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dual-boot time issue

Hi all,

It seems I'm bothered by an old issue again, though googling tells me, I am not the only person effected....

The general issue arrises when dual-booting:
Ubuntu_18.04 uses UTC, derived from NTP
Windows uses Local Time, derived from hwclock.

Normally the two can co-exists together, except, when stopping Ubuntu, System-D writes its time back to the hwclock.
No big deal for Ubuntu (as it will use ntp), but a source of irritation under Windows.

I do know several suggestions, like:

a) Make Windows10 use UTC instead of local time.
This would solve everything once and for all FOR ME

importing certs into firefox

Hi all,

I seem to have an issue with $SUBJ.
Working on 14.04 (LTS), one can inport certificates from CA's into firefox, whem using the GUI-options.
However, I need to do from a script (excluding error's by human operation)

I tried:
certutil -A -n "${certificateName}" -t "TCu,Cuw,Tuw" -i ${certificateFile} -d /home/user/.mozilla/firefox/default/cert8.db

but this tools nags about the db being too old.
However, if I delete cert8.db, and try to create a fresh one, certutil sill complains...

Any suggestions, pointers...

Kind regards, Hans

Re: About programing, a general question


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Onderwerp: Re: About programing, a general question

In my opinion, if you really want to learn computing and its
intricacies, unforgiving C would be the place to start.


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Re: VPN/IPSEC tunnel

Does not agree,

"People" claim that openvpn is supposedly easier to configure, compared with *swan.

However, for a _very_ simple tunnel that migth be true, but most of the problems people encounter with ipsec are often related to either certificates, CA's, routing, or smartcards. And they will encouter likewise problems (but other syntax) when using openvpn.

When confronted with more complex network setup (mesh topology), scalability, or ipv6 your best (or even only) option remains ipsec.

Interoperability with existing vpn products?

Dogtag @ fc13

Hi all,

I noticed that dogtag is shipped along on the FC13-dvd.
Is this supposed to be working OOTB?

All related packages installed without any hitch,
But when I try to start one of the daemons from /etc/init.d,
They complain that thereis no "registered subsystem instance"

Fair enough; but when I type pkiconsole I get a message that I should use a browser at

But when I try this for localhost, it fails, because according to lsof -I, nobody is listening on this port.

Anybody who can tell me what prior configuration must be done before I can use pkiconsole?