cheap laptop suggestions that will boot to ubuntu without hassle

I had previously been concerned with booting from syslinux or grub with older computers
such as e-machines. This new Dell Precision with uefi seemed to work well with Ubuntu
installed by Dell so I never fiddled with it once determining that the USB sticks will
boot too ( Dell had originally been pushing kernels until efi partition filled up but it
looks like they fixed that much ). With all the brew-ha-ha about holiday deals,
and remaining interest in using "lo tech" or obsolete machines in niches,
I looked around amazon briefly and found this older model asus for 170 USD,
( If they had a "cite" button or supported BoMTex, I could just paste a cool
biblio or bill-of-materials like description designed by them lol)

<a href=";smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER" title=";smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER"></a>

it comes with windoh's but curious if there are known problems putting ubuntu on it and having
boot on power up well. Do you know if any of these will turn on with power applied or
do you need a server for that? I was debating about using something like this for
a security camera system - it comes with a camera and could probably just add more -
or similar unattended functions
and the battery should keep the included camera up during power outages. During extended
outages though wanted to see it it would turn back on, I guess many computers
have a net wakeup mechanism although this one does not appear to have a wired NIC.

Thoughts about this or anything similar?



Re: cheap laptop suggestions that will boot to ubuntu without ha

By Liam Proven at 11/28/2019 - 08:00

On Thu, 28 Nov 2019 at 13:20, Mike Marchywka < ... at hotmail dot com> wrote:
They were putting kernels in the EFI partition? That's not normal!


Oh! <a href="" title=""></a>

Looks very low-spec. I'd much prefer a used Thinkpad or something.
When researching UEFI boot problems on my girlfriend's Lenovo
minitower, I found to my great surprise that my Thinkpad X220 has UEFI
that's emulating a BIOS. It's been so trouble-free I never realised.

I hate UEFI myself and Dells are among the worst I have encountered.
Laptops and desktops both.

Thinkpads, no problem.

Usually a BIOS/firmware setting, I think. Called something like "power
on after power outage".

I'd favour a NUC or something for that but I take your point about
working during power outages.

I'd still prefer an old Thinkpad to a cut-price anything else, laptop-wise.