openSUSE conference 2018: fancy a weekend away in Prague?

The programme for this year's openSUSE conference has been published.

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It's in Prague, Czechia, the last weekend of this month. The event is free
and Prague is surprisingly cheap -- beer is £1.50 a pint and unlimited
public transport is £3 a day.

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And there will be at least one Ubuntu user there... that is, me. :-)

Apologies if anyone is upset by the spam. Merely plugging it 'cos I work
for them and live here in Prague. There's nothing else in this for me

I will shut up now.


Re: openSUSE conference 2018: fancy a weekend away in Prague?

By Amey Abhyankar at 05/16/2018 - 01:54

That's in British pound :-)
Will be nice to know prices in Czech currency thanks.
British Pound value against INR is slightly greater than INR vs Czech

Sure me too.
I use Ubuntu at work ENV whereas I use openSUSE at personal space &
consultancy where SAP workloads run on Red Hat or SUSE Linux. ;-)

See you then


Re: openSUSE conference 2018: fancy a weekend away in Prague?

By Liam Proven at 05/16/2018 - 05:00

Yes, it was, because I was posting to the UK Ubuntu Users list as well as
the global one. And although I have lived here for 4 years, I still convert
into GBP in my head to work out the real value of things.

A cheap beer in Prague is about CzK 35-39 and an expensive one maybe CzK 49
- 59.

Public transport tickets:
<a href="" title=""></a>

24 hours = CzK 110, slightly over £3.

I did not know that, but then, I have never been to India yet.

That is the reverse of me, at least for now. Although with the
disappearance of Unity, I might switch distros at home, too. There is a bit
less mental effort involved in running the same thing everywhere, and I do
like SUSE's YAST program very much. No other distro has anything like it
any more.