: Intel HD Graphics 5500
Display Server: x11 (X.Org 1.19.5 )
drivers: modesetting (unloaded: fbdev,vesa)
Resolution: ... at 59 dot 97hz
OpenGL: renderer: Mesa DRI Intel HD Graphics

sync to external drive

I am looking for a gui program that syncs pc to an external drive, USB or
card reader. I have found three but all are rather complicated:

In installed Syncthing and find it cumbersome- for example to see what is
going on you have to go to It does not seem to get easier
after that.

Any suggestions?



run install for iso through virsh?

When I created the guest through virt-manager I got a GUI install splash

How do I get an install interface from virsh?

thufir@dur:~$ virsh create kvm/AsteriskNOW.xml
Domain asteriskNOW created from kvm/AsteriskNOW.xml

thufir@dur:~$ virsh list
Id Name State

ignoring, for the moment, networking and storage.



bridge ports lo (kvm)

Want to use KVM, so setting up bridging.

current, using *wifi*:

thufir@dur:~$ cat /etc/network/interfaces
# interfaces(5) file used by ifup(8) and ifdown(8)
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

<a href="" title=""></a>

says to make it look like:

#auto eth0
#iface eth0 inet dhcp

auto br0
iface br0 inet dhcp
bridge_ports eth0
bridge_stp off
bridge_fd 0
bridge_maxwait 0

so I want like:

auto br0
iface lo inet loopback
bridge ports ????????

what goes there? "bridge ports lo"?

google voice

what is the status for google voice in Canada? Looking at:

<a href="" title=""></a>

that seems interesting, but some google stuff just doesn't work from



ssh aws key management

For ssh, what's a good strategy to keep logins organized? I'm doing:

ssh -i "suse.pem" ec2- ... at ec2 dot ..

and could add that to aliases. What might be some other approaches to
handling keys and logins? I'm not ssh'ing to dozens of instances -- less
than five.



Custom .XCompose

So apparently there is a guy who has tried to mimic the Windows
behaviour as closely as possible.

<a href="" title=""></a>

There is a .XCompose you can download that will (or should) fix all of
those dead accent issues with 'n and 'r.

It's just that it doesn't work for me and my .XCompose is not even read
by the system.

So first question:

How do you get the .XCompose read by the system, using either:

- fcitx
- xim
- uim

as input method?

Does /usr/share/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/Compose even get read by the
system? I don't know...

Last access an hour ago.

my little rant...

Just a little rant here.

Why have the KDE people still not managed to link the audio applet to
the audio settings?

Why does KDE come without any keybindings for the Win key?

Why is there no good keyboard with "dead keys" that will make sense?

- the standard one will "eat" all 'n and 's presses, not outputting
- the alternative one will create ń and ś
- why is there not just one that will do é but leave 'n alone, so you
can actually type don't?

I mean wtf, this makes changing from Linux to some other OS very

Or vice versa, I mean.

Why do they manage to create app

gtk themes

I installed Zim and it looked very nice.

Then I installed vim-gnome

And after that the Zim appearance had changed.

How do I get it back to what it was before?

Oh I think I found my answer..

It removed gtk3-engines-breeze.


I think it was because I had commented out universe-updates.


To save bandwith.

system freezes

So I have a number of unknowns:

- nvidia RAID (works fine in Windows)

- LVM dm-cache of the root device

What happens is at least the following:

- keyboard repetition regularly stops

- the entire KDE environment sometimes freezes, sometimes it recovers,
sometimes it doesn't.

- it will freeze upon writes (saves)
- last time the application successfully exited while saving but the
KDE screen was frozen

- but sometimes it also freezes while I'm not doing anything in

Sometimes /etc/init.d/sddm restart works, sometimes it doesn't.

Sometimes ctrl-alt-f1 res

Konsole select into primary clipboard


I wonder if it's possible to have a terminal like Konsole to not use 2
different copy paste buffers,

but to put the text selection immediately not just in the 2nd buffer,
but also in the first one.

Contact wanted

Hi All,

I am an Ubuntu 16.04 user and a bit old (85) not very clever. I am
looking for a contact to develop relationship for mutual help and
understanding for the use of Ubuntu and the occasional difficulty one
does come across with.

Would be most grateful for a willing contact that is prepared to help an
old fellow in London like me.

Kindest regards

Bela Yorke <a href="mailto: ... at gmail dot com"> ... at gmail dot com</a>

Need SAMBA for bak/sync, but NOT browsable

Hi All,

I am able to configure samba for LAN sharing.

