wiped disk - no longer bootable


The problems pile up. I've wiped the first megabyte of both devices
(HDD and SSD), because I got a message on boot which sayed that the
disk with a specific ID can't be found. Using "dd if=/dev/zero
of=/dev/sda ...". Then installed Ubuntu again, which appeared to
succeed. But when booting now, it says that there is no bootable medium.

So I have wiped something which I shouldn't. How do I restore that? It
doesn't seem to be something which fdisk does.




Re: wiped disk - no longer bootable

By compdoc at 07/09/2019 - 09:54

Boot Gparted and create new partition tables, MBR or GPT, and install
the OS on the SSD. The idea that a cache is better than just running
from the SSD is false. Caches use algorithms to decide the most
frequently used files, then place those files in the cache. All of that
takes time. Small amounts of time, but still...

With the OS on the SSD, all system files and program files are quickly
available, and loading pictures directly is better than waiting for the
cache to do its thing.

Re: wiped disk - no longer bootable

By oxy via ubuntu-users at 07/09/2019 - 09:42

Initialize the HDD and the SSD by generating new MBRs (or if you
prefer GPTs) and reformat them with virgin ext4 partitions. Don't use
encryption, LVM or anything special, such as e.g. raid at all. At best
use MBR for testing purpose and even if you should be in favour of
another FS, stay with ext4 for testing purpose.

For trouble shooting strictly follow
KISS, <a href="" title=""></a>, at least as far as
possible with Ubuntu or an Ubuntu flavour. Way better, if you have got
the skills to do so, even consider to test with Arch Linux, Gentoo or
even FreeBSD (FreeBSD OTOH is similar to LVM by default ;), or if
possible at least by using the Ubuntu server image, Ubuntu mini
whatsoever, net or so thingy.

Btw. what ISO are you using, in case of "Ubuntu" consider to try
Xubuntu or Ubuntu Mate, or if you want to stay closer to gnomish Ubuntu,
maybe Ubuntu Budgie, as a gnomish alternative. Just try anything
different of what you were using until now.