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Just testing, sorry for the noise.

Intel Vroc experiences?


Has anyone had any experience with Intel Vroc[1]? I'm possibly having to deal with a new server with such technology and can't find much (real world) information about it.
Looking at the specs it's basically a glorified fake raid which usually turns on my alarm bells. Has anyone done any testing, how does it compare with "real" raid or software raid?


[1] - <a href="" title=""></a>

NetworkManager and multiple dhcp router option


Our DHCP server broadcasts a router option consisting of 2 IPs.
Ideally they should both be set as default routes with different metrics, however this is not what is happening, only the first one gets used.
Anyone has any tips how to convince NetworkManager to do this?


Compatible 5GHz wifi usb dongles?


Can anyone recommend a 5GHz usb wifi dongle that works out of the box with CentOS?

Tried various Mediatek (0e8d:7610) %(*^ off amazon/ebay, without any luck, so please don't suggest that.


livecd vs nfsroot vs what?


I'm trying to deploy some non-linux OS via pxe and I was thinking to just launch CentOS in RAM and then run dd or qemu-img or something like this in order to complete the other OS install via template imaging.
My first idea was to build a custom CentOS livecd and use that in combination with pxe kernel parameters, but perhaps there's a better way to do this.


Thanks for 7.1

Just wanted to say "Thanks!" to the CentOS team for their efforts to put out a 7.1 release.

Upgraded several systems, so far smooth sailing. Good job!

Skip creating anaconda-ks.cfg in EL7?


In EL6 I could well remove /root/anaconda-ks.cfg in %post, but not any more it seems and I like my installs clean.
Anyone has any idea how to skip creating this file or deleting during install? I don't want to resort to running scripts upon first boot.


Groupon to use the Gnome name for proprietary software

It's just out of this world
<a href="" title=""></a>

I'm making efforts to maintain civility for the list's sake.


10 Gbps adapter recommendation

Hi guys,

I'm yet to use 10 Gbps with CentOS, hence my question. I'm looking for a cheap (doh) adapter that won't cause me problems with CentOS. Any recommendations?



yum-plugin-security and shellshock


Since Shellshock I have looked at using automated updates via yum-cron, but I only want them in case of critical issues.
I expected that yum-plugin-security would at least update bash when this command was used:
yum --security update-minimal

Does this work on RHEL only?


Features of a cloud VM template


While the Cloud SIG is still being established, let's get to actual
work and think of a set of features for a CentOS cloud template.
I am referring here to VMs, not containers (e.g.

Authenticating against AD (without adding to domain)


Does anyone know if it's possible to auth users against AD and how? I
don't want to register the station to the domain, just auth the users
against it.
We have a local mediawiki installation that auths users against the AD
without having any admin access to it.

Any ideas?


CloudStack instance ks files


Waiting further instructions regarding this whole thing.
For now there are fully working ks files here:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Currently waiting for the promised cloud-init 0.7.4 or 0.7.5 and to see
how that works with Apache CloudStack.


Cloud-init for CentOS?


Can someone more involved with the Cloud SIG advise on how to use
cloud-init in such a way that it does not violate the SIG rules?
I.e. please add it to one of the CentOS repos so we can use it
"legally". :-)
The purpose is including it in "official" Cloudstack CentOS images.


Ultrabook for CentOS?


I need to buy an ultrabook. Any recommendations for something that
would work out of the box more or less?
I do not want a Chromebook (or anything ARM) or one of these new
"touch" laptops, in fact I'm after a nice matte screen. Budget is
modest-ish (£500/$800) so dont go crazy. :)


Virtualisation, guests cached memory and density


We all know linux distros will use most of the free memory available
for caching stuff, I/O buffers etc (hence sites like
In many virt scenarios we have some sort of memory deduplication
mechanisms, such as KSM on KVM (don't know how it's called in Vmware).

My situation is one where I need to cram up as many virtual machines as
I can on a single hypervisor and I believe KSM does not work for the
memory used as cache/buffers.
How could I work around this? Any other pointers for achieving higher
density welcome (don't suggest container technology please).

Ceph - best practices


I'm looking into installing ceph, can anyone share his experiences and
advices? What kernels you used and so on, installation repos, are there
any selinux issues? Etc.


test "official" RPMs in yum friendly format

I thought I "spammed" here as well last night when I sent to the SL
list, but appears not. Sorry for the noise.

Anyway, for those of you interested to run the RPMs from the tarball instead of the stock packages, I put them all in
a repo.
More on this here
<a href="" title=""></a>

Thanks to Ljubomir, Philippe, Jake and all the other persons who came
with suggestions and ideas on this list.

A desktop Centos remix

Hello Centos users!

I'm doing a Centos 6 desktop oriented remix called Stella.
This has been brewing since the summer and it's starting to get ready.

high availability ideas


I'm looking for some recommendations. I need to have some sort of high
availability for a set of php & mysql web sites, they must be hosted on 2
servers, in separate data centres and obviously on differrent IPs.
I can't use a load balancer because that will introduce a single point of
failure making the "distributed setup" useless.

C6 compatible wireless printers?


Any success stories with C6 and wireless printers? Or maybe horror stories
and what products to avoid?

I'm looking at some HPs on amazon right now, some quite cheap, ~ £50, not
bad. Ideally they should have easy to refill cartridges.


openjdk packages dependency problem

Is it me, the mirror or this shouldn't happen?

<a href="" title=""></a>

C6 LiveCD top 5 apps

Regarding <a href="" title=""></a>

I don't have a twitter account so I'm spamming the list since it looks on
topic :)

I'd like to see on the LiveCD the following:
1. latest dd_rescue
2. latest gparted
3. ntfs-3g
4. screen
5. mc

How about you?

Centos+AD integration (uid/gid problems)


I need to have several EL machines in an AD env.

rpm/yum/repo issue - Error: Package tuple could not be found in packagesack

Hi guys,

I've been working on a yum repo for PHP 5.2 and today I wanted to update
it[1], however on a test machine using my PHP packages (e.g.
php-common-5.2.16-1nux) a yum update to the new RPMs with version 5.2.17
gives the following error: "Error: Package tuple ('php-common', 'i386', '0',
'5.2.17', '1nux') could not be found in packagesack".

Any rpm guru around has an idea of what is causing this?

noob question about mock


Been recently more and more tempted to use mock for building rpms, but
looking at it I have one problem. As far as I could read about it, mock
essentially rebuilds srpms so to use it I would need a separate "classical"
build environment to create those srpms in the first place.
Am I right or did I get something terribly wrong?


64 bit kernel, 32 bit userland


I'm reading here[1] that even when installing the 32 bit version of Fedora
we can get a 64 bit kernel (which is awesome). Can someone confirm if this
has actually been implemented in F13?


mod_remoteip on apache httpd 2.2


I'm trying to build this module on apache 2.2 on a centos 5 x86_64
machine but I'm having difficulties. All I get is this:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Can anyone advise? What am I doing wrong or missing?


ati catalyst workaround for fedora13

Hello there,

Does anyone know if there is a workaround for running the ati fglrx
drivers on fedora 13 or how difficult it would be to port fedora 12's
xorg to f13?
For fedora 12 there is this:
<a href="" title=""></a>
And it works (thanks Steffen Seeger for the effort!), but I'm now on
fedora 13 and laptop gets too hot with the experimental mesa drivers
(altough performance wise they are decentish).