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Postfix+cyrus imap integration with active directory

Dear Experts

Currently I am using Postfix+cyrus imap with openldap as authentication

Is it possible to use Active Directory as authentication backend for postfix
and cyrus ?

Can I manage users mailboxes in Active directory ?

Bilal Ahmad

Network Administrator

Spoofing Emails to My Own Domain

Dear Experts,

I am facing a problem that someone is spoofing my domain address and sending
emails to my own domain users.

I have set valid SPF, DKIM, DMARC for my Mail server. How can I sort this
problem with postfix to stop this spoofing ?

If I filter emails based on SPF this also block many legitimate email with
spf not set properly.

Bilal Ahmad

Network Administrator

spoofing to my owndomain

Hi im using Postfix MTA and i have setup SPF,DKIM,DMARC records of my domain.
Someone is spoofing my domain address like *@mydomain to my own domain users
. How can i block this using postfix ?