Merging two linux partitions

I'm asking for advice so that I don't create additional problems for myself.

I've cloned my 120GB SSD to a 1TB SSD and now I want to extend the Linux
partition so that it uses all of the extra space of the drive.

I have formatted (using gparted) the remaining 800GB to ext4 so now I
have three partitions Windows, Linux and the new partition. So, the
question is how do I merge the Linux partition with the new partition
without losing any data?

The easiest solution would be to delete my Linux partition and create a
new larger / partition and then reinstall. That would be a lot of effort
even though I have a backup of my home directory.

One other question. Towards the end of the Clonezilla options was a
question asking whether to copy 400 odd bytes to the first sector of the
new drive. I selected yes, but now a reboot brings up a menu with two
options. Selecting either does not reboot the computer. Shutting down
and restarting works as usual.


Re: Merging two linux partitions

By Ken D'Ambrosio at 05/13/2019 - 22:12

On 2019-05-13 21:51, Phil wrote:
Heh. Glad you asked! Because you're overthinking this, and making it
w-a-y harder than it really is. What you want to do:
* Delete your new, empty partition
* Resize your partition with data on it
Done! Gparted will happily help you with the resize.