Cloning an EXT4 partition

I want to use partition clones as part of my backup strategy, or at least
experiment with them. I've been happy with ntfsclone for windows
partitions, and just noticed that there appear to be utilities for doing
the same with other partition type, like vfat and ext4.

Unfortunately, my first experience with partclone.ext4 (part of the
partclone package) was not good. It persists in giving me errors with
messages that don't make sense: File too big when there's plenty of space,
for starters.

Anyone have experience with this package, or any replacement?

++ kevin


Re: Cloning an EXT4 partition

By Liam Proven at 07/09/2019 - 18:02

On Tue, 9 Jul 2019 at 23:49, Kevin O'Gorman < ... at gmail dot com> wrote:
If you're backing up onto FAT disks, you need to remember the size limits.

On FAT32 a file can only be up to 2GB (less 1 sector), no more.

exFAT allows bigger but it is not enabled by default on most Linuxes
because it's MS patent protected. Cynically I think this is 1 reason
they did exFAT -- because they tried to copyright FAT32 but it was too
late, dozens of 3rd parties had implemented it.

I've used Clonezilla and G4L with some success, but as boot disks. For
online use, i.e. in a booted running system, I use Partimage. Works
well for me.

But remember you can't back up the volume that the PC booted from --
multiple files are locked open and can't be copied. (Use ``lsof'' if
you're curious what.)