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SRU looking for a reviewer

Hello everyone,

A few month ago, I submitted a SRU for bionic [1] and Robie Basak was
kind enough to review it. However, he deemed the review too time
consuming to complete and left it to someone else. Since then, no other
developer reviewed this SRU. May I then ask one of you for a review?

I hope to either move this SRU forward and have fixed Shibboleth
packages in bionic, or have it clearly rejected and not worry about it
lingering any more.


[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

New team for Shibboleth package maintenance in Ubuntu

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Hello everyone,

In order to better coordinate maintenance of Shibboleth-related
packages [1] in Ubuntu, I created a new team "pkg-shibboleth" on
Launchpad [2] and invite everyone interested to join it. I see this
team as a kind of equivalent to the Debian Shibboleth packaging team.
In the same move, I would like to use the Git repositories on [3] to maintain Shibboleth packages for Ubuntu (under
the ubuntu/ namespace as per DEP-14 [4]) and keep them as identical as
possible to the Debian packages (like they are now).