OpenJDK 11 on Ubuntu 18.04... news?

Does anyone have anywhere I can look to understand the status of
actual, real Java 11 availability on Ubuntu 18.04 and not the
masqueraded Java 10-as-11 that currently exists?

My understanding was the "trick" Java 11 in 18.04 was put there so that
a "real" Java 11 could replace it once it was released. Well, it was
released 4 months ago but still we have Java 10. Unfortunately, my
code that works on Java 8 and Java 11, does not work on Java 10 so this
is bad for me.

I know there are at least 7 ways I could address this problem with
various alternate installs, etc., but what I'd really like is for my
"sudo apt update" to give me real Java 11 (I have a bunch of systems
and I don't really want to go around customizing them all).

Just wondering if there's somewhere I can go to get info about the
current state of Java 11 in Ubuntu 18.04, and whether I should keep
waiting because things are moving, or start whacking system configs
because it's still going to be a while.