Problem with router

I have a wireless Belkin router that I just purchased last Saturday. It
is the second wireless router I've had in a few months. The first one
was a TP-LINK. Both work fine for a while then quit. The router appears
to connect, I get an IP address through DHCP and I can ping outside
sites, but I can't get online. This happens even if I make a direct
connection with a cable. If I take my laptop to another wireless
connection site I can get on no problem so it seems to me the issue must
be with my router. But this has happened to 2 different routers. When I
connect to the router itself it says it is online. So why is my
connection not getting through. This is very frustrating. Does anyone
have any suggestions?


Re: Problem with router

By Nils Kassube at 10/26/2008 - 04:02

If you can ping outside sites you _are_ online. Or what is your definition
of "online"? And BTW: How do you ping outside sites? Using host names or
IP addresses?

Maybe you have several default routes where only one is working. Please
let us know the output of the command

route -n

in a terminal. And please tell us what Ubuntu version you are using.


Re: Problem with router

By Paul O'Malley -... at 10/25/2008 - 13:55

In this past I have seen a few routers (varied) seem to lose their
settings, or if you are on the down side of one. They are broken.

If this option is available to you:
Try a hardware reset of the router, i.e. get it back to factory settings
and then try to use them again.

I did this one Sunday night when I "lost" yet another router, then I put
one of the earlier ones on the lan and all was well.

Paul O'Malley

Re: Problem with router

By Karl Larsen at 10/25/2008 - 13:28

None of this has a thing to do with Ubuntu. That said I have a Wal
Mart Belkin wireless router and it works just fine for 8 months now. You
must have something else in your system broken.


Re: Problem with router

By Pat at 10/25/2008 - 22:42

Can anyone recommend a good router that they've had good luck with?

Re: Problem with router

By Karl Larsen at 10/26/2008 - 08:12

I recommend you get the Belkin router from Wal Mart. Cheap and it
works great.


Re: Problem with router

By Steven Davies-Morris at 10/25/2008 - 22:53

I'm currently using a wireless+4 LAN ports D-Link DIR-615. A mix of
wireless and wired connections.