At the same time I also need to secure the backup directory of each user

1. Not accessible to users over File Explorer (\\server\userBAKUPdirectory)


first byte timeout

Trying to upgrade some packages I keep seeing

Err:1 <a href="" title=""></a> xenial/main amd64 wine-
staging-amd64 amd64
  503  first byte timeout
Err:2 <a href="" title=""></a> xenial/main i386 wine-
staging-i386 i386 2.20.0~xenial
  503  first byte timeout
E: Failed to fetch <a href="" title=""></a>
ine-staging-amd64_2.20.0~xenial_amd64.deb  503  first byte timeout

E: Failed to fetch <a href="" title=""></a>

Hang on splash logo while booting

The other day I installed Ubuntu 17.04 from USB onto a new Dell XPS 15
laptop (whole disk, wiping away Windows).

(I wanted 17.10 but was unable to get it to boot from USB because it
hangs on the Ubuntu logo with the red dots under it. The dots started
white, and slowly changed to red one by one...but on the last one it
stayed there and nothing more happened.

Replacing a Btrfs drive - best practices?

I'm looking to replace a near-failing hard drive, currently mounted as /home with Btrfs, with a pair of replacements in a Raid1 configuration. I was wondering about the pros and cons of using these two methods for doing so.

(For brevity, I will be referring to my drives as sda, sdb, etc)

Current setup:

/dev/sda mounted as /
/dev/sdb mounted as a Btrfs /home

Desired setup

/dev/sda mounted as / (no change)
/dev/sdb removed from system
/dev/sdc(d) in a Raid1 configuration mounted as Btrfs /home

Method 1:

1.Use the built in Btrfs tools to convert Sdb into a Raid1

FC multipath LUN configuration


I need to setup a multipath disk I receive through Fibre Channel. The
LUN has been already set up and assigned to the server by my
colleague, so all I need to do is to configure the server to use the
multipath storage.

virtual terminal from GNOME?

I'm on 17.10 and want to get to a virtual terminal, CLI. How do I do

It used to be that ctrl-alt-F1 would bring up a virtual console.



black screen after boot

I upgraded from 17.04 to 17.10 in a test partition on my laptop a Lenovo T60.
When the upgrade was done I rebooted. The system ran for a while with only a
black screen. Since nothing was happening I entered my password, nothing
happened, I pressed some keys, nothing happened, at this point I assumed the
upgrade had failed so I pressed the power button. Pressing the power button
caused the moon symbol on the laptop to light, this was a surprise so after the
disk activity light stopped blinking I pressed the power button again. This
caused the login screen to display.

Access to LAN while VPN client is running?


Until recently, whenever I've used my laptop on my home NAT LAN with a
VPN client running, I've had access to the LAN machines (e.g., ssh).
Recently, that stopped --- i.e., I can't ssh or http into any local
machines with the laptop VPN client running. The only thing I can
think of that has changed is that I switched the router functions of
my cable modem off and installed a PepWave router. But I can't find
anything in the router configuration related to this, and the LAN was
accessible with the cable modem as router and with the Linksys router
before that (which died).

Re: Software (app) for camcorder interface with xubuntu 16.04

On Mon, Oct 30, 2017 at 5:51 AM, Robert Heller < ... at deepsoft dot com> wrote:
Thanks to all who responded.

Yes, it has a (mini) firewire port, but I don't have a FW cable for
that (yet - dunno if I'll get one).

I tried using the mini-USB port, but I couldn't get the notebook to
recognize that at all.

Trying to put a new program into FreeDOS

For the first time ever I am trying to create a bootable USB stick
based on a FreeDOS ISO. But I want an additional program available to
the booted OS.

Unfortunately, neither the unmodified iso, nor the one modified as
described below, work.

I have attempted to do the following:

loop mount the ISO
copy all files to a new directory
copy the new program into a directory with all the others
run genisoimage as below

The result is a stick that boots as far as a boot selection menu, but
whatever is selected, it just goes back to the boot selection menu.

Sfotware (app) for camcorder interface with xubuntu 16.04

I have an HP 8740w notebook to which I would like to connect a
camcorder. However, I can neither find any such app on the machine,
nor does google turn up anything remotely connected to a camcorder.
There are lots of webcam apps and screen capture apps, none of which
are what I want.



Upgrade to 17.04 gnome-flashback issue

Yesterday I upgraded one of my 16.04 systems to 17.04. I primarily only
run gnome-flashback (metacity) as my desktop, but also have GNOME,
Gnome-classic and Ubuntu installed.

trouble with password following screen lock

Using 16.04 and for the first time ever Ubuntu refuses to accept my
password following a screen lock, using the Brightness and Lock app.

I do not see any other reports on this, as least with this wording.


(Solved) Internet is dying


I've connected my desktop to the router with the new cable, for some
17 hours now. (Had to squeeze the cable....) The laptop isn't involved
now, and there habe been no occurrences in the output of ping at all.

I don't know, what had been wrong. Is it the cable? The cable only?
It seemed like the router was broken.

I'll leave it at that, although there are unanswered questions, and

Thank you, to Xen and Colin Law, amongst others, who helped me.


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