Re: Ubuntu 14.04 & AMD FirePro™ 2270


Thanks for reply

To answer questions

I checked the install media and no faults were found.
Which,, since I have utilized this usb stick, several times, to
successful install 14.04 ; is what I would expect.

When machine boots to the grub menu

If you select ubuntu

you see
one line I have forgotten
loading initial ram disk

then the screen goes blank

pressing cntrl-alt-2 gets me nothing
(I had tried that althou forgot to say so, sorry)

also pressing esc shows nothing on screen

So I have no idea how to load the new driver

Is there a way to add it to the install medium


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Thanking you.

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Re: Ubuntu 14.04 & AMD FirePro(tm) 2270

By Niles Rogoff at 11/05/2014 - 13:09

Try removing "quiet" from the boot arguments and see if you get more