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kde5 and kdewallet

A kde wallet service dialog box pops up at odd times since a new install
of 19.04 Is this telling me anything that's important? This didn't occur
after an upgrade from 18.10, only after a fresh install.

"The application 'kde5" has requested to open the wallet". A password is
then requested.

Directory for executable files

Thank you for reading this.

In the past, programmes that needed to be built were downloaded into
/usr/local/src and once "configure" and "make" were run an executable
file would end up in /usr/local/bin. I don't often need to build a file
with "make" and instead many of the programmes that I've downloaded,
often to take advantage of the latest version, are downloaded in a zip
file that contains an executable file.

Once extracted the executable file, along with many other files, ends up
in ~/Downloads/programme_name but of course that directory is not in

Intel Boot Agent question

I'm a little embarrassed to have to ask for a solution to this seemingly
simple problem.

I have replaced the SSD in my a Lenevo ThinkPad T420 and since then on
reboot Intel agent displays a menu that contains two items, DVDRam and
IBA GE Slot. If I press F12 during a cold boot than the same menu is
displayed with the addition of the SSD.

I have spent a lot of time on the Internet looking for a solution and I
see that disabling or moving IBA GE Slot down a list features a lot.

Merging two linux partitions

I'm asking for advice so that I don't create additional problems for myself.

I've cloned my 120GB SSD to a 1TB SSD and now I want to extend the Linux
partition so that it uses all of the extra space of the drive.

I have formatted (using gparted) the remaining 800GB to ext4 so now I
have three partitions Windows, Linux and the new partition. So, the
question is how do I merge the Linux partition with the new partition
without losing any data?

The easiest solution would be to delete my Linux partition and create a
new larger / partition and then reinstall.

gmail question

I have two gmail accounts and I thought that it might be a good idea to
have my default e-mail account download e-mail from my second account.
This wasn't a good idea because I now get two copies of the same e-mail;
one in my default account directory and another copy in my second
account directory. I want to reverse this action.

Under "Settings -> Accounts and Imports" there's an option to delete the
second account. Selecting "delete" asks if I really want to delete the
second account. I don't, I just want to unlink the two accounts.

I really do not want to lose this account.