How do I disable hot key combinations

How do I disable what I believe are named hot key combinations?

I am using UbuntuMATE linux 16.04.x, and, I can be typing text into a
form, and then, a half hour or so, of text typed in, suddenly
disappears and the screen hanges to show that something has happened,
and I am not sure what has happened.

I am losing about an hour's typing, each day, because of whatever is
happening, and, I am assuming that it is due to some inadvertent and
unwitting key combination.

The mouse keeps bringing up menu's in web pages, when it is not
supposed to be doing that, but that is another problem.


Re: How do I disable hot key combinations

By Dr Rainer Woitok at 10/11/2018 - 08:17


Neither am I. I don't even know what program you are using.

But I well remember the sheer panic in the faces of plenty of newbies
learning how to use Windows Word. They wanted to type "Ah" (without the
double quotes), mistook the Control key for the Shift key when typing
the "A" (which marked all the text already typed), then typed "h" (which
replaced the marked text with a single "h" in the upper left corner of
the screen), and then yelped.

Not at all sure whether or not that's what happened to you.


Re: How do I disable hot key combinations

By Liam Proven at 10/11/2018 - 05:59

On Wed, 10 Oct 2018 at 23:57, Bret Busby <bret. ... at gmail dot com> wrote:
These any help?

<a href="" title=""></a>

Re: How do I disable hot key combinations

By Colin Law at 10/11/2018 - 03:13

On Wed, 10 Oct 2018 at 22:57, Bret Busby <bret. ... at gmail dot com> wrote:
What application is the form running in?
I can't think of an application that expects me to type for half an
hour with no option to save along the way.


Re: How do I disable hot key combinations

By Little Girl at 10/10/2018 - 22:14

Hey there,

Main menu -- System -- Preferences -- Hardware -- Keyboard Shortcuts.

I'm not sure that's a keyboard combination since you're also getting
a hanging screen. Is this always happening in the same program or
various programs? Does the hanging screen respond to any input at
all? Does the hanging screen clear up on its own or do you have to do
something to handle it? Does Ctrl + Z bring the text back once the
hanging screen is restored to normal?

This might be a hardware issue. I'm not sure which brand of mouse you
use, but our Logitech mice typically start doing that when they wear
out. We always keep spare mice around because they always do that and
it comes on rather suddenly, eventually doing it more frequently
followed by continuing to get worse by either clicking too many times
or refusing to click at all. Replacing the mouse always takes care of
it for us, and the mouse behaves just as badly if put onto another
computer, so it's a sure-fire diagnosis. Do you have another mouse you
can test or another computer you can plug that mouse into to see if
the issue goes away when the mouse is replaced or follows the mouse
when it goes elsewhere?